It's that time of year! Gift guides are everywhere and you're about to get mine as well. However, I do pride myself on stepping outside the zone of traditional gift guides. I like to be fully transparent and do gift guides for the type of person I identify with or with who I need to get gifts for. For example, I don't do men's gift guides because I don't have any men in my life that I buy gifts. I want this to be real and easy. 

Some of these categories repeat themselves from past years, some are more straight on the nose, like your mom, and some are new. If you're curious about what I did last year, take a look at the 2020 gift guide

Now, let's dive deep into this year's gift guide and all the categories! 

For Your Mom

For The Beauty Queen

For The Book Lover

For The Person Who Needs a Wellness Routine

For The Mental Health Advocate

For The Bravo SuperFan

For the Cocktail Connoisseur

Happy shopping! 
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