This was such a weird, long week. I woke up on Tuesday thinking it was Friday and that continued until Friday when I woke up and thought it was Saturday. My days are confused, I'm confused. I want to hibernate all weekend and I might do just that. 

April is going to be a really busy month - I have plans every weekend and I'm oddly not stressing about it yet which is strange. Usually I start dreading a busy month about 3 weeks before it starts but my anxiety hasn't caught up to my brain yet it seems.

I spent the better part of my week trying to get my Instagram account back but so far, no luck. Make sure to follow my new one.

I also spent the week feeling completely lost about where I want to take my social media and blog, and just feeling like I'm not doing enough. It kind of took over my brain in a weird way and then once Friday at 5 PM came, I felt better. I think because I've been going into the office more and my social life is picking up, it's hard to find a good balance between everything.

I also need to be better at holding myself accountable and sticking to deadlines; it's the only way I will get anything done.

I'll stop rambling now and we can get into the wrap up.

In 2021, I read Rachel Kapelke Dale's debut novel "The Ballerinas" and fell in love with it. It was incredibly unique, touching on an area of the arts that I love dearly, but with a very ominous twist. It left me wanting more and eager to find out what happened.

When I found out that she was releasing another novel, I was so excited. The Ingenue sounded so intriguing; the title and the cover were equally as inviting. I received an ARC from NetGalley and read it in late 2022, just in time for it to be released to the public in December 2022.

The Ingenue was just as wonderful as The Ballerinas and gave you an inside look at what it's like to be a child prodigy, and have those around you take advantage of it.

I am really loving the Olive & June Quick Dry Formula polishes; they really do dry extremely fast but they look just as good as their regular line of polish. There is virtually no difference in the actual polish aside from the quick drying factor. It's really insane how they invented the perfect drying formula.

I'm still so grateful that the Olive & June team sent me a package of the polishes back when they launched but I was in need of some darker shades, so I purchased Enchanted. I love a dark color that is almost black but with a twinge of the actual color coming through.

Do you ever feel like you're just floating through life without being tethered to the earth? That's how I feel right now. It feels like I'm walking through life with my eyes half closed and walking into walls and falling down. 

Last week, and over the weekend, was quite the disaster. I feel like I've been put through the ringer; there's been so many issues over the past week and I just want to get off the roller coaster ride. It's all been first world problems but it just feels like there's stuff hanging over my head that I can't control and my hands are tied behind my back. It's very uncomfortable and I'm having a hard time with it.

Medical issues, doctor's appointments, having my Instagram account be removed, feeling like I'm drowning in my financial situation and trying to show up for everyone and everything in my life. It's rough.

I'm trying to not dwell on it and occupy my time and mind with other things, like Bravo and books, but it's just a blah time.

I do have the day off today and going to see friends tonight, rest tomorrow and then a bridal shower on Sunday so it's a packed, but fun and relaxing weekend ahead.

Let's get into the post!

PS: If you haven't heard, my Instagram account got disabled at almost 3K followers. Please go follow my new account!

 I have followed Genevieve Wheeler on Twitter for years for her writing and commentary, so when I saw that she was writing a book, I was really excited. I included Adelaide in my 'books I'm excited about' blog post , and knew that it was going to exceed all my expectations. 

Truthfully, I didn't know what I expected but I don't think I expected for this book to change my DNA, for it to speak to my soul, to someone inside of me I didn't even know existed.

Adelaide is a book I dream of writing, one that touches someone's soul so poetically it alters their life. I cannot properly express how much I loved this book and I honestly think everyone needs to read it, to find a bit of themselves in Adelaide and to give them a different perspective on life.

The book is being released on April 18th and you should really preorder it right now. I had an ARC from NetGalley but am considering getting a print version to have in my personal library. 

Little Loves, Vol 15 + Updates

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 It has been quite the week for me! It started on Thursday when I had the most hellish eye doctor's appointment that you can read more about there. On Friday, I was riddled with leftover anxiety but was trying to keep my cool and stay present. I had an appointment with my chiropractor on Friday afternoon and that always feels like such a treat after a long week.

Afterwards, I was refreshed but felt myself fall into a bit of a depression and I went to sleep with what felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest. I woke up on Saturday morning with the same feeling but now there was a reason for it.

My Instagram account was disabled. 

This week was a doozy, for so many different reasons. Daylight Savings Time really kicked my butt, work was very busy, I traveled to the office, I had a few doctors appointments that needed switching, and it just felt like a week that was never ending.

Then, on Thursday, when I was just starting to look forward to the weekend, everything blew up. I had my annual eye doctor's appointment that I figured would be routine but it turned into a nightmare. I went to a new optometrist, when I usually go to an ophthalmologist and I'll never make that mistake away.

The doctor said that she saw something weird with the nerves in my left eye. I'm near sighted in one eye and far sighted in the other, so she was a bit concerned because it was the near sighted eye. She said the nerve was indistinct, but couldn't elaborate further. She wanted me to go to a doctor immediately, she did not want me to wait even an hour. She got me an emergency appointment in Long Island, I picked up my mom and we went with little information for what could even be wrong.

It was the scariest few hours of my life. 

When you get told something might be wrong with your optic nerves and you need to go see a doctor immediately you obviously think the worst. I had a few panic attacks, was hysterical crying and was so nervous. 

After a few hours of tests and lots of eye examinations that left me exhausted, everything turned out to be fine. My optic nerves are just weirdly shaped and there's nothing wrong with them. 

I came home from the doctors', stuffed my face with chicken cutlets and french onion mac & cheese, and fell asleep by 9:30 PM.

It was horrible and I'm happy it's over.

Let's get into the post.