There's nothing like leaving your Christmas shopping for the last minute, right? I usually am in this boat but this year, thankfully, I got most of my shopping done by the 2nd week of December. It's also good because of all the shipping delays... I'd be lying if I said a few of my packages haven't been lost in the mail. 

That being said, I wanted to round up a few last-minute gift ideas in case you were stumped, forgot someone or had an unexpected addition to Christmas dinner.

As I've gotten older, I've learned to appreciate the more practical gifts; there's nothing like getting a candle, a gift card, a mug, socks, or something that you can use every single day. To me, those make the perfect last-minute gifts. Those are definitely a few solid ideas! 

At this point in the game, instead of ordering something online, I recommend going in-store or try to shop small at the small businesses in your neighborhood; they might be able to offer something special and unique. 

If you need to pick up something last minute, here are a few ideas:

  • A gift certificate to a spa, get their nails or hair done, or to their favorite restaurant 
  • A gift card to a major retailer, or Starbucks/Dunkins
  • Baked goodies or a baking kit that gives them everything they need to put something delicious together
  • A 3, 6, or 12-month gift certificate to a subscription service they might enjoy, like Book of the Month, Fab Fit Fun, or any of those niche boxes that deliver wine, fruit, or anything edible! 

However, if you do have time to order something, I recommend looking at Amazon or Target as a one-stop shop - I always forget about Amazon when I'm Christmas shopping, or really giving any gift because there's a treasure trove, obviously. *To be honest, aside from the basic necessities, I don't do a ton of Amazon shopping. I usually just buy books, pens, batteries, printer ink, and kitchen gadgets there but there's some solid stuff to be found! 

Below is a roundup of my favorite finds that anyone would love to get! 

Happy shopping everyone! 
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