We had another cold & snowy weekend in New York & honestly, the snow once again came out of nowhere. It wasn't as bad as the weekend before, but it was unexpected.

It got me thinking about winter accessories & everything you need to stay warm. It's hard to look cute in the winter because you're covered in layers & layers. You're hot underneath those layers and your nose & cheeks are beat red from the cold.

However, you don't always have to look like you just came in from a snowstorm; there are so many ways to look stylish & fresh in the winter.

I don't think I ever embraced winter accessories until this year. I am someone who is not easily cold so I used to go outside with no gloves, no hat, just a jacket. This year I changed that and started to embrace how cute winter accessories are.

winter accessories-fashion-style
Kate Spade Beanie UGG Australia Ear Muffs
BP Infinity Scarf (I have a few J.Crew ones but this is similar)
Monogrammed Tech Gloves (I don't have this exact pair but something similar)
UGG Australia Shearling Boots
Jack Rogers Chloe All Weather Boot

What are your favorite winter accessories?

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