Happy Birthday!

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Today is Royally Pink's one year anniversary! I created this blog one year ago today after spending a few weeks at home after finishing my sophomore year of college.

I was miserable and desperately wanting to go back to school. I discovered one blog in-particular that inspired me to spend my summer writing--College Prepster. I learned everything I know about blogging by watching from Carly and her incredible work with her blog. 

I looked at blogging as an outlet to keep me busy, improve my writing skills, and add to my resume. Royally Pink turned into all those things but it got me so much more.

I have successfully dedicated myself to something big for an entire year; this blog has become a place where I could share my thoughts on everything. It has given me something extra to work toward and taught me skills that I couldn't find anywhere else--like business and PR skills.

Having Royally Pink has shown me that I don't have to rely on anyone else to make something of myself. Over the past year, I've grown into the blog and it has become something special to me. 

Royally Pink has become so much more than I ever thought. I didn't know if this would go anywhere but it has; people read my blog and keep coming back--my words are out there and that means more than anything.

Thank you to all my readers; this blog would be nothing without you!

I have had an amazing year with Royally Pink and I hope to take this blog to new heights as we enter the second year of Pink!

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