I decided to spend my birthday at Target, like any good 29-year-old woman. Before I ventured out to the happiest place on earth, I decided to look through the Target app and make a list. That's when I happened upon the most adorable Olive & June holiday manicure set. I knew I had to have it in my life so I added it to my list and crossed my fingers that it was in stock in my store.

Well, when I walked into Target on Tuesday morning, it was on the first display and was also the last one in the store...just my luck!

I am currently having a love affair with Olive & June. I'm waiting for a hefty Black Friday order from them and I know that I'm going to have to order more in the near future, especially after how much I'm loving this little set.

The set, currently still available online (and probably in-stores) at Target comes with four mini nail polishes, including the legendary Glossy Top Coat and a mini set of cozy lodge nail art stickers...which I ordered the full size of during Black Friday.

The nail polishes included in the set are two regular polishes: EC, which is the light cream, and Besties, which is the opaque green. It also comes with a glitter polish called Obvi and the topcoat, which is one of the best top coats I've ever used.

I painted my nails last week with the entire set, opting for a little ombre look and I'm obsessed with how they came out. The more I use Olive & June the more I realize they are the superior nail polish brand. It's very hard to use anything else at this point.

*I did opt to not use the stickers at this point because I had just done stickers the previous week and wanted a clean-looking manicure.

I prepped my nails with my Olive & June nail strengthener and then did two coats of each polish. The shade EC is extremely light and I don't know if I would wear it alone, but paired with the two more stand-out shades, it works really well.

The glitter shade, Obvi, is gritty after it dries and I'm sure it'll be a pain to take off but it looks so gorgeous and didn't get weirdly glossy or distorted like some glitter polishes do.

Finally, the green shade, Besties, is to die for. It is exactly what you want from green nail polish, especially around the holidays. It's the same shade as a Christmas tree, is very opaque and shiny, and doesn't look like fungus on your nails. It's pretty dam near perfect.

All polishes went on very smoothly without any bleeding onto the cuticles and didn't smear easily at all. I topped them off with the Glossy Top Coat and it just seals everything in so nicely. It leaves your nails glossy, protected and looking perfect.

I think it's also important to note that just because the polishes are mini doesn't mean the quality isn't there. They are the same exact formula of my full size Olive & June colors which is great to know because Olive & June have been producing more mini polishes recently. 

This set is going to be getting a lot of rotation this holiday season and I'm really excited to have the colors in my collection. I cannot wait to try more Olive & June and really build my collection.


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