Ever since I was young, I was obsessed with tech. I've been using a computer since I was around 5 years old, playing games and using AOL. I was the only one in my house that could fix computers, phones, and televisions-- since I was around 8 years old.

As I've gotten older I've fallen more in love with technology. It may be an odd thing to say but it's the truth. When I was 13 years old, all I wanted for my birthday was a Sidekick II; my parents played a mean trick on me and handed me a shoe box for my present. I thought I got shoes, but then I opened it up and inside was the Sidekick wrapped in tissue paper. I actually started screaming & crying as if my parents just gifted me a car. It was then that I knew my love of technology was real.

Since then, I've gone through countless phones, computers, tablets and cases. I've had everything from Nextel to Dell to Macbooks & iPhones. That being said, I love to accessorize those tech items.

Combining my love of accessories with my love of technology has always been my favorite thing. Now, it's even easier because so many brands are coming out with tech accessories & I'm giving them all the business.

Here are some of my favorites:

tech accessories-style blogger-phone cases
Kate Spade Portable Charger Henri Bendel Phone Case
Kate Spade Selfie Button Pinch Provisions Screen Queen Kit
Kate Spade iPhone Folio
Rebecca Minkoff Charging Wristlet (The charging version is no longer available, just the regular one, here

I'd also include my Kate Spade Activity Tracker in this bunch if you want to consider it a Tech Accessory. Also, I have a Kate Spade iPad case that is no longer available but similar here.

Below are a few things I have my eye on:

What are your favorite tech accessories?

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