I mentioned last week that Olive & June is quickly becoming my go-to nail polish brand and one of those reasons is the adorable nail art stickers that they are very well known for. I started experimenting with them last year and even did a blog post about them fairly recently but today I wanted to talk about the Christmas and winter-themed stickers from the brand.

Last year, O&J released a few different sets of winter-themed stickers: Christmas, Hanukkah, and non-holiday winter. They sold out within seconds but I scored the Christmas and winter stickers... but, they got lost in the mail and Olive & June refunded me. But then, around March, the stickers showed up at my house and I was so excited and vowed to save them for this holiday season.

Well, right after Thanksgiving I couldn't wait to apply these stickers. I chose to use the Christmas stickers, on a red manicure and it was such a fun way to put myself in the Christmas spirit. I applied them the same way I've applied Olive & June stickers in the past... by letting my nails dry completely, using a tweezer to peel them off the film, and placing them on my freshly painted nail. Then, I top with the Olive & June Glossy Top Coat and we're all set! 

I used my Peppermint Nails Inc polish as a base and then applied stickers on both ring and index fingers. The stickers stayed on pretty well, especially because I let my nails dry completely. However, they did come off when I washed my hair or jammed my nail into something, so they are a little sensitive to aggressive movement. 

Either way, I'm so happy to have multiple winter and holiday nail art stickers to choose from because they add something special to ordinary manicures. I'm not good at nail art, at all, so these stickers allow me to spice things up in a neater way. 

While the original Christmas stickers aren't being sold anymore, Olive & June brought back Hanukkah stickers and introduced Cozy Lodge stickers that have all your winter essentials like snowflakes, ski gear, wreaths, and fire logs. I purchased this set a little bit ago and can't wait to use them! 

No matter which set of stickers you go with, they are a great way to jazz up a traditional cold-weather manicure!


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