Weekly Wrap Up: Week 2

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I'm going to start titling these posts so I can keep track, and you know that you're not reading the same post every week.

It's the second full week of 2017 and it's ...going.

I wasn't depressed or anxious this week, but I felt, well I felt like a raging bitch for lack of a better word. LOL I also just felt super lazy, wanted to lay in bed the entire time, and do nothing.

It's a long weekend and that's what I'm planning on, in between the gym, blogging, some time with my friends, and organizing my room.

I just purchased these shelves off of Amazon and they'll be here tomorrow, so I'll be putting it together and organizing them! I'll be sure to post a photo on Instagram once it's finished and probably do a review on here.


Other than being lazy, this week didn't bring much. Below are the links I LOVED:

A new Laura Geller blog post went up this week, check it out! 

Here's what you missed on Royally Pink: 
Have a great weekend everyone!


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