For once, I think January went by rather slow & I'm very grateful for that. I always feel like January goes the slowest of the year. It's the first month of a new year and a fresh start; as sad as I am to see Christmas go, I am excited for the new year so January is one of my favorite months.

February? Not so much & it's pretty much downhill from here and I'm already counting down the days until September & Fall... is that bad? I just wish it was fall & winter year round; I think I need to move Iceland or Alaska or somewhere extremely cold.

Anyways... So far, 2017 has been pretty ok & it's a good feeling. There were lots of different kinds of favorites this month, not as many beauty items & a lot of fashion/accessories. As I've mentioned before, I'm not buying that many beauty products but goodness me, I want too. I've really caught the beauty bug again and have been stalking the Sephora website.

In the meanwhile, I've been obsessing over a few accessories and other things.

1. Louis Vuitton Pouchette: I talked all about this item in a post last week and I just have been loving it. I went to the Poconos this weekend and used this as my all in one wallet/bag & it was a pleasure. I'm not sure if I mentioned it the last time but this is a pouch that comes with the Neverfull MM. A pouch also comes with the GM Neverfull bag and is bigger than this one, since the GM is bigger.

2. Tory Burch Gemini Link Tote: I bought this bag on a whim in the beginning of the month & I'm head over heels. I wanted a new tote for work, something was structured but still had some give to it. I like to switch my work bags a lot and I thought this was perfect to add to the collection. It's a decent size, not too big or too small, has one interior pocket, and is a sleek canvas. It feels like a plastic covering but doesn't look or feel cheap. It's a perfect all in one tote for work, school, or travel.

3. Laura Geller Brighten & Conceal Concealer: Concealer is my #1 favorite beauty product ever & I'm always looking for the next best thing. I was getting bored with my collection & decided to take something from work that I haven't really tried. I've used this item in the past but I changed my color from Fair to Porcelain. I've noticed that when I don't wear foundation, my concealer is really dark (duh!) and I needed something lighter for days when I just want concealer. This bad boy is my new favorite. It's easy to apply, blendable, and really covers up the dark circles. It's not a full coverage concealer but it's perfect for no makeup makeup days.

4. First Aid Beauty Color Correcting Cushion: The moment I saw this I knew I had to have it. I love First Aid Beauty so much, I love cushion products, and I love color correcting; combine them and you have a winner. I'm not 100% sure how this product should work but I use it as a primer. It evens my skin out & just makes everything look better. I've never noticed such a difference of when I wear this & when I don't. It's my new favorite beauty product.

Hope you all enjoyed January!


Technology is everything to me. It's my career, my hobby, and the way I communicate with my friends, family, and the entire world. It's how I get my news, how I create, and how I interact. It's very important to me and has been for years.

I talked about this last week in my Favorite Tech Accessories post, about how I adore technology and ever have since I was a child. I'm so lucky to have taken that passion and turned it into a career & side hustle. When I really sit down and think about it, it's a special thing.

I promise we're going somewhere with this...

When it comes to technology, I am constantly on my phone and iPad, which means that my battery dies very quickly. Sometime I need headphones and don't have them; whenever I'm looking for a flash drive, I never seem to have one.

This being said, I am constantly carrying around multiple chargers, so many pairs of headphones and any tech accessory I might need at the drop of a hat. That's why when I saw Pinch Provisions release a tech girl emergency kit I needed it badly.

Pinch Provisions is an adorable company that has made their mark on tiny, adorable emergency kits for everyone and anyone. I'm 99% sure you've seen them online, at Sephora/Nordstrom, and even in little boutiques. The standard emergency kit is filled with hair ties, aspirin, lip balm, band aids and everything else you could possibly think of.

I bought one of these for my friend for Christmas and she loved it -- it's a perfect gift idea for ANYONE.

Since it's inception, Pinch Provisions has come out with a slew of other kits; they have kits for dogs, men, bridesmaids, fitness fanatics, and everything in between.

That brings me to the point of this post.

Pinch Provisions released a Screen Queens kit that has EVERYTHING a tech addict could need in a pinch (get it? PINCH provisions?!)

When they released this kit, it was sold out EVERYWHERE and you literally couldn't get your hands on it. The moment I saw it in stock on, I jumped at the chance.

It's the perfect size and everything fits so neatly inside. It comes with:

  • A wall charger
  • USB wire with 3 different types of chargers
  • A pair of headphones
  • A flashdrive
  • Camera lens
  • Password Keeper
  • Microfiber cloth for cleansing 
  • Cord wrapper
  • Phone/tablet stand
  • Earbud wrapper
I've been using it for the past few weeks and it's such a pleasure. Everything is one neat little kit and I can easily transfer it from bag to bag without forgetting anything. I always would forget my charging cable or headphones when I was switching bags and then I'd suffer. This way, everything is together and I never forget anything.

I have this kit & the fitness kit, but I need so much more

Here's a little surprise for you; I have an extra Screen Queens kit that I want to give to one of you! Enter below for your chance to win :)

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I am a lady who likes her handbags and that is no secret. From Kate Spade to Rebecca Minkoff, I have my favorites, but I do not discriminate against higher end luxury bags. I have a Louis Vuitton Speedy that I got for my 16th birthday, and have lusted after other LV bags for years.

While I love my Kate Spade bags that I can buy without a second thought, because there are always sales and they aren't too expensive, LV products are not something that I can buy at the drop of a hat. They are thousands of dollars, and are just not feasible all the time.

With the rise of resellers like Poshmark, Mercari, and eBay, the idea of owning pre-loved items are more prevalent and designer pieces are a little more on my level. I've eyed many pieces on these apps and websites but have never pulled the trigger because they aren' items I need and are still a bit out of my price range.

I can lust all I want but buying has never been my thing.

That is, until Tradesy. I don't remember how I found it but it's my new favorite website. It is essentially like Poshmark & Mercari where you can create an account and sell items. The difference is, from what I can, Tradesy specializes in luxury items. They have everything from Louis Vuitton to Chanel to Hermes, but don't get it twisted -- they have Kate Spade & Rebecca Minkoff as well.

My FAVORITE thing about Tradesy? They use Affirm which essentially is a loan, meaning you can purchase an item and pay it off like a credit card (or specifically a loan). You get approved right on the website during checkout and it'll tell you how much you are covered for. Affirm even has an app which makes payment even easier.

Ok, I know this has sounded like a sponsored post but it is 100% not... I just want to lay out all the information for you.

I started looking at some items from Louis Vuitton (who is really the only designer I truly love and like almost everything they have), and knew what kind of pieces I wanted. I have been eyeing up their agendas, because we all know how much I love agendas.

I also really wanted the pouchette that comes with the Neverfull MM bag, in Rose Ballerine. These two items aren't that expensive and I found some that were in near perfect condition, so I scooped them up and paid for them with Affirm. I treated myself because I've paid off 2 credit cards and once I pay off the rest, you bet I'm buying myself a new Louis Vuitton bag.

Disclaimer: I'm not saying this to brag, I just figured you ladies would want to know about a new site that I found & see my new goodies that you can own if they're your thing!

louis vuitton-agenda pm-neverfull pouch-luxury-tradesy

louis vuitton-agenda pm-neverfull pouch-luxury-tradesy

louis vuitton-agenda pm-neverfull pouch-luxury-tradesy

For the agenda, I got the PM which is the smallest they have (it is the same size as what would be a pocket agenda) & I wanted to use this more of a blog planner/quick to do list. I didn't need another actual dated planner because I have two of those already. I found these printables for a blog planner on Etsy and they are probably the only ones I found that are in a pocket size. They are perfect for the planner and have everything I wanted in a teeny tiny blog planner.

I also downloaded these regular lined pages just to have for any ideas or notes I had.

While I'm very excited that I own this agenda and it is perfect for what I need it for, it's very tiny and I wouldn't recommend getting the PM size if you're going to use it for an everyday planner. This is perfect for something tiny that you want to always take with you and have for lists or ideas.

louis vuitton-agenda pm-neverfull pouch-luxury-tradesy

louis vuitton-agenda pm-neverfull pouch-luxury-tradesy

Now onto the pouch; I knew I wanted this forever, just to have as a catchall pouch in all my handbags. It's sleek, gorgeous and such high quality; I also really wanted the Rose Ballerine interior because well, it's pink & I love pink if you didn't know...

I've been using this almost as a wallet and just throwing my bills in it because my full size Kate Spade wallet feels so heavy and this has multi purpose. I also keep the PM agenda in it because I like keeping the inside of my bag neat and organized.

All in all, Tradesy is a great website if you're looking to buy some luxury items or even limited edition designer items. They have everything from clothes to shoes to jewelry and luggage.

What is your favorite site to purchase pre-loved items from?

I gave you a tour of my new bedroom when I moved into the new house in July. Since then, I've definitely done some sprucing up and redecorating. I always feel the need to declutter & reorganize because I like having a neat, freed up space. I'm definitely a neat freak when it comes to these types of things. I  never want my room to look like a hoarder's closet, even though it sometimes could be mistaken for that.

When I moved in, I had a storage problem. I didn't have a dresser and my closet is kind of small. I also have a lot of stuff, and I live in a house with my mom & sister who also have a lot of stuff. I knew I was going to need a dresser soon, and needed to rearrange my closet.

Well, I got bit by the organization bug the past few weeks and I'm so pleased.

The first thing I wanted to do when I moved into the house was get one of those shelving cubby units to display my handbags but I had put it off. I didn't think my room was big enough and my mom wasn't too keen on the idea. She still has the mentality that it's her house and we have to abide by the design rules -- it was always like that in our house (when I wanted to hang posters of the Jonas Brothers in my room as a teenager, she made me put them up behind my door so they weren't visible)

A few weeks ago I finally got fed up with the mess that was my closet (I had all my handbags at the bottom of the closet and it just wasn't working anymore) and ordered these off of Amazon. They were inexpensive, had good reviews, and I was so excited. I was able to put them together on my own within 2 hours and then spent some time organizing my handbags so all brands were together, and made sure everything fit.

handbags-decor-room decor-organization

I wish I had a before of my closet because having my handbags on display has made things in there so much easier. I also LOVE how chic it looks; I feel like a real fashion blogger.

Next on my agenda was to get a dresser. I figured I still had some time to do this as there was no rush, that was until this Friday night. In the middle of the night my closet rod collapsed and I was left with a mess of clothes on the floor of my closet. I wasn't about to get the rod fixed and only have it collapse under the weight of my wardrobe again so I had to do something & something fast.

It's in my right mind to say that when something like this happens, I need an immediate solution. I am extremely impatient and want instant gratification (hello stereotypical millennial mindset. My mom told me to just wait and we'd buy a nice dresser eventually but I couldn't. I went to Target, purchased this dresser and spent the entire day putting it together.

Just some snaps from Snapchat documenting my journey

That's right -- two furniture building projects in two weekends. It's Sunday afternoon as I write this and my body is KILLING ME. I feel like I did 5 SoulCycle classes & then spent 2 hours in the gym afterwards. According to various places on Google, building furniture burns about 250 calories an hour. So yeah, go me!

decor-room decor-organization

decor-room decor-organization

Anyways, I threw a lot of clothes out, took a bunch of sweatshirts and graphic tees from the closet and put them in the three drawers of the dresser I built. I then cleaned out this silly basket that was filled with leggings and sorority shirts and put those in the dresser too.

decor-room decor-organization

decor-room decor-organization

decor-room decor-organization

decor-room decor-organization

I needed a major change in the design of my room, and this was just what the doctor ordered.

My mom & I found the perfect space for the dresser and decided to move some other stuff around. As I sit here, I feel like I have a whole new space.

My room has always been my sanctuary; when I was little, my parents had to bribe me to come out of my room. I could occupy myself in my bedroom for hours and hours playing with dolls and toys, and now it's no different.

I finally feel neat & complete in this little fashion blogger paradise. I want to add the Press for Champagne button from Etsy and it's set!

Happy Monday everyone!

I will not speak of the event happening in our history today because I still cannot accept it.

Now that that is over with.... this week was a short week at work thanks to MLK Jr Day but it was super busy. We're getting ready for our new social campaign launching next week featuring our new products (go here to see & buy them -- they're AMAZING) and it's just been a lot of getting things together. It's also very exciting -- I love launching new products!

Speaking of work, I wrote another blog post for the work blog so check it out!

While we're on the topics of blogs, I purchased an account on Siteground (on a whim) last weekend to start the move to Wordpress and I got really scared. This is something that has been on the back burner for at least two years and I've just been putting it off. I was reading a bunch of articles and Facebook group threads about it and took the leap, without really considering it.

Now, I'm not so sure I want to do. I know the benefits of Wordpress but I've seen so many people having issues with it lately. I'm scared that one day I'll wake up and my blog won't be there, or my account gets hacked. I don't know if that's ever the case with Blogger (which I'm on now) but I've never had any sort of issue *knock on wood*

I know that it's beneficial to be on Wordpress but so many people I've seen prefer Blogger. I don't know if I want to shell out all the money to migrate and find out that I screwed up royally (pun intended). I also really love the layout of my blog now; I finally figured out my sidebar & all my widgets, and got the categories in the top navigation, which has always been a major goal of mine.

I also am super sentimental. I started my blog with Blogger and we've had so many good times and I worked so hard to build it up, and I just feel sad leaving it all behind.

Anyways, it's at a standstill for now. I know that I'll probably have to migrate at some point but I don't know, maybe now is not the right time.

Anyone else experience this thought process?

coffee-in bed-breakfast-lifestyle blog

Enough of that, let's get into what I loved this week:

Not much that I loved but here's what you missed on Royally Pink:
Have a great weekend everyone!


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I get inspired by a lot of things on a daily basis. They could be quotes, articles, photos, or even my favorite shopping websites. That's one of the reasons I love social media so much; because it gives me so many opportunities to be inspired by things I would've never discovered in the first place.

One of my favorite things I've discovered on social media is definitely fashion illustrators. I don't know what it is but don't you just love seeing these illustrations of fabulous & chic women walking down 5th Ave? I have an illustration from Etsy on my desk that is just a girl reading and she has a pile of books next to her, and it brings me so much joy.

I've seen a handful of these talented ladies on Instagram & maybe I'll do a post on a few others in the future, but for now, I'm here to talk about an OG.

Meghan Hess is an illustrator that I've been onto for a while. She does some great work for Henri Bendel (I purchased her 2 new phone cases & the coasters and they're gorgeous!), she's published a few books of her own, does her own artwork but when I started researching her, the first thing that popped up was that Candance Bushnell picked her to illustrate the cover of Sex and the City. That's when I started to remember seeing Candance Bushnell's books in the library when I was younger and loving the covers.

Well, that was all Meghan Hess.

She is just so insanely talented and when I look at her artwork, I can't believe it's real artwork. It almost seems fake to me, because it's just so perfect.

artwork-megan hess-illustration

I've always had this fascination with drawings & artists. My best friend is one of the most talented artists I've ever met and I've known her since we were five years old, therefore I've been around talent for my entire life. I was so jealous, in the best way possible, that she had this awesome talent to create something visual and I wanted to be able to draw so badly that I made her give me drawing lessons when we were younger.

Maybe that's why I love Megan Hess so much; because her talent is so awestriking to me. It also awakens some sort of inspiration in me.

artwork-megan hess-illustration

I purchased her newest book "New York" and "read" it within an hour. I put read in quotes because it's not a book you can read; it's filled with her illustrations and she outlines her favorite places to visit in New York from Central Park to Tiffany's. It's the best book for anyone, not just for people who live in New York.

It's a gorgeous keepsake and I have it displayed on my nightstand. When I was looking through it for the first time, I found myself smiling because I was just loving her drawings. It made me want to do something; whether that was writing, site seeing, shopping... just do something that made me feel.

Is that too corny for artwork?

Illustrations are my favorite thing in the world. I want to cover my walls in them, have them on every tablet/computer background I have, and be surrounded by them. Megan Hess is one of the best I've seen. To be able to create an entire book around illustrations like this is something great.

She has a number of other books & a set of notebooks... and you KNOW I need them!

What inspires you on a daily basis?

Ever since I was young, I was obsessed with tech. I've been using a computer since I was around 5 years old, playing games and using AOL. I was the only one in my house that could fix computers, phones, and televisions-- since I was around 8 years old.

As I've gotten older I've fallen more in love with technology. It may be an odd thing to say but it's the truth. When I was 13 years old, all I wanted for my birthday was a Sidekick II; my parents played a mean trick on me and handed me a shoe box for my present. I thought I got shoes, but then I opened it up and inside was the Sidekick wrapped in tissue paper. I actually started screaming & crying as if my parents just gifted me a car. It was then that I knew my love of technology was real.

Since then, I've gone through countless phones, computers, tablets and cases. I've had everything from Nextel to Dell to Macbooks & iPhones. That being said, I love to accessorize those tech items.

Combining my love of accessories with my love of technology has always been my favorite thing. Now, it's even easier because so many brands are coming out with tech accessories & I'm giving them all the business.

Here are some of my favorites:

tech accessories-style blogger-phone cases
Kate Spade Portable Charger Henri Bendel Phone Case
Kate Spade Selfie Button Pinch Provisions Screen Queen Kit
Kate Spade iPhone Folio
Rebecca Minkoff Charging Wristlet (The charging version is no longer available, just the regular one, here

I'd also include my Kate Spade Activity Tracker in this bunch if you want to consider it a Tech Accessory. Also, I have a Kate Spade iPad case that is no longer available but similar here.

Below are a few things I have my eye on:

What are your favorite tech accessories?

January is the time when a lot of beauty brands release their mid winter & spring collections. It's also the time when the new trends start popping up and things are beginning to change throughout the beauty industry.

It's truly an exciting time and probably one of the most exciting months. It's exciting behind the scenes as someone who works in the industry but also truly exciting as a consumer. During the holiday season, brands don't usually release new items because they're releasing value sets & limited edition packaging.

Now is the time when we no longer see the same old products & shades; everything is new and I'm so excited!

Browsing the Just Arrived section of Sephora, Ulta, and Nordstrom is my favorite pastime and it's even better this time of the year. I have my eye on a few buys and am waiting to hit the "Place Order" button, only because I'm trying to be good and not shop too much.

In January, a lot of brands put out their complexion products, so foundations, primers, and concealers are usually all the rage. That being said, I'm super excited for a lot of items in that range.

I'm also excited for a lot of the trends this year: athleisure beauty & fresh skin (no makeup makeup look) are two of the hottest trends this year & I'm PUMPED.

I want to dive into a few launches I'm really excited for and need to purchase ASAP. They have great reviews and they're all in my cart. They are for sure definite beauty buys for this month!

beauty-beauty bloggers-beauty buy-sephora
Nars Radiance Primer with SPF Bite Beauty Agave Lip Balm
GlamGlow Plumprageous Nudes Collection Skin Fitness Kit
Sephora Micellar Cleansing Milk Tarte Lifted Sweatproof Mascara
Urban Decay Optical Illusion Complexion Primer

PS: I forgot to include this Becca primer. I NEED IT! 

PPS: Laura Geller just released their new liquid lipsticks (cough this is the brand I work for cough) and they're BOMB. I'm legit obsessed and  have to take every shade from my social media samples to have at home. My favorites are Makeout Merlot & Beige Bite. 

What are your beauty buys for the month?

We had another cold & snowy weekend in New York & honestly, the snow once again came out of nowhere. It wasn't as bad as the weekend before, but it was unexpected.

It got me thinking about winter accessories & everything you need to stay warm. It's hard to look cute in the winter because you're covered in layers & layers. You're hot underneath those layers and your nose & cheeks are beat red from the cold.

However, you don't always have to look like you just came in from a snowstorm; there are so many ways to look stylish & fresh in the winter.

I don't think I ever embraced winter accessories until this year. I am someone who is not easily cold so I used to go outside with no gloves, no hat, just a jacket. This year I changed that and started to embrace how cute winter accessories are.

winter accessories-fashion-style
Kate Spade Beanie UGG Australia Ear Muffs
BP Infinity Scarf (I have a few J.Crew ones but this is similar)
Monogrammed Tech Gloves (I don't have this exact pair but something similar)
UGG Australia Shearling Boots
Jack Rogers Chloe All Weather Boot

What are your favorite winter accessories?


Weekly Wrap Up: Week 2

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I'm going to start titling these posts so I can keep track, and you know that you're not reading the same post every week.

It's the second full week of 2017 and it's ...going.

I wasn't depressed or anxious this week, but I felt, well I felt like a raging bitch for lack of a better word. LOL I also just felt super lazy, wanted to lay in bed the entire time, and do nothing.

It's a long weekend and that's what I'm planning on, in between the gym, blogging, some time with my friends, and organizing my room.

I just purchased these shelves off of Amazon and they'll be here tomorrow, so I'll be putting it together and organizing them! I'll be sure to post a photo on Instagram once it's finished and probably do a review on here.


Other than being lazy, this week didn't bring much. Below are the links I LOVED:

A new Laura Geller blog post went up this week, check it out! 

Here's what you missed on Royally Pink: 
Have a great weekend everyone!


I am not one to pass up on a trend, especially a book/lifestyle trend. I live to know what the new thing is, and if something is being talked about in articles, on blogs, and on the internet in general, I need to know about it.

That's what happened when the book "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" hit the interwebs and everyone was talking about it. They were describing it as something that was changing their lives (uh, yeah for a book with the term "life changing" in it) & altering the way they thought about 'stuff'.

I am someone who LOVES stuff and this book came at a time when I was just finding out my family & I had to move, so what better time to clean out then moving?

After a lot of back & forth, I bought the book off of Amazon and started reading.

Well, it wasn't what I expected.

I JUST finished reading the book and I have a lot of odd feelings about it.

books-book review-lifechanging magic of tidying up

First off, the book is basically about cleaning out & tidying up your life by removing the items that don't bring you joy, or things you've been holding onto & don't really know why. It is written by Marie Kondo, who makes a living out of this. She has clients who sign up for her course & basically she goes in and helps you get rid of stuff, and store items the right way. She says that people throw out bags & bags filled with items, and therefore feel lighter afterwards.

The main message of the book is to not tidy as you go, but to tidy all at once and the rest will follow.

The main message of the book I can totally get on board with and I'd be lying if it didn't make me want to clean out my closet or drawers; I'd definitely be lying if I said that every time I read a chapter,  I didn't grab a garbage bag and empty the contents of my drawers into it.

The book did inspire me to clean & organize, but just not the way that Marie Kondo wants me too.

Her way, I think is a bit overboard & unrealistic. It was just very aggressive, so aggressive that she had to write a book about it. I almost felt like she was a little condescending in the book and it annoyed me a bit.

I didn't really understand what was so life changing about it -- I could get the same information from a blog post or article about organizing. Maybe because I don't have as much stuff as some other people, or my house isn't big enough, but the way she told me to tidy isn't the way I'd tidy.

Maybe when I'm older & have my own house, or something along those lines but not right now.

It was good for inspiration, just not as a to-do list.

Have you read this book? What were your thoughts? I'd love to know if I'm riding solo on this one!

Shall we start something new on Royally Pink today? There are so many things I love that don't fall into any particular category. I love websites and articles and movies and shows and weird household items... and I feel like I need to expand on that.

I'm not only concerned with fashion & beauty, so let the new series begin. I'll be talking about items that don't really fall into a specific category, or maybe they do. You never know what I'm going to be obsessed with next!

Since I was junior in college, and started this blog, I became obsessed with online magazines/websites filled with advice for the young millennial. It was an added bonus if it was a career based website.

I couldn't get enough of articles like "How to Write the Perfect Coverletter" or "What Questions to Ask On an Interview", which is why a lot of my freelance articles revolve around career advice.

I also loooooooooove articles like "How to Get the Perfect Night's Sleep" or "How To De-stress" -- combine that with a career foundation and you've got my perfect website.

That is what The Everygirl is.

The website was created by Danielle Moss & Alaina Kaczmarski around 2012. They describe it as the ultimate resource to help women live a better life, be more creative and follow their career dreams. It's inspirational but also aspirational and should help you live the live you deserve & the life you want.

Below is the manifesto that is on The Everygirl About page & it's something that really resonates with me:

Whether she is searching for her dream job or a new city to call home;
is saving up for a down payment or a trip to Europe;
is learning to cook or speak another language,
she wants a little guidance. She wants to be inspired.
She is The Everygirl.
This is for her.
How inspirational is that? It describes the website perfectly. The Everygirl is the all in one source for women who want to just live their best life, and want to be creative, and moved by what they're reading. Techinally, we are all The Everygirls, and I think the name of the site gets it right. It's for every girl... 
I've always adored The Everygirl and read it religiously but like with any good obsession, there are ebs and flows. Within the past two months, I have become ADDICTED to the website. I want to absorb every single word they publish and have it embedded into my brain.

The writers they have are extremely talented, and I've gone on to follow them all on social media. I love talented writers who make me feel something or make me want to go out and do something, make me change something in my life.

It doesn't cover one specific vertical -- like all great sites, it covers a lot of different angles and I think that's what I love most.

When I read The Everygirl I feel inspired and I feel like myself. I feel like the writers are talking directly to me, and honestly I just feel like a better person, more refreshed and ambitious while reading it.

The Everygirl is who I want to be.

Here are a few of my recent favorites:

They're just wonderful articles that made me feel good, made me want to do something, and just made me feel something.

They also have a great shop where I got this mug over the Christmas break, because that's how obsessed I am with the site.

The Everygirl website also has a killer job board if you're looking for something! 

If you have not read The Everygirl, please do so! I know that all of you will truly enjoy it and find something that resonates with you. 

Have you read The Everygirl? What are some of your other favorite websites?


Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend -- we had the first blizzard of 2017 in New York and it was glorious. I spent Saturday cuddled in bed, watching the first two seasons of Vanderpump Rules as the snow fell outside my window and I thought I was in heaven.

Anyways... what better way to start the week than a what's in my work bag! I did this post almost three years ago, and it was time for an update. I don't carry nearly as much stuff in my bag as I did the last time I wrote this post, mostly because I don't need to carry my laptop back and forth. Also, I just couldn't handle carrying such a heavy bag back and forth on the subway.

work bag-what's in my work bag

I do keep the essentials with me, and on a daily basis, add in my breakfast & lunch to the bag. I also switch up bags a lot... below are a few other of my favorite work bags. However, this is my current bag and it's one of my favorites. I want to use it as much as possible because of the felt material -- it's definitely not a spring/summer bag so I want to get as much use of it as possible.

These aren't all exactly what I use, but very similar to my other bags!

work bag-what's in my work bag

work bag-what's in my work bag

The main contents of my bag are my Henri Bendel planner(similar), a Rebecca Minkoff makeup bag (similar here), and a Kate Spade wristlet (similar). This is how I keep organized; instead of having everything floating about, I keep them all in these pouches. I also have my precious Kate Spade card case(similar) that I keep my license, work ID, Metro Card, and Debit card. 

work bag-what's in my work bag

A few other items that are constantly floating around: my eyeglasses in a Vera Bradley case, coffee koozie, granola bar, headphones in a Lilly Pulitzer case, Lipstick (Estee Edit pictured here), Kate Spade selfie button, Invisibobble Hair Tie & butterfly clip. 

work bag-what's in my work bag
Drybar Detox Shampoo-Daisy Perfume-Sephora Lip Oil-Laura Geller Lipgloss-
Tarte Marajuca Oil Rollerball-Bath & Body Works Lotion & Hand Sanitizer-
Hylands Nerve Tonic-Hylands Good Morning Tablets-Chapstick Hydration-Eye Drops
First Aid Beauty Lip Balm-Advil, Tampos, Bandaids, Mini Compact Mirror

I don't like being unprepared so my makeup bag is filled to the brim with everything I could need throughout the day. 

The Kate Spade wristlet is filled with my tech accessories, including my Kate Spade portable charger. 

work bag-what's in my work bag

I am the ultimate bag lady so I have everything with my at all times, and everyone makes fun of me because everything I have is cutesy, but why have something regular when you can have something cute? That's my motto!

What do you keep in your work bag?


We've made it through the first week of 2017, and to the first Friday of the new year. I have to say, I like 2017 so far & I really hope I didn't just jinx it. I've been contemplating a lot after writing my 2017 Goals & reading a lot of other bloggers goal/resolutions post.

I want to make a splash this year, and not just say I'm going too. I feel like I've been waiting for something to happen, and I'm just not sure how to make it happen. I have so many goals & aspirations, I just don't know where to begin. It's sort of frustrating in a way.

I guess I should just write everything down... not type it out on my computer or in a blog post, but take one of the 100 notebooks I have and write down the goals. Hmm... what to do, what to do.

With my big goals on my mind, not much has changed in 2017 because I'm currently laying in bed, watching Gilmore Girls. The only thing that is really different is that I'm in my new, comfortable Victoria Secret's robe. Please go get it, it's the best thing to ever happen to me.

2017-weekly wrap up-links to love

Here is what I loved this week:

What you missed this week:

Have a great weekend!

It's officially winter and my skin is acting up. I've been breaking out like crazy, there are dry patches on my skin, and I just feel like my skin has needed some TLC.

I always feel like winter is the time when you really pay attention to your skin; dry, cold air always makes people pack on the layers of moisturizers and face masks, and I almost feel like there's something truly glamorous about winter skin care.

My favorite beauty articles & blogs to read are always about transitioning from season to season. I love seeing how people switch up their routines to meet the weather conditions; I also love getting ideas of what is on trend & what I should be using.

I've done multiple skincare routine posts in the past, including my most recent post from September. Today, I want to strictly talk about the must haves for dry skin.

I don't use these products every single day, but they are my dry skin saviors.

For the record, I have normal to dry skin. In the past, it's been drier than normal but right now it's around normal to dry. I can feel when my skin is going through a dry patch and needs the extra hydration.

For reference, I use almost all of these items exclusively at night. I usually am too lazy/forget to moisturize during the day and when I do, I need something a little more lightweight. This moisturizer is still my go-to for daytime. 

beauty 101-dry skin-skincare routine-skincare-dry skin products

  • First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream: I've been talking about this for two years and it's still my ride or die moisturizer. My mom started using it on her face and she loves it; I've exclusively been using it for my body, unless my skin is in freak out mode & I need some heavy duty stuff. If you haven't used this yet, please try it. You will not regret it. 
  • Laura Mercier Nourishing Rose Oil: I was in search of a great oil to use and then I found this. I read some Sephora reviews and was sold. I have not looked back because it's an incredible product. It's a very luxurious product that comes in a gorgeous glass bottle & I feel super chic when I use it, but what's inside is what matters. It's a thin oil that packs a punch and really sinks into your skin. It's not greasy and makes your skin feel hydrated and really nice. I will for sure be repurchasing this every chance I get.
  • Josie Maran Argan Oil: This product has won every award possible in the beauty industry, and really has been a game changer over the past few years. To me, I think it put oils on the map and disrupted the beauty industry. However, I have not used it until this summer and it is really good. I don't use it too much, mostly because I really love my Laura Mercier oil, but it is a heavy duty oil that gets the job done. I like to use it with the next product I'm going to talk about it, and I got them together in a QVC kit.
  • Josie Maran Pure Argan Intensive Hydrating Milk: I'm kind of grossed out by beauty items with the word "milk" in the title but I'm also kind of not. This definitely takes the cake as the latter-- I am obsessed with this product and almost done with it. It's a mixture between a lotion, oil & serum, and feels really nice on the skin. My face always feels smooth & refreshed the next day, and it sinks into the skin really nicely. If my skin is acting up, I usually put this on first & finish it off with the Argan Oil. They work really great together.
  • Estee Edit Pink Peony Overnight Water Pack: The moment I saw this product, I wanted to try it but it has a pretty price tag. I bought this Estee Edit kit and a mini size came in it and I'm in love. On days that I'm a little lazy and my skin doesn't feel as if I need an oil, this is my go-to. It's my must have nighttime moisturizer because it's light weight, gives a cooling effect, and absorbs right into the skin. 
As you can see, the pattern here is non greasy products that absorb quickly & leave my skin hydrated and refreshed.

Speaking of refreshed, I have two new holy grail mists. One of them I just purchased because it was on sale at Sephora & currently sold out, but you can still find it here at Ulta. The First Aid Beauty Vitamin Hydrating Mist gives the most fine mist & the most cooling effect ever. It feels so nice in the morning & right before you apply your makeup. It's a new favorite, for sure.

The last item on my list is the Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist (that is a mouthful name); I bought a travel size of this in the summer and it is incredible. It smells really awesome, and also gives a very fine mist. I like to use this almost like a toner after I wash my face and before I apply my skincare at night, and I think it works great. 

Below are some other favorite picks for my dry skin savers:

What are your dry skin (or oily skin) savers?

This month's brand buzz is dedicated to a stationary brand that has had my heart for years on end. It was one of the first online brands I discovered when I started my blog back in 2012 and it's a brand that I've never stopped following, caring about, or using.

I've spoken about them before and they were once known as May Books, but have transitioned into May Designs since they sell more than just notebooks.

May Designs started because Mica May was obsessed with stationery and notebooks. She started designing notebooks herself, because she was a graphic designer, and people started to take notice and they wanted to buy her notebooks.

That is how May Books started, and soon changed into May Designs when they started selling notecards, calendars, and other fun stuff.

I've been a customer of May Designs since 2012 and I'm obsessed.

The entire point of May Designs is that they are hand sewn notebooks that you can personalize; everything from the cover design to the label to the inside pages -- no two May Designs are the same.

may designs-may books-stationery

may designs-may books-stationery
Budget Journal
may designs-may books-stationery
Daily Planner (with no dates)

may designs-may books-stationery
Fitness Journal

may designs-may books-stationery
Regular Notebook with Pink Lines

may designs-may books-stationery
Gratitude Journal 
may designs-may books-stationery

may designs-may books-stationery

At first, I only bought regular notebooks to jot down notes or to keep for the blog or work, but now May Designs have expanded into planners, gratitude journals, budget journals, meal & fitness journals, and even wedding & baby planners.

They are really good quality and stay good quality if you take care of them. They are hand sewn/hand made so it is easy for them to get a little run down.

Currently, I have around 7 May Designs in use:

  • Budget Journal
  • Meal + Fitness Journal
  • Gratitude Journal
  • 2017 Planner (for work)
  • Daily Planner (for home)
  • Random Journal 
  • Work Journal
I also have May Cards which I bought when they were first released a few years back. The company is a great company that stands behind their product, and they continually put out cute designs. 

may designs-may books-stationery

Most recently, they released a HUGE wall calendar for 2017, and expanded their regular size journals to include jumbo & mini. My gratitude notebook is a mini and the 2017 planner for work (not pictured) is a jumbo size. I particularly love my jumbo size planner for work -- the soft cover makes it easy to store and work with, and the size is good for work because there's lots of room. 

If you're in the market for a new planner, or just want to start the year off more organized, I HIGHLY recommend the May Designs books. You get 15% off your first order when you sign up for the email list, and they are pretty decently priced. Plus you get to personalize them, so why not! 

Whenever I'm in a bind and I need a new notebook and don't want to spend a lot of money, and don't know what I exactly want, May Designs is always there & they're always a good choice.

If you have any questions about May Designs, let me know! I have a lot of them so I feel like I could answer any questions ;) 

What is your favorite notebook company?


The new year is here and as much as I dislike New Years Eve, I really love the first week in January when everything feels new again.

Even on New Years Eve, as soon as the clock turns midnight, something inside me shifts and I feel different. I don't know how long this feeling lasts, but ultimately, it's a pleasant feeling. My favorite day is January 1st; while others opt to spend New Years Day as another holiday, in my house, it's an official rest day.

Myths have it that the way you spend New Years Eve/Day is how you spend the rest of the year; you must have something new to wear, clean sheets on your bed, and the house must be tidy. I've never abided by these silly rules until this year.

On New Years Eve I made sure my bed was made, my room and *most* of the house was neat, and that I wore something I've never worn before.

I spent New Years Day feeling ultimately relaxed and in a really good mood. I went to the gym, cleaned out my drawers and threw away old, unused items, and read a lot of books. It just felt like a really good day, and it made me hopeful for the year ahead.

It's a much different attitude from the New Years Eve post on Saturday, but I'm quite pleased.

I also spent some time thinking of what I want to accomplish this year. Like I mentioned in the previous post, I don't wait for January 1st to make a change, and I don't make resolutions. I try and set goals -- does it ever really happen? Not that much...

Let's take a look at what I said in 2016,

"In 2016, I hope that I can achieve what I've been wanting to achieve in work, in the blog, in my personal life. I want to start writing more, both freelance and creatively. I want to put more time and effort into my blog and into my own social media.

I want to save money instead of spending it. I want to travel a lot more, and go out and see the world. I finally have the desire to have more of a social life and make plans with my friends and go out and actually do things!" 

 I achieved what I felt necessary in work, and really made some strides in my freelance career, being published on Readers Digest & getting some more Elite Daily articles written.

I think the blog is finally where I want it in terms of design, shopping widgets, and other features like categories at the top of the page.

I didn't travel as much, didn't save as much (but decreased shopping habits), and I do think I went out a little bit more. I said no a lot less to social activities and I want to maintain that.

I definitely set manageable goals last year for myself so let's take a look at 2017:

2017 goals-new year-resolutions

  • Gym Often: I've kept a good pace of going to the gym this entire Christmas break. I go back to work tomorrow so I'm hoping that I can keep it up. After Christmas I set the goal to lose weight, eat healthier, and go to the gym. So far, so good and it's only been a week. This is the goal I want to focus on most this year. Let's do it!
  • Finish Writing My Book: I have a few ideas on the shelf and this year I am determined to finish one of them. I have a hard time setting aside book writing time because so much of my spare time is dedicated to blog or freelance writing. I need to find some time to book write and get it done.
  • Travel: Taking this form 2016, I want to do something about this. I have a few potential trips planned to various places and I hope at least one of them works out.
  • Blog: This is a goal that is never ending. Now that I'm happy with the design and function, I want to work with more brands, and find exciting ways to create new content. I don't want to produce the same things over and over again, I need to branch out.

For good measure, I want to read more books, watch more television shows, see more movies, spend more time with my friends, and sight see New York. 

I've got a busy year ahead of me, so let's get started!