This is SO overdue but better late than never!

The May Birchbox was not one of my favorites; there weren't any beauty products, it was all just "stuff". I read a lot of reviews on other people's boxes this month and they were not happy, they were even more bitter than I am.

With Birchbox, there are hits and misses and I've accepted that but some people can't.

With the disappointment of the products in the box, I had something happen to me that never does--one of my products was damaged. It was also the only beauty product that was in the box. 

I was really upset and was hopeful that Birchbox would be able to replace it--no such luck but they did reward me with 100 Birchbox points which equals $10. I will say this, Birchbox has amazing customer service.

With all the bad reviews I was seeing, I was also seeing good reviews for another subscription box service called Ipsy Glam Bag. I've heard of this before but didn't want to stray from Birchbox because I was so loyal to them and I can't afford $20 in subscription boxes a month.

After much internal conflict, I decided to cancel Birchbox for now and signed up for Ipsy--that box is on it's way and I'm very anxious to try it out!

For now, here's my May Birchbox:

1. Cargo Water Resistant Blush: This was the product that came broken; I was really upset because I was in desperate need of a new blush and I've heard only good things about it. Although, it probably wasn't that great if it came broken.

2. COOLA Classic SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturizer:  This stuff smells amazing! It's so soft and smooth; it's definitely not a heavy moisturizer that you could feel on your face. 

3. Marvis Toothpaste: I've seen this product all over Birchbox but never thought it would show up in a box. I think it's kind of weird to give in a beauty subscription box but I welcomed it. It's not that minty so it doesn't give that fresh taste after you brush your teeth but it's okay. 

4. Miss Jessie's Original Jelly Soft Curls: A few boxes back I received Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls which to me, is much better than this product. After using it, my hair felt just as the name sounds, like jelly. My curls were soft but I wasn't crazy about the look; it made my hair feel sticky and gross. Maybe I put too much product in so I'll probably try it again to see if I get a different result.

5. Pilot Corporation of America Acroball Pure White Pen: Everyone I saw was so up in arms over getting a pen in this month's box. I was the minority and was in love with the fact that we got a pen! Maybe it's the journalist and book worm in me but I love a good pen and this pen is pretty awesome. It's definitely not cheap and writes wonderfully. I liked the pen so this was a nice little bonus.

There you have it, this less than exciting May Birchbox. I feel bad that I cancelled Birchbox but I have a feeling I will go back to it eventually, I am very customer loyal to certain brands and Birchbox has become one of them. I just want to try something else out for a bit, get a broad range of beauty products and subscription boxes.

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