I love nothing more than a themed moment. I love when items fit with a specific moment or season in time and it brings me a lot of joy to have specific times during the year where I exclusively use some of those products. 

It helps that a lot of brands cater to this specific niche so I always have lots to choose from to satisfy my themed needs. One of my favorite themes is, of course, winter. I love all things winter; from peppermint to sugar plum to apres-ski to all things Christmas. 

Over the years, the industry that caters most to this niche is beauty. There are always so many beauty products that scream winter and this year, more than ever, I feel like there's a ton of winter-themed beauty products to put yourself in the spirit.

Some of these I recently purchased, some are already in my collection and others I have yet to try but they look awesome! 

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