I've talked about my style before and how I felt that I never really fit into a category. I've always been all over the style spectrum but last summer, after I started Royally Pink, I became accustomed to the preppy lifestyle.

There is one company that I've loved since finding out about them last summer which encompasses the preppy lifestyle of college students everywhere.

The Frat Collection is an up and coming clothing company that is targeted at relaxed, preppy college students. They have a number of items for both men, women, and children. 

The Frat Collection is probably best known for their pocket (or frocket) tees--both long and short sleeved tees. The best thing about these frockets are that you can personalize them with your choice of pocket design. Everything from chevron stripes, polka dots, and other cool designs are choices for your pocket tees. 

Aside from the traditional pocket tees, they have sweat shirts and button downs also. 

Everything the Frat Collection has to offer is wonderful and clearly speaks volumes to the fratty, preppy college students around the country. 

One of the best parts of The Frat Collection is that when you checkout, you have the option to donate 10% of your purchase to the charity of your choice. This is really meant for members of Greek organizations to donate to their chapter's philanthropy but if you're not Greek, you could choose whichever charity or philanthropy you please.

Go check out The Frat Collection today and use the discount code 'MILLSAPS' for 10% off your purchase!

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