If you were a teenage girl in the 90s, you probably identified yourself as a Cher, Dionne, or Tai. You probably used phrases like "As if" or wanted Paul Rudd to be your step-brother/boyfriend.

I'm talking about the cult classic Clueless, which most teenage girls in the 90s loved and identified with. 

I was not a teenage girl in the 90s but I still identified with Cher and her cluelessness. The movie has been playing on Nickelodeon the past few weeks and I've been watching it every chance I get. Even though I was born in the 90s, I was only a child and barely remember any of the cool things that Clueless showcases: the fashion, the huge cellphones, and the language. 

I have always loved the movie and now that I'm a bit older and a little more wiser, I can appreciate it more. Aside from the cool, retro feel of the film, it's an awesome movie with great messages, hidden beneath all the bubblegum and cluelessness.

Despite being an airhead, I feel that Cher is smart and in control of what she wants as a young woman. Cher Horowitz is a great character that we could learn so much from. Watching Clueless gives me a boost of inspiration; it's entertaining, fun, and full of little lessons that we can all appreciate and take to heart.

Give back: Cher seemed like an uptight, spoiled rich girl, which she was 90% of the time but in the end, her big heart pushed her to do things for others. She helped Tai become assimilated into the Beverly Hills lifestyle, did everything she could to push her teachers together, and most importantly, helped give back to those less fortunate than her. And she did it all in style. 

 Be confident: I think this was the most important; being confident is something a lot of young girls struggle with and Cher taught us that having confidence is easier than you think. She helped Tai walk with her head held high and Cher and Dionne did that every day, despite some setbacks. 

Love could be right under your nose: Cher was looking for a boyfriend in all the wrong places. She had this idea of who she should be with and who she wanted to be with but it was completely wrong. She was so disgusted by the thought of ex step-brother Josh, she didn't even realize why she was so annoyed by him--because she liked him! Step outside the box and look for love in places you never thought possible.

Fight for what you believe in: Cher never gave up on anything she did; she showed us that even though she was a bad driver, she didn't stop trying. School wasn't her forte but she knew it was important so she used her debate skills to talk herself into a good grade. If you are passionate about something, go for it--the mistake would be not going after what you want.

You might have to squint a little to make "Clueless" seem like it's full of hidden messages but underneath the hairspray, the plaid skirts, and the high pitched voices, there is something special there. 

Next time you watch Cher Horowitz and company, pay close attention and take away a bit of life lesson.

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  1. New follower! Is it bad to say that I haven't seen Clueless yet?! I know, how is that even possible?! Haha, maybe this summer I'll get the chance to watch it!

    with love, ashliegh

  2. Great blog!


  3. I love life lessons...especially if I'm simply watching them and not actually living them. I am old compared to you but will give the whold clueless thing a shot. Stopping by from sharefest!

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