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Welcome to Royally Pink. I'm Briana; I've been running Royally Pink for the past 7 years and have loved every minute of it.

I write about everything from beauty to fashion to mental health to career and book reviews.

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Showing posts from 2021

Royal Round Up, Vol 4: Week 4

Happy Friday! This was a short work week but my goodness, was it daunting. It was incredibly busy at work, so busy I felt like I couldn't breathe during the day. I'm so happy it's the weekend but almost already anxious about next week. Right now, I'm typing on my new Macbook Air... I ordered it at the …

Book Review Wednesday: Before She Disappeared by Lisa Gardner

I received this novel courtesy of Netgalley and wow, am I so glad I did! This was a standout novel and I'm saying it now, might be a contender for a top book of the year. The plot was incredibly interesting and I truly had no idea how it was going to play out. I read the entire book in two days, maybe even less wh…

Royal Round Up, Vol 4: Week 3

The long weekend really got away from me, which is why this post is coming late on a Sunday night instead of Friday morning. I worked a slow day on Friday, then yesterday I woke up after 12 PM and the day kind of got away from me. Today I went for afternoon tea and scones with my friends and it was so cute.  Afterward…

Royal Round Up, Vol 4: Week 2

Another day, another disgusting tragedy. What we saw on Wednesday of this week was not normal. It was horrifying and I never thought I'd see domestic terrorism play out that way. What is even worse is that not a ton of people were surprised; I'm not sure if that's because we knew it was going to happen or …

2020 Reflection + 2021 Goals

2020 was a hard year. I've been saying that for months and it still rings true, however, I am sick of talking about it. It was hard for a lot of reasons: for personal reasons, for the pandemic, for death, for social injustice, for adjustments, for the election, for the tension, for the fighting, for the selfishnes…

Manicure Monday: Lights Lacquer Holiday Part 3: The Blue Hues

I am finally completing my trio of posts about the Lights Lacquer Holiday Collection. If you missed my first two posts, you can read them here and here . I received the package in PR and decided to paint my nails all December long with the collection. I started with the more traditional holiday shades to celebrate C…