I don't remember when I learned the word 'Birkin', maybe I've just always known a handbag that exquisite, that desirable, that expensive existed somewhere in the world. It wasn't until much later in my life that I would come to know the bag so well that I could almost feel it in my possession. 

I've been watching handbag and luxury videos on YouTube for almost 10 years and seeing influencers unbox, review, and show off their Birkin babies still makes me salivate at the mouth. I think that will be the closest I ever get to seeing a Birkin but who knows... back then, I didn't think I'd ever own a Chanel bag and now I have two.

Hermes Birkin bags have been more popular than ever and with the rise of the luxury community on TikTok it feels like you're constantly seeing people shove their Birkins and Kellys in your face. It feels like everyone has one of the coveted handbags in their collection. Whether they're real or fake is an entirely different discussion.

Hermes and their buying game is not something that has ever intrigued me; I don't like the idea of begging to be sold a handbag but I also don't think I could ever shell out over $10,000 for one either. Not that anyone is offering it to me... 

That being said, I still love the look of a Birkin. I love what a Birkin stands for, I love the story behind Jane Birkin meeting the owner of Hermes on a plane and him designing a bag for her because she wanted something that was big enough to carry all her stuff in...up until then she carried around a wicker basket.

I have always loved a structured bag, something sleek  that has shape but could fit everything I could ever need or want inside. That's why I've always been drawn to a Birkin vs a Kelly, with a more polished & elegant shape. It makes sense though... Grace Kelly was a princess so she would have a bag that matched that personality.

Over the years, I've watched countless Birkin videos, knowing that I'll never have one but that hasn't stopped me from trying to replicate the style and fill my collection with a bag that feels the same, even if it's not the exact shape or quality of the most iconic bag in the world.

As we leave our small, micro bag era behind and enter back into the world of big bags, let's dive into my favorite 'dupes' that give off big Birkin energy.

Kate Spade Knott Satchel

The Kate Spade Knott Satchel is definitely a reach but it's one of my favorites and it has similar features to a Birkin. Don't be fooled by the under $500 price tag; if you've been reading and following me for years you know Kate Spade used to be my go-to. I think they have incredible leather bags, are high quality and have incredible customer service. Kate Spade is truly one of my favorite places to shop, and though my collection has dwindled over the years, I have a soft spot for them always. The Knott Satchel was released a few years ago and when I saw it, I fell in love. I bought one for myself for my birthday and it's probably one of my most used bags. It has the classic Kate Spade structure, with one large compartment and a slip pocket in the back. It's sophisticated yet fits everything you could ever need. 

Tory Burch Lee Radziwill Double Bag

You can always count on Tory Burch for a beautiful handbag and the Lee Radziwill Double Bag is one of her best ever. It's slouchy, yet structured and gives off that 'quiet luxury' look mixed with model off duty. It's messy yet put together. I imagine a very chic Serena Van der Woodsen type to wear the Double Bag. It's big enough that it has the capacity of a Birkin but the casualness that it can be worn daily or as a work bag. Over the years it's comes in many different textures, materials and colors, and all of them are stunning. I actually owned this bag for a short time but I couldn't figure out the right way to wear it, and it was a lot of money so I sold it. I had intense buyers & sellers remorse and wish I never sold it because I think I'd wear this beautifully now. 

Coach Broome Carryall

This is a new handbag that was recently released and it is definitely Coach's take on a Birkin. The Broome Carryall comes in two sizes, the more expensive one being over $800 and a few different colors, with the classic smooth, Coach leather and a subtle 'C' lock closure. It has two top handles and comes with a shoulder strap (which all of these bags do, unlike the Birkin) so versatility is there. This is the only bag on the list I have never owned and I really want it. It's so chic, so elegant and would make such a good work or daily bag depending on what size you get. It's a striking bag that has all the features a Birkin has with a twist. 

Saint Laurent Sac de Jour

This is the bag that I think most resembles the Birkin in terms of quality, craftsmanship and luxury. Saint Laurent has some of the most beautiful, most recognizable bags you'll come across and has some of the best leather and quality I've seen in a handbag house. Few people have anything negative to say about Saint Laurent handbags and I can attest to that. My mom has a few bags, my sister has one as do I and it's some of the softest leather, most beautiful hardware I've seen.

I've always loved the look of their famous Sac de Jour handbag; it's your typical structure 'tote' bag that comes in a variety of sizes, materials and colors, with plenty of room for your belongings and a timeless elegant silhouette. I've always wanted one, and as I researched the bag more and more, I started to see the similarities between the two famous bags.

The Sac de Jour is a lot more structured than the Birkin, but it has the same versatility depending on what size you get. It is a workhorse, a Mary Poppins bag and still gives off that luxury look and feel without the 5 figure price tag.

I have the small which is comparable to a Birkin 30, and I love it so much. It's not too heavy, it comes with a shoulder strap, and keeps it's beautiful shape no matter what is inside. I wish I used it more and kind of wish I had gotten the Nano or Baby size, which is more like a Birkin 25. The smaller Sac de Jour might be in my future so keep an eye out. 

What bags do you think resemble a Hermes Birkin? 
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