I get inspired by a lot of things on a daily basis. They could be quotes, articles, photos, or even my favorite shopping websites. That's one of the reasons I love social media so much; because it gives me so many opportunities to be inspired by things I would've never discovered in the first place.

One of my favorite things I've discovered on social media is definitely fashion illustrators. I don't know what it is but don't you just love seeing these illustrations of fabulous & chic women walking down 5th Ave? I have an illustration from Etsy on my desk that is just a girl reading and she has a pile of books next to her, and it brings me so much joy.

I've seen a handful of these talented ladies on Instagram & maybe I'll do a post on a few others in the future, but for now, I'm here to talk about an OG.

Meghan Hess is an illustrator that I've been onto for a while. She does some great work for Henri Bendel (I purchased her 2 new phone cases & the coasters and they're gorgeous!), she's published a few books of her own, does her own artwork but when I started researching her, the first thing that popped up was that Candance Bushnell picked her to illustrate the cover of Sex and the City. That's when I started to remember seeing Candance Bushnell's books in the library when I was younger and loving the covers.

Well, that was all Meghan Hess.

She is just so insanely talented and when I look at her artwork, I can't believe it's real artwork. It almost seems fake to me, because it's just so perfect.

artwork-megan hess-illustration

I've always had this fascination with drawings & artists. My best friend is one of the most talented artists I've ever met and I've known her since we were five years old, therefore I've been around talent for my entire life. I was so jealous, in the best way possible, that she had this awesome talent to create something visual and I wanted to be able to draw so badly that I made her give me drawing lessons when we were younger.

Maybe that's why I love Megan Hess so much; because her talent is so awestriking to me. It also awakens some sort of inspiration in me.

artwork-megan hess-illustration

I purchased her newest book "New York" and "read" it within an hour. I put read in quotes because it's not a book you can read; it's filled with her illustrations and she outlines her favorite places to visit in New York from Central Park to Tiffany's. It's the best book for anyone, not just for people who live in New York.

It's a gorgeous keepsake and I have it displayed on my nightstand. When I was looking through it for the first time, I found myself smiling because I was just loving her drawings. It made me want to do something; whether that was writing, site seeing, shopping... just do something that made me feel.

Is that too corny for artwork?

Illustrations are my favorite thing in the world. I want to cover my walls in them, have them on every tablet/computer background I have, and be surrounded by them. Megan Hess is one of the best I've seen. To be able to create an entire book around illustrations like this is something great.

She has a number of other books & a set of notebooks... and you KNOW I need them!

What inspires you on a daily basis?

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