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Massive 2020 Gift Guide: Everything under $100

 At the start of my blogging career, I wasn't a big gift guide person but over the years, I've become someone who shares maybe 3 guides for very specific groups of people: the introvert, the homebody, the girl who likes nothing or the girl who likes everything.

This year, we're sticking to the same theme but I'm condensing it into one huge post... and everything is under $100! 

Let's get right into it!

The Beauty Queen

For the person who loves makeup, skincare, haircare, and fragrance -- who might have every new product but will never pass up a good palette or gift set.

The Work From Hom-er 
*which is all of this year, right? 

Working from home is the new normal so why not treat your fellow WFHers (who maybe are still not adjusted) to some essentials, like a mug warmer, wireless charger, or  UGG slippers for them to wear during Microsoft Team meetings.

The Essential Worker

If "social distancing" isn't the word of the year, the "essential worker" might be. Whether your loved ones is a nurse, doctor, teacher, grocery store manager, or a delivery person, they deserve something to make their jobs on and off the clock a little easier, a little cozier, and a bit cleaner.

The Anxiety Ridden Millennial 

Millennials definitely take the cake for being the most anxious generation, and as some moved back home with the parents for the pandemic, or maybe lost their jobs, or decided to become TikTok famous, give them something to make life just a bit more peaceful.

The Book Lover

It felt like everyone started a book club this year so if you know someone who has a Bookstagram, you might want to get them something on this list.