We are now fully transitioning to the winter nail polish season which means I'm saying goodbye to the mauves, pumpkin oranges, and browns. I'm now saying hello to reds, golds, silvers, glitters, and anything that reminds me of winter. 

I recently went through my entire nail polish collection and got rid of a lot of old, expired polishes so I was in need of a few new colors. During the Sephora sale, I spotted this gorgeous peppermint-themed/scented nail kit from Nails INC and knew I needed it. I love when polishes come in sets that have a built-in ombre. 

The set comes with four full-size nail polishes, for $22 which is an unbeatable price. It's peppermint scented, which is interesting but also peppermint-inspired because it comes with a dark red, neutral red, baby pink, and light pink polish. All the polishes also have candy-inspired names which are so sweet. It truly puts me in the Christmas spirit. 

As soon as I received this set, I immediately had to try out one of the red shades. I used Peppermint Place which is classified as deep red and I was in love. It's a beautiful, true red color that screams Christmas and winter. It also pairs perfectly with the other colors if you did in fact want to do an ombre manicure which I am sure I will do at some point.

The polish applies easily and is not too sloppy, though it is a red polish so it did get a little messy at times, however, I've definitely had messier.

I loved how the polish dried very shiny and just looked beautiful on my nails. It's been a while since I had a decent red polish in my collection and I'm very happy with this one.

One thing aside from being a little messy is that since it's a red polish, it chipped a little faster than other polishes but I will have to put the other colors to the test before I decide if it's the color or formula. 

Even if the polishes are a little messy and chip a little easier, I'm still very into the collection and happy I have it! I mean, the polishes are still high quality and worth every penny, especially for the $22 price tag. I think that if you're in need of new winter polishes and want something with a Merry twist, this is a great set! I think it would also make a fantastic gift, especially for a Secret Santa that might have a price limit. 

What's on your nails this Monday?

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