I have a very odd obsession with croissants. I don't know where or when it started but they are my favorite pastries and I think they are the cutest little things in the world. I love that they represent chic, Parisian culture, and my goal in life is to eat a croissant in Paris.  

Fashion and accessory brands have been feeding my obsession for years. Over time, different brands have released croissant-inspired products from earrings and necklaces to phone cases. I've collected my fair share over the years but now, the ultimate collection has landed in my lap and I'm over the moon.

 September was a rather slow month, in my opinion, and I'm quite happy about that. I want to savor every moment of the fall season and the slower time moves, the better. It really feels like fall right now in New York and I'm thrilled about that. I don't know if we're having a fake fall but if we are, I will take it. 

I would usually try to recap a bit of the month that just passed but I can hardly remember anything that happened. I had another wedding, which was so fun, a Baptism, which was also really fun and had a solid, busy month at work. 

I think I also came to a lot of conclusions and comforts about how I want my life to move forward but I also realize I say that a lot. I realized this month that I say a lot of things and talk about outcomes without every actioning anything. I need to be better about that and I'm trying, really hard. We'll see how that pans out.

As we look toward October, the fun is only just beginning. October is my favorite month of the entire year and this year it's special. I'm hosting a Halloween party for my girlfriends this weekend, seeing Funny Girl on Broadway with my mom next weekend, a wedding in mid-October and then headed down to Disney World with my best friends to celebrate our birthday (a month early!). I cannot wait, it almost doesn't feel real.

I know I keep saying that in every blog post but I'm really so excited.

Enough babbling, let's get into my favorites of the month.

 Happy Friday! This was another very long week but I have a long weekend ahead as I'm off from work today. Tomorrow, I'm having a little Hocus Pocus 2 viewing party for my friends and I'm really excited. I'll feature it on the blog next week so you can see everything I put together for a Halloween party.

I can't believe September is over - it went by very slow but it feels like the year has just flown. It's so crazy how time goes by so fast.

I meant to post my September favorites this week but ended up not finishing the blog post in time so I'll post it next week. I want to head into October with a clean slate and some fresh goals, but it seems that I am a victim of my own worst behavior. We'll see if I can get my act together in the last few weeks of my 20s. 

I'll shut up now and get right into the wrap up.

 Megan Miranda is one of my favorite mystery/thriller authors ever and whenever she releases a new book I immediately pre-order it. I know her stories are easy to read, have tormented characters and will always deliver a nice twist.

I knew her latest, "The Last to Vanish", published on July 26th, wouldn't be any different and I was right. I flew threw the book within a few days and it was a solid read. It definitely wasn't my favorite book by Miranda but I enjoyed it and would recommend to mystery lovers and those who enjoy an easy, mild mystery with a handful of twists. 

 I have collected a lot of lip products during my time as a beauty obsessed adult but I don't think I've ever loved a lip product the way I love the Makeup by Mario Glow Lip Serums. When I first heard Mario was coming out with his own makeup line, I expected nothing but the best and he has exceeded expectations.

The Lip Glow serums were the first Mario product I bought and it quickly became my most worn lip product. The serums are one of the most unique lip products I've ever tried and I now own three shades, and hoping to add more to my collection.

Mario just spent the entire summer releasing new high shine shades but the original shades were all shimmer finishes which add a subtle yet beautiful, interesting glow to your lips. It gives a lot of definition while providing a glossy finish without feeling overly slippery. 

 This was an incredibly long week and I'm thrilled it's over. It started off with waking up at 5 AM on Monday for Queen Elizabeth's funeral. It was really moving and special to be able to watch this monumental, historic moment filled with so many emotions.

The week continued with a vengeance - I went into the office one day, which was really nice even though the UN traffic was a nightmare. The week dragged on as I was hunkered over my laptop for most of the work days. This weekend I have my cousin's Baptism and I'm excited to see him and celebrate. This officially starts a very busy few weeks ahead and it's going to be really fun.

I wasn't in the best mood this week, mainly because of PMS and just being too inside my head, along with feeling a little lost. It's been a rough year and knowing that it's coming to an end soon along with my 30th birthday, I'm just feeling a lot of things and thinking about my life for the past 10 years. It's been a rollercoaster.

Let me not get ahead of myself, let's just get into the post.

As hard as I try there are some books that just don't click with me. Sometimes I DNF (do not finish) and sometimes I power through because I'm hoping that it gets better. I end up not liking books for a bunch of different reasons: the writing, the storyline, the pace or characters. 

Over the course of a year I usually end up liking most of the books I read but this year, I've DNFed a lot of books and have really disliked a lot that I've read. Even if I didn't totally dislike it, I wasn't fond of a lot of the stories.

Perhaps it's because I expect more because I read too much or because I'm trying to read books that aren't for me. 

I don't like bashing books but I had a lot of thoughts about these particular books I didn't like so let's get into it