I gave you a tour of my new bedroom when I moved into the new house in July. Since then, I've definitely done some sprucing up and redecorating. I always feel the need to declutter & reorganize because I like having a neat, freed up space. I'm definitely a neat freak when it comes to these types of things. I  never want my room to look like a hoarder's closet, even though it sometimes could be mistaken for that.

When I moved in, I had a storage problem. I didn't have a dresser and my closet is kind of small. I also have a lot of stuff, and I live in a house with my mom & sister who also have a lot of stuff. I knew I was going to need a dresser soon, and needed to rearrange my closet.

Well, I got bit by the organization bug the past few weeks and I'm so pleased.

The first thing I wanted to do when I moved into the house was get one of those shelving cubby units to display my handbags but I had put it off. I didn't think my room was big enough and my mom wasn't too keen on the idea. She still has the mentality that it's her house and we have to abide by the design rules -- it was always like that in our house (when I wanted to hang posters of the Jonas Brothers in my room as a teenager, she made me put them up behind my door so they weren't visible)

A few weeks ago I finally got fed up with the mess that was my closet (I had all my handbags at the bottom of the closet and it just wasn't working anymore) and ordered these off of Amazon. They were inexpensive, had good reviews, and I was so excited. I was able to put them together on my own within 2 hours and then spent some time organizing my handbags so all brands were together, and made sure everything fit.

handbags-decor-room decor-organization

I wish I had a before of my closet because having my handbags on display has made things in there so much easier. I also LOVE how chic it looks; I feel like a real fashion blogger.

Next on my agenda was to get a dresser. I figured I still had some time to do this as there was no rush, that was until this Friday night. In the middle of the night my closet rod collapsed and I was left with a mess of clothes on the floor of my closet. I wasn't about to get the rod fixed and only have it collapse under the weight of my wardrobe again so I had to do something & something fast.

It's in my right mind to say that when something like this happens, I need an immediate solution. I am extremely impatient and want instant gratification (hello stereotypical millennial mindset. My mom told me to just wait and we'd buy a nice dresser eventually but I couldn't. I went to Target, purchased this dresser and spent the entire day putting it together.

Just some snaps from Snapchat documenting my journey

That's right -- two furniture building projects in two weekends. It's Sunday afternoon as I write this and my body is KILLING ME. I feel like I did 5 SoulCycle classes & then spent 2 hours in the gym afterwards. According to various places on Google, building furniture burns about 250 calories an hour. So yeah, go me!

decor-room decor-organization

decor-room decor-organization

Anyways, I threw a lot of clothes out, took a bunch of sweatshirts and graphic tees from the closet and put them in the three drawers of the dresser I built. I then cleaned out this silly basket that was filled with leggings and sorority shirts and put those in the dresser too.

decor-room decor-organization

decor-room decor-organization

decor-room decor-organization

decor-room decor-organization

I needed a major change in the design of my room, and this was just what the doctor ordered.

My mom & I found the perfect space for the dresser and decided to move some other stuff around. As I sit here, I feel like I have a whole new space.

My room has always been my sanctuary; when I was little, my parents had to bribe me to come out of my room. I could occupy myself in my bedroom for hours and hours playing with dolls and toys, and now it's no different.

I finally feel neat & complete in this little fashion blogger paradise. I want to add the Press for Champagne button from Etsy and it's set!

Happy Monday everyone!

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