Friday is here again... the week after Thanksgiving is always a little bit of a struggle but it's also always broken up nicely by my birthday which was this past Tuesday. I turned 29 and had a great, calm, peaceful day. I felt good, not anxious like I have the past few years, and was able to just have the day to myself.

I slept in, woke up to a Tiffany & Co necklace and balloons from my mom and sister, and then went to Target. I didn't need anything at Target but I really just wanted to spend the day shopping and treating myself to some Christmas decor and snacks. Then, I treated myself some more to McDonald's, visited my grandpa, and then watched TV at home until everyone came home from work. We ordered pizza and sang happy birthday with a Milk Bar cake. It was pretty dam near perfect.

Over the weekend I celebrated at a karaoke bar with my friends and this weekend, I'll celebrate some more with my sorority sisters when we go for brunch on Sunday. 29 is pretty good so far.

I also can't believe it's December and we're already in our merry mood. The house has been decorated for Christmas for a bit but now I can fully enjoy it with Christmas movies and specials. 

Right now, I'm waiting for my soup and mozzarella sticks dinner to be delivered, watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and relaxing. I'm feeling slightly under the weather and just need to hang out. Tomorrow is my mom's birthday so we'll celebrate that and then like I said, Sunday is brunch. It's a jam-packed but celebratory weekend which is always fine by me.

Let's get into the post! 

Pink Positivity of the Week

My birthday was definitely the highlight. I was really nervous I was going to be upset and anxious on the day because I usually am. I get sad if people forget it's my birthday and lately have been stressed about getting older. However, this year, I felt totally at peace and it was a wonderful day. It made me hopeful that the year ahead will be a good one. 

Links I Loved

What You Missed on Royally Pink

I also published my second reading guide, this time it's winter-themed! If you need a new holiday or winter-themed book, look no further! Click here to read for free! 

What I Bought This Week

Last week wasn't as bad as the previous week because I had already done most of my shopping, but I still managed to do a little damage. 

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