I am a lady who likes her handbags and that is no secret. From Kate Spade to Rebecca Minkoff, I have my favorites, but I do not discriminate against higher end luxury bags. I have a Louis Vuitton Speedy that I got for my 16th birthday, and have lusted after other LV bags for years.

While I love my Kate Spade bags that I can buy without a second thought, because there are always sales and they aren't too expensive, LV products are not something that I can buy at the drop of a hat. They are thousands of dollars, and are just not feasible all the time.

With the rise of resellers like Poshmark, Mercari, and eBay, the idea of owning pre-loved items are more prevalent and designer pieces are a little more on my level. I've eyed many pieces on these apps and websites but have never pulled the trigger because they aren' items I need and are still a bit out of my price range.

I can lust all I want but buying has never been my thing.

That is, until Tradesy. I don't remember how I found it but it's my new favorite website. It is essentially like Poshmark & Mercari where you can create an account and sell items. The difference is, from what I can, Tradesy specializes in luxury items. They have everything from Louis Vuitton to Chanel to Hermes, but don't get it twisted -- they have Kate Spade & Rebecca Minkoff as well.

My FAVORITE thing about Tradesy? They use Affirm which essentially is a loan, meaning you can purchase an item and pay it off like a credit card (or specifically a loan). You get approved right on the website during checkout and it'll tell you how much you are covered for. Affirm even has an app which makes payment even easier.

Ok, I know this has sounded like a sponsored post but it is 100% not... I just want to lay out all the information for you.

I started looking at some items from Louis Vuitton (who is really the only designer I truly love and like almost everything they have), and knew what kind of pieces I wanted. I have been eyeing up their agendas, because we all know how much I love agendas.

I also really wanted the pouchette that comes with the Neverfull MM bag, in Rose Ballerine. These two items aren't that expensive and I found some that were in near perfect condition, so I scooped them up and paid for them with Affirm. I treated myself because I've paid off 2 credit cards and once I pay off the rest, you bet I'm buying myself a new Louis Vuitton bag.

Disclaimer: I'm not saying this to brag, I just figured you ladies would want to know about a new site that I found & see my new goodies that you can own if they're your thing!

louis vuitton-agenda pm-neverfull pouch-luxury-tradesy

louis vuitton-agenda pm-neverfull pouch-luxury-tradesy

louis vuitton-agenda pm-neverfull pouch-luxury-tradesy

For the agenda, I got the PM which is the smallest they have (it is the same size as what would be a pocket agenda) & I wanted to use this more of a blog planner/quick to do list. I didn't need another actual dated planner because I have two of those already. I found these printables for a blog planner on Etsy and they are probably the only ones I found that are in a pocket size. They are perfect for the planner and have everything I wanted in a teeny tiny blog planner.

I also downloaded these regular lined pages just to have for any ideas or notes I had.

While I'm very excited that I own this agenda and it is perfect for what I need it for, it's very tiny and I wouldn't recommend getting the PM size if you're going to use it for an everyday planner. This is perfect for something tiny that you want to always take with you and have for lists or ideas.

louis vuitton-agenda pm-neverfull pouch-luxury-tradesy

louis vuitton-agenda pm-neverfull pouch-luxury-tradesy

Now onto the pouch; I knew I wanted this forever, just to have as a catchall pouch in all my handbags. It's sleek, gorgeous and such high quality; I also really wanted the Rose Ballerine interior because well, it's pink & I love pink if you didn't know...

I've been using this almost as a wallet and just throwing my bills in it because my full size Kate Spade wallet feels so heavy and this has multi purpose. I also keep the PM agenda in it because I like keeping the inside of my bag neat and organized.

All in all, Tradesy is a great website if you're looking to buy some luxury items or even limited edition designer items. They have everything from clothes to shoes to jewelry and luggage.

What is your favorite site to purchase pre-loved items from?

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