Happy Birthday!

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Today is Royally Pink's one year anniversary! I created this blog one year ago today after spending a few weeks at home after finishing my sophomore year of college.

I was miserable and desperately wanting to go back to school. I discovered one blog in-particular that inspired me to spend my summer writing--College Prepster. I learned everything I know about blogging by watching from Carly and her incredible work with her blog. 

I looked at blogging as an outlet to keep me busy, improve my writing skills, and add to my resume. Royally Pink turned into all those things but it got me so much more.

I have successfully dedicated myself to something big for an entire year; this blog has become a place where I could share my thoughts on everything. It has given me something extra to work toward and taught me skills that I couldn't find anywhere else--like business and PR skills.

Having Royally Pink has shown me that I don't have to rely on anyone else to make something of myself. Over the past year, I've grown into the blog and it has become something special to me. 

Royally Pink has become so much more than I ever thought. I didn't know if this would go anywhere but it has; people read my blog and keep coming back--my words are out there and that means more than anything.

Thank you to all my readers; this blog would be nothing without you!

I have had an amazing year with Royally Pink and I hope to take this blog to new heights as we enter the second year of Pink!

I told you a few weeks back that I cancelled Birchbox and switched over to Ipsy Glam Bag. I finally received the bag and I am thrilled with it!

I got mostly full sized products, which is drastically different from Birchbox. Also, instead of a box, the products came in an adorable reusable make-up bag. I am a bag lady so I greatly appreciate the fact that I will get a makeup bag every month.

It was so nice to see a full sized roll on perfume in my bag; It has a light, floral scent with a hint of jasmine. It's not overpowering but still strong enough to last all day.

I received two mini (but still nice sized) packages of clear brow gel. I've never used brow gel before but everyone says that you should so it was nice to receive this. I used it once and I like it. It really smooths out your eyebrows, gives them better shape, and I'll definitely be incorporating brow gel into my make up routine

This was by far my favorite product; receiving a full sized nail polish is my life's calling. I've also been wanting to try Zoya for months now and it's great to get this. The pale pink color called 'Gie Gie' is perfect for summer and will probably look amazing against tanned skin.

A full sized lipstick is also perfect. I was really excited about it but when I saw the shade I received, I was kind of disappointed. I got an orange color which isn't that flattering. I know orange lipstick is in but the person who said orange is the new pink was seriously disturbed. I'm still happy with it though.

This was the only real "sample" in the Ipsy bag. It was a small pot of concealer that is supposed to be a refill for the full size. I usually cant use regular concealer because I need a color corrector but this concealer is pretty great at covering dark spots. This shade is slightly off on my skin tone but it still works great.

Also in the glambag, I received $110 off a NUME hair product; I will definitely be purchasing a new hair straightener with it.

Altogether, the Ipsy Glam bag was incredible. The products were better and it was a nice change that the products were full sized. I did miss the personalization and customer service of Birchbox but I think I'll keep up with Ipsy for the next few months.

Sign up for Ipsy today using my personal link!

I've been obsessively watching 'How I Met Your Mother' for a week and I'm starting to wonder how I ever lived without MaClarens and suiting up. 

The show is the perfect combination of funny, inspirational, and ridiculous. I'm pretty in love with the show because it's genius. Think about it; there are details in the pilot episode that are later referenced in the fifth season. It's so well thought out and it makes me wonder how the writers and producers do it. My favorite is probably the slapbet and slapsgiving; I just love it!

I especially love the life lessons and quotes that adult Ted give his kids. I love the entire message of HIMYM; the fact that Ted is such a hopeless romantic and believes in love so much that he'll do anything to make it happen is one of my favorite parts.

I was finishing up season 4 on Netflix last night and Ted gave a voiceover that I cannot stop thinking about. 

I'm a big believer in destiny and serendipity and I think this quote perfectly encompasses that. I believe that the universe does point you in the directions needed to have your life turn out the way it's supposed to but it's your job to take the necessary steps to make it happen.

I also love being reminded that your life could change at any moment; that the decision to go to that movie, to take the long way to class, or go out when you wanted to stay home could change your life in an instant.

'How I Met Your Mother' is filled with these lessons on life and love which adds something special to this amazing show.

Yesterday, all Lilly girls woke up to a beautiful email in their inbox. It's the day that we await with great joy every single year- the news that the happiest day of the year had arrived.

The new prints for the Lilly Pulitzer 2013-2014 agendas have been revealed! 

There are six great new prints for the large agendas, four prints for the small agendas, three for the jumbo agendas, and a brand new planner--the Luxe agendas.

The Luxe agendas are pretty cool; they're not spiral but with a beautiful hardcover, gold pages, and a fabric bookmark. 

The prints for all the planners are beautiful, as usual. I've already picked mine out and cannot wait to order it!

A large agenda in Tusk in the Sun has caught my eye and I'm in love.  The elephants, the navy blue and pink--it's the perfect Lilly planner for me. 

I also loved the Lucky Charms in Navy pattern but I really don't want the Jumbo agenda--it's too big for me. 

I've been waiting for this day since I grew bored of my current Lilly planner and I'm so pleased with all the prints.

Happy Lilly Agenda Day!

Today is Memorial Day in the good old USA which means that we are celebrating all those who have lived their life to protect our country. We remember those who have fallen and those who are serving us overseas and in our own backyard to protect our freedom and liberty. We shouldn't take this lightly and should always remember, that every day should be memorial day--we should always be thanking those who have risked their lives for us.

Memorial Day also comes with the start of summer and some of the best sales of the year!

The one sale I shopped was the American Eagle Outfitters sale. This is one of my favorite stores but I never go crazy because of the high prices. I did splurge a few months back and signed up for a credit card because in the long run, it would pay.

This incredible sale was 40% off and free shipping--ON EVERYTHING. I bought over $200 worth of stuff for less than $150. That is truly amazing and it was definitely worth the splurge that I will pay off over time. 

Here are my purchases that I cannot wait to try on!

Aside from these lovelies, I bought a much needed pair of yoga pants and a bra from Aerie. 

Happy Memorial Day!!

I've talked about my style before and how I felt that I never really fit into a category. I've always been all over the style spectrum but last summer, after I started Royally Pink, I became accustomed to the preppy lifestyle.

There is one company that I've loved since finding out about them last summer which encompasses the preppy lifestyle of college students everywhere.

The Frat Collection is an up and coming clothing company that is targeted at relaxed, preppy college students. They have a number of items for both men, women, and children. 

The Frat Collection is probably best known for their pocket (or frocket) tees--both long and short sleeved tees. The best thing about these frockets are that you can personalize them with your choice of pocket design. Everything from chevron stripes, polka dots, and other cool designs are choices for your pocket tees. 

Aside from the traditional pocket tees, they have sweat shirts and button downs also. 

Everything the Frat Collection has to offer is wonderful and clearly speaks volumes to the fratty, preppy college students around the country. 

One of the best parts of The Frat Collection is that when you checkout, you have the option to donate 10% of your purchase to the charity of your choice. This is really meant for members of Greek organizations to donate to their chapter's philanthropy but if you're not Greek, you could choose whichever charity or philanthropy you please.

Go check out The Frat Collection today and use the discount code 'MILLSAPS' for 10% off your purchase!

The great company Little Problems is celebrating their 1 year anniversary tomorrow, May 26th. Over the past year, this twitter account has grown into a wonderful company that gives sorority girls everywhere more reasons to spoil their bigs and littles.

The ladies at Little Problems are passionate about their work and are always working around the clock to give their customers a great shopping experience.

Lauren and her team are dedicated to Little Problems and Wounded Warriors Project, which a percentage of every purchase goes toward.

You've heard me go on and on about Little Problems and how wonderful they are but now you'll get to experience Little Problems first hand!

To celebrate their 1 year anniversary, LP will be giving one lucky Royally Pink reader a 'Like Big, Like Little' koozie!

The giveaway will end on June 1st!

If you were a teenage girl in the 90s, you probably identified yourself as a Cher, Dionne, or Tai. You probably used phrases like "As if" or wanted Paul Rudd to be your step-brother/boyfriend.

I'm talking about the cult classic Clueless, which most teenage girls in the 90s loved and identified with. 

I was not a teenage girl in the 90s but I still identified with Cher and her cluelessness. The movie has been playing on Nickelodeon the past few weeks and I've been watching it every chance I get. Even though I was born in the 90s, I was only a child and barely remember any of the cool things that Clueless showcases: the fashion, the huge cellphones, and the language. 

I have always loved the movie and now that I'm a bit older and a little more wiser, I can appreciate it more. Aside from the cool, retro feel of the film, it's an awesome movie with great messages, hidden beneath all the bubblegum and cluelessness.

Despite being an airhead, I feel that Cher is smart and in control of what she wants as a young woman. Cher Horowitz is a great character that we could learn so much from. Watching Clueless gives me a boost of inspiration; it's entertaining, fun, and full of little lessons that we can all appreciate and take to heart.

Give back: Cher seemed like an uptight, spoiled rich girl, which she was 90% of the time but in the end, her big heart pushed her to do things for others. She helped Tai become assimilated into the Beverly Hills lifestyle, did everything she could to push her teachers together, and most importantly, helped give back to those less fortunate than her. And she did it all in style. 

 Be confident: I think this was the most important; being confident is something a lot of young girls struggle with and Cher taught us that having confidence is easier than you think. She helped Tai walk with her head held high and Cher and Dionne did that every day, despite some setbacks. 

Love could be right under your nose: Cher was looking for a boyfriend in all the wrong places. She had this idea of who she should be with and who she wanted to be with but it was completely wrong. She was so disgusted by the thought of ex step-brother Josh, she didn't even realize why she was so annoyed by him--because she liked him! Step outside the box and look for love in places you never thought possible.

Fight for what you believe in: Cher never gave up on anything she did; she showed us that even though she was a bad driver, she didn't stop trying. School wasn't her forte but she knew it was important so she used her debate skills to talk herself into a good grade. If you are passionate about something, go for it--the mistake would be not going after what you want.

You might have to squint a little to make "Clueless" seem like it's full of hidden messages but underneath the hairspray, the plaid skirts, and the high pitched voices, there is something special there. 

Next time you watch Cher Horowitz and company, pay close attention and take away a bit of life lesson.

If I haven't said this before, I will say it now: I am a huge book worm. I have read three books in one day and I read the first three Twilight Saga books in one week. I like to brag about how fast I could read a book because I get so soaked up into the novel that I just can't stop. I become so obsessed with knowing what happens next that I read through the entire thing.

I just love throwing myself full force into a book and absorbing all the writer has to offer. Knowing the author created this world with these characters and gave them this story is special and it's one of the reasons I want to be an author some day. 

When I think of summertime, I automatically think of laying out on the beach with a good book. I think I owe to it the fact that in elementary and high school, I always HAD to read during the summer since it was a requirement by the school to read certain books. Now I have the ability to read whatever I want and I'm so excited.

I was so busy all year I haven't had time to read much, which is devastating for me. That's why now that I'm on summer vacation, I am super excited to catch up on all the books I've been missing out on.

Here are some of the books at the top of my list!

I cannot get enough of Pretty Little Liars; I've been reading the books for three years now and the show is my addiction. I love the books, even though I wish they would've ended a few books ago but as long as they're being published, I'll keep reading. Crushed is the latest in the PLL series and I can't wait to see what Ms. Shepard has in store for the Rosewood ladies this time around!

Another PLL book on the list; I think this is the second installment of the Pretty Little Secrets book, a prequel of sorts of some of the PLL novels. Reading something from Ali's point of view is sure to be interesting and different from the rest of the girls.

Lauren Graham, aka Lorelai Gilmore is my spirit animal. I am completely obsessed with Gilmore Girls but Lauren Graham is just wonderful. The fact that she wrote a book? Well that is amazing and I'm more in love with her now. After reading the summary, I was instantly intrigued but it was Carly from College Prepster that really sold me. If Carly is saying something is good, then it must be! Barnes and Noble was kind enough to credit my account $10 for not purchasing on my Nook for so long; I also had a $5 gift-card so I bought this book on my Nook and plan on reading it soon! 

I've been seeing this book everywhere and it's been high up on my reading list for almost a year now. Hopefully this summer I will tackle it and follow Ms. James on her journey through Paris 

It seems that everyone in the blogosphere was gushing about this book when it came out a few months ago. I love anything having to do with magazines so reading about one of the great minds behind Vogue sounds simply thrilling. I need to get my hands on a hard copy of this STAT.

There are so many other books that I plan on reading this summer but these are just some at the top of the list! 

What books are on your summer reading list?

Spade Sayings

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Kate Spade has become so special to me. Aside from the incredible quality of their products and the regality I feel whenever I wear something with the Kate Spade name on it, there is something wonderful about Kate Spade.

I don't know exactly what it is: maybe it's the smell of the leather or the bright colors or the compliments I get but Kate Spade is simply wonderful. It doesn't matter if it's my polka dot wallet or my new anchor ring, I love everything Ms. Spade has to offer.

One of my favorite parts of the Kate Spade company is the message they send out. Think about it: Kate Spade is so whimsical and fun. It sends out positive vibes with strong messages for the women who wear it. 

Every time you buy something Kate Spade, the little card of authenticity or the pouch it comes it has a wonderful message on it:

"She tucked her coral lipstick away and floated back to the party"

"She was a voracious reader and a fantastic dancer"

"She had a cocktail in her hand and confetti in her hand"

The sayings make me want to run out and be the life of a party. I don't know if it's just me but these quotes are a teeny tiny boost of confidence that you need sometimes. 

Kate Spade also plasters great sayings on their products, especially their bags, make up pouches, and tech cases.

My favorite is by far:

All this Kate Spade talk made me long for a purchase from them but my bank account does not agree with my shopping addiction. Here is some of my favorite new Kate Spade bags with fabulous sayings to cure my window shopping love.

This is SO overdue but better late than never!

The May Birchbox was not one of my favorites; there weren't any beauty products, it was all just "stuff". I read a lot of reviews on other people's boxes this month and they were not happy, they were even more bitter than I am.

With Birchbox, there are hits and misses and I've accepted that but some people can't.

With the disappointment of the products in the box, I had something happen to me that never does--one of my products was damaged. It was also the only beauty product that was in the box. 

I was really upset and was hopeful that Birchbox would be able to replace it--no such luck but they did reward me with 100 Birchbox points which equals $10. I will say this, Birchbox has amazing customer service.

With all the bad reviews I was seeing, I was also seeing good reviews for another subscription box service called Ipsy Glam Bag. I've heard of this before but didn't want to stray from Birchbox because I was so loyal to them and I can't afford $20 in subscription boxes a month.

After much internal conflict, I decided to cancel Birchbox for now and signed up for Ipsy--that box is on it's way and I'm very anxious to try it out!

For now, here's my May Birchbox:

1. Cargo Water Resistant Blush: This was the product that came broken; I was really upset because I was in desperate need of a new blush and I've heard only good things about it. Although, it probably wasn't that great if it came broken.

2. COOLA Classic SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturizer:  This stuff smells amazing! It's so soft and smooth; it's definitely not a heavy moisturizer that you could feel on your face. 

3. Marvis Toothpaste: I've seen this product all over Birchbox but never thought it would show up in a box. I think it's kind of weird to give in a beauty subscription box but I welcomed it. It's not that minty so it doesn't give that fresh taste after you brush your teeth but it's okay. 

4. Miss Jessie's Original Jelly Soft Curls: A few boxes back I received Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls which to me, is much better than this product. After using it, my hair felt just as the name sounds, like jelly. My curls were soft but I wasn't crazy about the look; it made my hair feel sticky and gross. Maybe I put too much product in so I'll probably try it again to see if I get a different result.

5. Pilot Corporation of America Acroball Pure White Pen: Everyone I saw was so up in arms over getting a pen in this month's box. I was the minority and was in love with the fact that we got a pen! Maybe it's the journalist and book worm in me but I love a good pen and this pen is pretty awesome. It's definitely not cheap and writes wonderfully. I liked the pen so this was a nice little bonus.

There you have it, this less than exciting May Birchbox. I feel bad that I cancelled Birchbox but I have a feeling I will go back to it eventually, I am very customer loyal to certain brands and Birchbox has become one of them. I just want to try something else out for a bit, get a broad range of beauty products and subscription boxes.

The first manicure monday of summer vacation! After moving boxes and furniture out of my dorm, my nails were in desperate need of some R&R.

When I arrived home, my sister's nails were perfectly put with the most gorgeous color I've ever seen. It was the perfect summer orange-coral and I needed to get my hands on it.

I was in luck because my sister bought the color at the drugstore so I was in perfect company.

The color is Essie's Tarte Deco. It's an older color, from the Spring 2010 collection, I believe. I've probably seen it before but to me it was brand new.

If it was possible to be in love with a nail color, this would be it. It's not too orange but not too pink or coral. It's the perfect combination of all the best summer colors.

Against tan skin, Tarte Deco is sure to look even more gorgeous. This is SO my new summer color, I'm so excited!

XOXO Betsey

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Last night while I was snuggled up with a bad case of allergies, I was watching television when I came across XOXO Betsey--fashion icon Betsey Johnson's new reality show about her and her daughter, Lulu.

I had read the articles and seen the trailers about this show but I never caught it live. After watching the full hour, I had become addicted. I couldn't turn away.

I have always been fascinated by Betsey Johnson's clothing line; she was so out there, so bubbly, and so fun. I've now learned that the lady behind the ruffles and sparkles is out of her mind.

Ms. Johnson is like a breath of fresh air, she is unlike any 70 year old out there. She is full of life, champagne, and flirtatious ways. 

Watching her life unravel in one episode and learning about her past, present, and future was enlightening. I love watching the business side of fashion so seeing Betsey be in a meeting, wearing a full sparkled jacket, with Steve Madden was like candy for me.

It's shows like these that give me a burst of inspiration; it makes me want to get up and do something. There was one scene where Betsey was in the back of a cab and she had her sketchbook out and was scribbling something down. She was talking about where she finds her inspiration and it was so magical to watch--someone as legendary as Betsey Johnson hard at work, doing what she does best.

I will definitely be looking to watch this show again and again--I love reality shows like these, that have a meaning.

XOXO Betsey gave me a stronger appreciation for Betsey Johnson fashion. It's so crazy and girly--there is nothing more fun than a Betsey Johnson piece, whether it's a watch, a bag, or a dress. Everything that she puts out has heart and ruffles in it.

After the show was over, I immediately went to her website to scope out some of my favorite pieces and this is what I found.

Retro Polka Dot Frame (MY FAVORITE! I will definitely be purchasing these at some point in the summer)

School's Out, Summer's In

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It's official, I am on summer vacation. This is the last summer vacation I will ever have. When I realized that, it was the scariest thing I ever thought. After 15+ years of school and summer vacations, this is it--next summer I will be in the "real world" and that'll be it.

Basically my life is over.

Not really but I'm just really dramatic.

I was never big on summer, I love school and having a structured schedule. I also was very bitter about this year ending and becoming a senior in college. I had such an amazing year and I didn't want to come home.

I realized that my life is at school now, at college in my college town. I feel like a stranger in my neighborhood. I'm hoping that feeling will only last a few days and things will be back to normal within a few weeks.

I am happy though, on some level, that I'm home. I needed some down time and needed to regroup from the stressful semester and year. 

Summer is time to lay on the beach, read a book, and relax. It's nice to be able to stay out past midnight with your oldest friends, just driving around or hanging out. I like summer to be as low key as possible--going crazy over summer vacation was never my thing.

I like lazy days in the sun with no pressure to do anything too exciting. My life is exciting enough at school, when I'm home on vacation, I like to rest and relax.

This summer I don't have major plans but there is some stuff I've been wanting to get done. I'll be preparing for the school year with sorority events and such, writing for this blog, UChic, and my new gig with Best Friends for Frosting. I'll also be going back to my summer job at a frozen yogurt shop. I want to make this blog bigger than ever before and start some other projects I've been putting off.

I'm officially moving off campus into my own house with three amazing girls so I'll be occupied with paint colors and decorating that this summer also.

With some day trips planned to see my sisters and all this other stuff going on, I'm sure that I'll have a fabulous summer and be back at school in no time!

What are your plans for the summer?

My junior year of college is winding down and I am not happy about it. Ask anyone on campus, any of my sisters, my friends, or my family--I am completely miserable and bitter about leaving this year behind.

I have changed so much since the beginning of the school year and so much in my life has changed. Hardly anything in my life is the same since I moved into my dorm in August. I have grown and watched people grow. I have lost some friends but made some amazing new ones. I've made great memories and had some times I'd like to forget. I've cried and laughed and cried from laughing so hard.

Junior Year was completely and utterly perfect, even the bad times.

I am incredibly sad to see this year go. I don't want to let go. I have a really difficult time letting go of things, especially the good things in my life that make me smile. I love holding onto the memories because I fear that nothing this good will ever happen again. It scares me that I will never have as much fun or as great memories than I did this year, even though I know it's not true. 

Also, I'm terrible at saying goodbyes. I don't want to say goodbye to my senior friends, my roommates that I won't be living with next year, and even just my friends who I won't see till next August--goodbyes are the worst, even if they aren't really goodbye at all. 

I am also holding onto this year so much because I am not ready to be a senior. Being a senior in college is a scary thought; I am one year away from adulthood, something I don't feel ready for at all.

I've just been thinking a lot about letting go and moving on. I will always have the incredible memories from this past year but there is no point in being sad about leaving them behind. These were good times that I should cherish forever, not be sad about them ending.

This is the ending of one chapter in an amazing book that is called College. Sometimes, as scary as it is, you have to let go of the good memories. Try not to cry or let it all out, feel the emotions that you're feeling because it'll make it better in the end. Let yourself enjoy what you've experienced and prepare for the new ones that will come your way.

Let go, move on, and enjoy the ride.

My Kate Spade obsession has been growing with each day. I love everything about the brand, from the clothes to the leather goods, to the jewelry but I also adore the message that they send out. 

I just feel so good whenever I read a cute Kate Spade quote or see something inspiring from them. They make me feel good!

When I found out that Kate Spade was coming out with a perfume, I was thrilled. I knew I had to get my hands on it because if Kate Spade's name is plastered on the front of a bottle, you know that it's good quality and probably smells amazing. I hold them to a very high standard. 

"Twirl" sounded like such a whimsical, fruity, and fun name so the smell had to match that meaning. I was dying to get my hands on a bottle when it was first released a few months back but my bank account didn't feel the same. 

That is why when I found out that I got a sample of "twirl" in my Birchbox, I knew the fragrance gods were watching over me. I used the entire sample bottle and it was everything I expected. The smell was fruity and fun but with a bit of sultry feel. It's a great smell for the day or a casual night and perfect for the summertime!

Over Easter Break I was in Marshalls doing some shopping when I stumbled upon the accessories section, because God forbid I ever enter a store without going toward the accessories. There, behold my little eye, was a $15 bottle of "twirl". It was fate, I had to get it.

Ever since then, I've used it everyday and I got so many compliments on it! The bottle is almost finished but I'm planning on making another trip to Marshalls or a different discount department store when I head home for the summer to scrounger up another bottle, this time in a bigger size!

Also, I'm dying to try Kate Spade's newest perfume, "Live Colorfully"--that sounds like a great scent!

What's your favorite scent?