Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend -- we had the first blizzard of 2017 in New York and it was glorious. I spent Saturday cuddled in bed, watching the first two seasons of Vanderpump Rules as the snow fell outside my window and I thought I was in heaven.

Anyways... what better way to start the week than a what's in my work bag! I did this post almost three years ago, and it was time for an update. I don't carry nearly as much stuff in my bag as I did the last time I wrote this post, mostly because I don't need to carry my laptop back and forth. Also, I just couldn't handle carrying such a heavy bag back and forth on the subway.

work bag-what's in my work bag

I do keep the essentials with me, and on a daily basis, add in my breakfast & lunch to the bag. I also switch up bags a lot... below are a few other of my favorite work bags. However, this is my current bag and it's one of my favorites. I want to use it as much as possible because of the felt material -- it's definitely not a spring/summer bag so I want to get as much use of it as possible.

These aren't all exactly what I use, but very similar to my other bags!

work bag-what's in my work bag

work bag-what's in my work bag

The main contents of my bag are my Henri Bendel planner(similar), a Rebecca Minkoff makeup bag (similar here), and a Kate Spade wristlet (similar). This is how I keep organized; instead of having everything floating about, I keep them all in these pouches. I also have my precious Kate Spade card case(similar) that I keep my license, work ID, Metro Card, and Debit card. 

work bag-what's in my work bag

A few other items that are constantly floating around: my eyeglasses in a Vera Bradley case, coffee koozie, granola bar, headphones in a Lilly Pulitzer case, Lipstick (Estee Edit pictured here), Kate Spade selfie button, Invisibobble Hair Tie & butterfly clip. 

work bag-what's in my work bag
Drybar Detox Shampoo-Daisy Perfume-Sephora Lip Oil-Laura Geller Lipgloss-
Tarte Marajuca Oil Rollerball-Bath & Body Works Lotion & Hand Sanitizer-
Hylands Nerve Tonic-Hylands Good Morning Tablets-Chapstick Hydration-Eye Drops
First Aid Beauty Lip Balm-Advil, Tampos, Bandaids, Mini Compact Mirror

I don't like being unprepared so my makeup bag is filled to the brim with everything I could need throughout the day. 

The Kate Spade wristlet is filled with my tech accessories, including my Kate Spade portable charger. 

work bag-what's in my work bag

I am the ultimate bag lady so I have everything with my at all times, and everyone makes fun of me because everything I have is cutesy, but why have something regular when you can have something cute? That's my motto!

What do you keep in your work bag?


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