It's really true what they say: what's old is new again. Y2K trends have been coming back around for a year or so at this point so it was only a matter of time until Uggs were on everyone's Christmas lists.

Let me be clear: I have never stopped wearing Uggs. I have been wearing Uggs since 2007 and there hasn't been a year since that they haven't been on my feet during the winter. I have gone through quite a few pairs and continue to ask for new pairs for my birthday or Christmas. 

Since Uggs have been 'out of style' I have had multiple pairs of slippers, a pair of moccasins, the classic boot, the Bailey button boot, and a furry boot. I could never give up these comfortable, easy-to-wear and style boots. They are just too practical! 

I'm very happy that everyone else is hopping on the Ugg train this winter because it just means more boots for everyone! Yes, Uggs are officially back thanks to Gen Z being obsessed with early aughts fashion, the Teflar collaboration (which I scored a bag that won't be here for another month) and because of a newer style, the mini boot.

I purchased my mini boot almost two months ago and have been wearing them to death. I got the shade 'Shade' which is grey/purple, mostly because I just wanted something a little different to wear than beige or black. I didn't get the ultra-mini boot where it's basically a slipper with a little ankle coverage because to me, that is just not practical. 

However, the mini boot is super cute and gives such a different vibe than the typical Ugg we're all used to. It gives an updated, elevated look while still being comfortable and trendy. I'm a little obsessed! 

Ugg is such a versatile brand: they have socks, hats, gloves, clothes... and I've tried a few of these different nonshoe items and I'm a huge fan. Ugg socks are such a great gift and I've had Ugg ear muffs for over 10 years, that look brand new and I wear them constantly. 

Ugg is having a moment and I'm so glad we're here to see it! Shop some of my recommendations below! 

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