My Kate Spade obsession has been growing with each day. I love everything about the brand, from the clothes to the leather goods, to the jewelry but I also adore the message that they send out. 

I just feel so good whenever I read a cute Kate Spade quote or see something inspiring from them. They make me feel good!

When I found out that Kate Spade was coming out with a perfume, I was thrilled. I knew I had to get my hands on it because if Kate Spade's name is plastered on the front of a bottle, you know that it's good quality and probably smells amazing. I hold them to a very high standard. 

"Twirl" sounded like such a whimsical, fruity, and fun name so the smell had to match that meaning. I was dying to get my hands on a bottle when it was first released a few months back but my bank account didn't feel the same. 

That is why when I found out that I got a sample of "twirl" in my Birchbox, I knew the fragrance gods were watching over me. I used the entire sample bottle and it was everything I expected. The smell was fruity and fun but with a bit of sultry feel. It's a great smell for the day or a casual night and perfect for the summertime!

Over Easter Break I was in Marshalls doing some shopping when I stumbled upon the accessories section, because God forbid I ever enter a store without going toward the accessories. There, behold my little eye, was a $15 bottle of "twirl". It was fate, I had to get it.

Ever since then, I've used it everyday and I got so many compliments on it! The bottle is almost finished but I'm planning on making another trip to Marshalls or a different discount department store when I head home for the summer to scrounger up another bottle, this time in a bigger size!

Also, I'm dying to try Kate Spade's newest perfume, "Live Colorfully"--that sounds like a great scent!

What's your favorite scent?  

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