Happy Friday! It was quite the week and I'm happy it's over! I was really sick this week... I think I just had a cold and maybe a little virus but it knocked me out. It started last week and continued throughout the weekend, especially after I had an allergy attack on Saturday. It wasn't Covid, which was great, and I'm finally feeling better which is good since I have a wedding tomorrow!

I also can't believe that Thanksgiving is in less than a week! Then, I get to celebrate my birthday with my friends, and then it's my actual birthday on the 30th. I'll be 29 years old and I'm nowhere near ready to face that. 

For now, I will just sit on my couch, watching Gilmore Girls and eating chocolate chip pumpkin bread, to soak in the last bit of fall before we welcome the Christmas season! 

Let's get into the post! 

Pink Positivity of the Week 

It was an incredible pop culture week and those are truly my favorite! We got: Taylor's Version of 'Red', Britney was freed, Paris Hilton got married, Lindsay Lohan is in a new movie, Pete and Kim are dating, Adele released a new album, Shawn and Camila broke up... I can go on and on! Oh, and we got Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip which is incredible television. These weeks keep me going and I am an unapologetic lover of all things pop culture. 

Links I Loved

What You Missed on Royally Pink

I went on a bit of a bender and I need to calm down. I placed a hefty order on Olive and June for the following: Press on System, Bunny Slope Polish, World Lit Polish, Cable Knit polish, and Cozy Lodge Nail Stickers.

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