I can't believe there are only 30 more days in 2021. The year truly flew by and I feel like it was just January! It's so strange how as you get older, time goes by more quickly. It feels so unfair and it makes me sad... but I'm still happy to say hello to December!

But before I dive into all the holiday cheer, we need to properly wrap up the month of November. I did too much shopping this month. I got a bonus at work so I wanted to treat myself, and then there were just so many good cyber week deals... I really shopped till I dropped so there's a ton of stuff that I fell in love with. 

I will definitely be taking a shopping break this month aside from the last few gifts I have to buy...and some Stoney Clover, of course. But now, let's get into everything I loved this month! 

Stoney Clover Scrunch Handbag

When we got word that Stoney Clover was releasing their first true handbag, I was ecstatic and I knew I had to have one. Well, I obviously purchased one and am truly obsessed. The Scrunch Handbag was included in the Seeing Stars collection and comes in three velvet colors. I chose the shade "Sunburst" which is, of course, pink, and I have been using it nonstop. The bag looks a little smaller than it does in photos, but it also fits a surprising amount of items. I think it's the perfect everyday bag because you can fit pretty much everything you need. 

I also love that it fits in the crook of your arm... it has the look of a shoulder bag but doesn't actually fit over your shoulder. You might also think that having a pink velvet bag is impractical but I love it! It goes with a surprising amount of looks and is just adorable. I definitely recommend picking one up if you feel like you need a new, smaller everyday bag... it's just too cute! 

Bombas Socks

This is not a new favorite but definitely one that I have been enjoying more than ever. I first discovered Bombas socks two Christmases ago (I think it was two...) and they are now the only socks I wear. They live up to the hype they have -- they are very comfortable and feel unlike anything else I've worn on my feet. They are tight and thick, hug your feet in all the right areas and just feel incredible on your feet! It's such a weird thing to be excited about -- socks, of all things! But I just refuse to wear anything else. I wear Bombas with my sneakers when I got to the gym, around the house, with boots, and even to sleep... yes, sometimes I wear socks to sleep! 

I have only ever worn the ankle socks but I just discovered they have no-show socks and calf socks! My aunt recently bought me the Disney calf sock pack for my birthday and they are so cute! They would be great with knee-high boots, or just to lounge in.

Yes, $12 for one pair of socks is expensive but I promise you, they are worth every cent. They also hold up incredibly well - I've had pairs for at least two years and they look brand new. You can't go wrong with an investment piece! 


I definitely think I need to do an entire post just about my love of LoveShackFancy but boy oh boy did they sucker me in this month! I've been admiring the brand for a few years now and recently have fallen victim to the idea of spending money on their very expensive clothes. I treated myself to my first LSF dress over the summer and I was officially hooked. 

Their latest fall and winter collections and campaigns are so beautiful and aspirational, I can't get enough! It was then that I knew I needed something to wear during the cold weather... I decided that instead of buying a handbag or cardholder or another designer accessory with a bit of my bonus money, I would buy something LSF. 

I decided on this sweater and was able to score it for over $100 off. I am so excited to cozy up in it! It's neutral yet still has a bit of that LoveShack touch so it's wearable; it's also not as itchy as it looks, in fact, it's not itchy at all, it's very soft and cozy. When LSF started their Cyber Week sale, I decided that I needed something else too! I picked up this sweatshirt that I had been eyeing for months and it's so freaking soft! I wish I would've sized up but it still fits and is still so nice and cozy. 

Antonio Melani x Nicola Bathieu Elizabeth Flats

I have never heard of Antonio Melani or Nicola Bathieu before, and I have never shopped at Dillard's before... but when all of these things came together for a beautiful, luxurious, feminine collection I could not resist. I saw a few people on Instagram and TikTok posting about the collection and when I saw these shoes, I knew I had to have them. They were sold out but came back in stock a few weeks later and I have never purchased anything so fast. 

They are the most beautiful, luxurious shoes I own... and I love that they're flat so I can wear them pretty much anytime and anywhere. The Mary Jane style is something I haven't worn a ton but these are very comfortable - the leather is like butter and the crystal laden strap doesn't hurt my feet. I have the taupe color and have been looking for any excuse to wear them. 

If you need a good pair of flats that are a little dressier than your average shoe, I highly recommend them!

What did you love in the month of November?
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