It's the unofficial start of summer and I weirdly am pleased with it. I don't remember ever being excited for Memorial Day Weekend but wow, do I need it. I want the sunshine, the nice weather and the Summer Fridays. I'm ready for it! 

What I'm not ready for is the bugs, the humidity and my frizzy hair. I also need to remember how to dress of 80 degree weather in Manhattan, so you win some & you lose some.

This weekend will be low key as usual but I am going to a BBQ on Sunday which will be nice. I want to catch up on the things I haven't done and maybe lose myself in a book. I am so deeply behind on my reading goal and I just want to get lost in a story or two.

I hope you all have a safe, lovely long weekend -- let's get into the roundup!

 I'm a sucker for a collaboration, especially when it features one my favorite brands. LoveShackFancy has been killing the collaboration game lately and I've been loving them all, even if I don't indulge in a purchase. 

I saw a few weeks ago that they were coming out with another Sally Hansen collection but this time, with actual polishes instead of press ons. I was immediately intrigued and then like most things nowadays, I completely forgot about it. 

That is until I went to CVS for a few things and saw the polishes front and center in the store. It was fate and I immediately picked the shade Rosy Quartz which is a milky pink with an iridescent sheen. 

 Oh boy, what a week! It started off great and then quickly went down hill. It started Tuesday evening when I started to feel so sick, so sick that I thought I had Covid. I didn't, which is a good thing but I sitll don't feel 100%. 

Then, Wednesday night I blew all the blood vessels in my face by holding in a sneeze but I thought it was an allergic reaction to a new medication, so I got really nervous and had to go sleep at my mom's house. I was terrified, and didn't sleep well so I was out of it for most of Thursday. My anxiety was at an all time high, I still felt sick and I just feel like I've been living the same life for the past three days.

I'm very happy it's the weekend and that I could try to get back on a routine where I don't feel like I'm spiraling out of control.

Let's get into the round up, shall we? 

I've been dreaming of London for as long as I could remember. I grew up in a house that loved Princess Diana and when William & Kate got engaged in 2010, I was hooked. From that moment on my love of England and all things British was solidified in the stars. 

I had never been to Europe but I always knew I wanted my first trip overseas to be to London; there was something pulling me there and I needed to see it. I wasn't sure when my first trip would be but as I got older and started to become more financially stable, I knew it was coming soon. 

Last summer, my sister and her boyfriend started to plan their annual European trip and my sister wanted to go to London, but she didn't want to go without me. I joined them in their planning, they invited her boyfriend's sister as well, and soon enough all of our flights and hotels were booked. 

As every month, week, and day got closer to the trip it didn't even feel real. I had my usual travel anxiety (another post for another day), but it didn't feel like it was happening. It still doesn't feel like it happened. 

We took a red eye from New York to London... left on Friday night and got there Saturday morning and it was as if I had been there a hundred times before. It felt so incredibly natural to be standing in front of Buckingham Palace, to hear British accents, to know the areas of London we were going too. 

It was like I had been there before; it was like an out of body experience that I really can't explain. 

The city is so full of history, so full of life... it was like being in Manhattan just cleaner, prettier and with better traffic. I loved it so much and I want to go back immediately. It's the one place besides New York I could see myself living. 

All of that being said, I wanted to do a little travel guide and point out the things we did, how we did them and any tips I learned along the way. We were only there for five days, four nights, so it was short and there were things we didn't do but we packed a lot into those days. 

I've waxed poetic about my love of Ruth Ware on this blog for years so it's always a good day when I get approved for an ARC of her latest novel. When I saw that I had the digital copy of One Perfect Couple in my inbox a few months ago, I was estactic. There is nothing I hate more than waiting for a book to be released.

I read One Perfect Couple in just a few days and I honestly don't know if I liked or hated it. The premise sounded so promising, but the characters were so deeply unlikable and there was so much unnecessary detail, that I felt like it fell flat for most of it. 

I found myself getting irritated at how slow the story was moving  but ultimately, I finished it albeit after speed reading through a few chapters. One Perfect Couple isn't out just yet, but soon enough -- it comes out next week on May 21st. 

It's been years that I've been seeing this product all over social media, and I finally got the chance to try it out after receiving in PR. The PMD Beauty Personal Microderm Elite Pro is a personal microdermabrasion tool that mimics an in-office microdermabrasion treatment.

I've never been for a facial or any kind of skincare treatment but I've always been so interested in it, and I feel like this is a really good starting point for me. 

If you're unaware of what this device is, or what microdermabrasion is, let me explain. The PMD Beauty Elite Pro is excellent for uneven texture, large pores, anti-aging, and dark spots. If you're in need of something to liven up your skin, bring life back into it through radiance, smoothness and firmness, this is the tool you need. 

 Hello Friday! I'm ready for the weekend to be here so I can recharge, and celebrate Mother's Day! It's a tradition that we get together with my mom's friends on Mother's Day and this year, there's two new babies to add to the mix so I'm excited. I love being around babies so it's always exciting when I get to spend time with friends and their kids.

The week was pretty good -- I was a little tired but I got to attend a video shoot for work, the MET Gala was definitely a highlight and the weather was pretty decent. I got a lot of work done and found my footing post London but I really need to do everything in my personal life that I put off from last weekend. I was so tired and run down last weekend, I did only the essentials and now I need to do everything else.

Enough babbling, let's get into the roundup.