Yesterday, all Lilly girls woke up to a beautiful email in their inbox. It's the day that we await with great joy every single year- the news that the happiest day of the year had arrived.

The new prints for the Lilly Pulitzer 2013-2014 agendas have been revealed! 

There are six great new prints for the large agendas, four prints for the small agendas, three for the jumbo agendas, and a brand new planner--the Luxe agendas.

The Luxe agendas are pretty cool; they're not spiral but with a beautiful hardcover, gold pages, and a fabric bookmark. 

The prints for all the planners are beautiful, as usual. I've already picked mine out and cannot wait to order it!

A large agenda in Tusk in the Sun has caught my eye and I'm in love.  The elephants, the navy blue and pink--it's the perfect Lilly planner for me. 

I also loved the Lucky Charms in Navy pattern but I really don't want the Jumbo agenda--it's too big for me. 

I've been waiting for this day since I grew bored of my current Lilly planner and I'm so pleased with all the prints.

Happy Lilly Agenda Day!

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