I've been obsessively watching 'How I Met Your Mother' for a week and I'm starting to wonder how I ever lived without MaClarens and suiting up. 

The show is the perfect combination of funny, inspirational, and ridiculous. I'm pretty in love with the show because it's genius. Think about it; there are details in the pilot episode that are later referenced in the fifth season. It's so well thought out and it makes me wonder how the writers and producers do it. My favorite is probably the slapbet and slapsgiving; I just love it!

I especially love the life lessons and quotes that adult Ted give his kids. I love the entire message of HIMYM; the fact that Ted is such a hopeless romantic and believes in love so much that he'll do anything to make it happen is one of my favorite parts.

I was finishing up season 4 on Netflix last night and Ted gave a voiceover that I cannot stop thinking about. 

I'm a big believer in destiny and serendipity and I think this quote perfectly encompasses that. I believe that the universe does point you in the directions needed to have your life turn out the way it's supposed to but it's your job to take the necessary steps to make it happen.

I also love being reminded that your life could change at any moment; that the decision to go to that movie, to take the long way to class, or go out when you wanted to stay home could change your life in an instant.

'How I Met Your Mother' is filled with these lessons on life and love which adds something special to this amazing show.

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