Halloween is truly one of my favorite holidays. I think I owe it to my memories as a kid, trick or treating, and then as I got older, Halloween parties and mischief night. I also think Halloween kicks off the Holiday season which means my birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are right around the corner.

Halloween is the epitome of autumn and it's just so much fun!

Halloween in college is a huge deal, maybe even a bigger deal than it was when we were kids. It's a week long celebration that students have been planning for for the past month. Costumes are being crafted and plans are being made. It's so exciting!

My busy schedule never allows me to actually put a lot of thought into my costume unlike my friends. I always go for something simple, something I have in my closet like a kitty cat, a superhero or a sexy teacher. 

Pinterest though, is my mortal enemy when it comes to Halloween costumes. There are so many cute ones but I don't have the creative mindset or time to actually sit down and craft one.

Here are some of my favorites:

Wonder Woman

Moscato Bottles (MY FAVORITE!)

Franzia Boxed Wine

Starbucks Cups

Red Solo Cup

Beanie Babies

All these costumes are relatively easy to make, with a base outfit you have in your closet and some added crafting to it. They relate to college students and are honestly really fun to wear and show off. I wish I put more effort into my costume but it'll have to do!

What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Let me know in the comments!

Everyone have a safe and happy Halloween!!

Being part of Influenster has brought on so many awesome opportunities, including this one. After taking a survey on Influenster, I qualified to receive another cool VoxBox. This time, it was the Dr. Scholl's Active Series VoxBox which allowed me to receive Dr. Scholl's insoles perfectly crafted for athletes and those who work out often. 

I am not an athlete but I do find myself at the gym quite often and I thought these would be so cool to try out.

I was definitely right.

The Active Series insoles offer triple zone protection at all parts of your feet: the ball of the foot, the arch, and the hell. It helps prevent pain and can even prevent shin splints and runner's knee.

I used them a few times over the past few weeks and I have noticed a difference when I'm working out. I don't feel as much pain in my feet or ankles, the added support truly makes a difference.

If you are a gym rat, you definitely have experienced pain from your feet, especially if you aren't wearing the right sneakers. I think these insoles are the perfect edition to every fit person's work out bag. 

Have you ever tried Dr. Scholl's insoles or any other insoles? Tell me in the comments!

Tuesday Inspiration

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I saw this quote on Pinterest over the weekend and was immediately stunned. The past few weeks have been rough for me. I can't put my finger on it but I have been running on E. I couldn't catch my breath and everything kept piling up. I was dealing with school, family, friends, and other issues; everything was jumbled together and lines were being blurred all over the place.

If I wasn't stressed about one thing, it was another. If I didn't have anxiety, I was wondering why and then found something to worry about.

I have a problem with chilling out and letting things go. Some may call me uptight. I take things way too seriously and over think pretty much every scenario and situation in my life. I create scenarios in my head and my mind automatically goes to the worst possible result. 

I hold onto things for too long. It's not that I hold grudges but I will remember feelings and moods that  situation caused me to feel and not be able to shake them in the present.

It's been more difficult for me to deal with my anxiety and my worrisome the past few weeks. Last year and over the summer I had such control and I almost feel like I have lost control since the school year kicked up again.

This quote along with a relaxing, chill weekend of staying inside and not engaging in college activities really calmed me down and I feel ready to tackle the weeks ahead. 

Sometimes you need to remind yourself that you can't do everything, not everything is in your control and you need to just learn what deserves your stress and what doesn't. I need to constantly look at this quote and remind myself that not everything in life deserves my attention and worry.

What is your Tuesday inspiration?
Being part of the Her Campus Blogger Network has given me so many incredible opporunities. I've met many wonderful bloggers who have taught me so much. 

I also get the chance to receive some awesome free swag courtesy of my favorite Her Campus ladies. An email popped up in my mailbox from the lovely Windsor and Stephanie, co-founders of Her Campus to enter for the chance to get a Her Campus Back to School Survival Kit. I jumped at the chance and was so thrilled to be chosen.

I've been patiently awaiting this package for the past few weeks and when I came home from work on Thursday, I saw the big beautiful box and immediately tore into it.

There was so many awesome goodies in here, it was overwhelming.

A lot of great brands helped Her Campus make this special including Neuro, Luna Bars, Poppin, and Chipotle. 

First I saw this awesome backpack courtesy of Her Campus, I could always use Her Campus swag. Scattered around the box were tons of mini Luna Bars in White Chocolate Macadamia (I never tried this flavor) and I think that was my favorite part. I'm pretty sure they're all gone because I ate them all weekend. 

Luna Bars are the perfect on the go breakfast for busy collegiates and they make the perfect study snack. I need a box of these STAT.

Another great food item I received was two bottles of NeuroSonic. Neuro is a brand of drinks that each have a different purpose. There's NeuroSleep which helps you fall and stay asleep, NeuroTrim which helps you manage your hunger, and many others. In the survival kit there was NeuroSonic which helps you focus and concentrate when studying and also helps with stress.

I haven't tried the drink yet but I'm eager to see if it actually works. If it does, I may have a new go-to study drink.

My all time favorite part of this box? The 10 Poppin notebooks and boxes of pink gel pens. Poppin is a great little company that sells stationary and office supplies amongst other goodies. The notebooks look like mini moleskins (which I love) and the gel pens are the perfect shade of pink and write so well. 

I've been addicted to the Poppin site all weekend and I just want to buy everything! It's way too adorable for my own good. I had so many notebooks and pens, I took some for myself and gave some to my roommates. Look out, maybe I'll do a little giveaway for some!

Another favorite part is the Her Campus clipboard! I've been wanting a clipboard for so long to help out with school and my executive board duties but just never got around to buying one. This clipboard has an adorable Her Campus sticker on the back and I may just have to craft a bit to make it that much more cute.

There were other items floating around in the care package, like a buy one, get one free from Chipotle (which was already used this weekend), an adorable Procrastinating Audrey sticker and a Her Campus car sticker.

This survival kit was filled with so many adorable, pink goodies it put me in the best mood! 

This past week was another wonderful experience in my sorority life. We have started new member education with my fabulous eight new members and now as we entered the second week, that could only mean one thing....BIG/LITTLE NIGHT!

Being on the executive board, everything is heightened and made more stressful, more nerve-wracking, and a little more exciting. I don't get to sit back and relax, I'm constantly on edge with everything going on, even if its not my job. 

Big/Little night was no acceptation to that rule. 

It's the one night out of the year where everyone is completely happy and filled with so much love that it's almost sickening.

Getting your big or getting your little makes everything in the sorority so much sweeter. You have a mentor and you are a mentor, there is so much fun and love to be had it's insane. I can't even explain the feeling of opening your eyes and seeing your perfect big or having your little turn around and see her reaction. 

Me becoming a big exactly one year ago

Both when I got my big and my little I was so excited I could've cried. There was so much emotion and it's so difficult to explain to someone who has never gone through it.

Big/Little night is my favorite, even if I'm not becoming a big or getting a little. Watching someone open their eyes is so exciting and so thrilling, I fall in love with my sorority and my sisters all over again.

With Big/Little night comes lots and lots of crafting; there is nothing sorority girls love more than crafting. I love seeing what everyone crafts for their new additions but also, there are gifts for everyone else too! 

Usually people will buy or craft their little and big something or in my chapter, we have secret sisters which is almost like an additional big so there will usually be something for them also.

This semester, I bought my little an adorable new pair of letters to add to her collection. I also crafted for my niece (my co-little's little) and my secret sister.

For my niece, I crafted an adorable canvas made from old Lilly agenda pages (she is just as obsessed as I am!) and I honestly love the way it came out. I used mod podge and some paint for an extra touch and thought it would be a cool idea to use the story of Lilly that is the front page of the agenda for the background of the canvas.

For my secret I kept it simple and just a little plaque with our nicknames on it. I used regular acrylic paint,  a Sharpie paint pen and some gold gems I had lying around.

I'm really happy with how everything came out and it totally put me in the crafting mood. I need to make another trip to Michaels to buy some more supplies!

What do you love to craft? Tell me in the comments!

Can we take a quick look at the adorable pictures from Prince George's Christening? I have never been so in love with a family the way I love the Royals.

There is no one more beautiful, regal and elegant. 

Baby George is too cute for words, can I be his nanny?

The Duchess of Cambridge looks perfect in matching cream ensembles with her bouncing baby boy. And can we please talk about Pippa?! She steals the show in the photos with the entire Middleton/Windsor clan.

I'm not even going to touch on Prince Harry, he is an entire other category!

My royal fever has not died down since George's birth and I'm pretty sure it will 
never leave!

This weekend was one of my favorite weekends out of all of college. It was homecoming!! Going to an all girl's Catholic high school in Brooklyn, homecoming was never part of my routine. I never went to a school that had homecoming so when I got to college, I was extremely excited to experience this fun, school spirited event. 

My first two homecomings at college were not all that great because I wasn't part of Phi Sig yet (not to say that non greeks can't have fun at homecoming), I just didn't have a set group of friends to experience it with.

That has all changed and now homecoming is one of the greatest weekends ever. Everyone is so happy and in the greatest mood; all the alumnae come back to celebrate, you spend time with your best friends, and if you're lucky, you'll have amazing stories to tell in the morning.

There is nothing I adore more than waking up on Sunday morning, heading over to the sorority house and eating breakfast with my sisters, picking apart the day's events.

I had a mini emotional breakdown half way through the day because I realized this was my last real homecoming. Yes, I'll come back for years to come to visit campus and my sisters who are left here but it's the last time Iona College will be my "home". It's the last time I'll be able to make the plans, go back to my house, and call the shots. From now on, homecoming is a visiting time, I'll be the one sleeping on my sister's couches and leaving in the morning. 

It was sad, incredibly heartbreaking because it was the first of many lasts I'll be experiencing this year.

It's been a month into school and I have yet to realize that I'm a senior. It has not hit me yet; if "hitting me" is anything like my mini panic attack about the last homecoming, then I'm definitely not ready for it.

Thankfully it was the best weekend ever with my favorite people in the world <3

Pledge Sisters <3

Little and Big <3

Candid shot :)

What did you do this weekend? What's your favorite part
about your school's homecoming? Tell me in the comments!

Nothing in life is perfect, even though we set that standard for many things we want. We are always searching for perfection: the perfect latte, the perfect handbag, the perfect man. We always strive for perfection, even if perfection doesn't exist. 

There is one thing in life (besides the perfect man) that all women search high and low for. We all have different opinions and different beliefs when it comes to this topic but in the end, perfection lies where you think it does. 

Everyone wants to find the perfect pair of jeans.

It is our life mission as women to find a pair of jeans that make us look incredible. I blame the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Calvin Klein for this impossible task but nonetheless, it has to be done.

Jeans have always been an issue for me; I come in at 5'2 so length is always a problem; my thighs aren't exactly in proprotion with my waist..it's always a mess when I have to buy jeans. I've gone through stages where I would buy jeans from one store and one store only; then those jeans would change or my body would change and I couldn't wear them anymore.

It's a constant struggle and something that I don't appreciate looking for. Jean shopping is terrible.

That is until I rekindled my love with American Eagle jeans. American Eagle Outfitters was the first place I found jeans I couldn't live without. They were the perfect fit for me when I was about 13 years old and I lived in them for years. I moved away from AE jeans and became obsessed with jeans from Delias. Recently, American Eagle must've caught my eye again because in the past year, I've fallen back into love with their jeans.

Over the weekend, AE was having an incredible sale on their jeans, including free shipping so with my American Eagle credit card (whose limit was just increased EEEEEK) I purchased a ton of jeans and jeggings.

The package arrived yesterday and I have never been so happy with a purchase in my entire life. Every single pair of jeans/jeggings looked incredible on me. They were fitted but not too tight, not too short or too long, and made my butt/thighs/legs look better than ever. 

My roommate couldn't believe how I looked in these jeans when I showed her. They made me look unlike myself, I felt as if I was in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

I ordered four pairs of pants; one regular pair of Skinny Jeans and three pairs of jeggings. Each pair was better than the one before.

First, I ordered a (second) pair of black jeggings--super skinny, super stretch. They feel as if they are made of butter and form to your body, it could be as if they were made especially for you. I have one pair that I have worn pretty much every single weekend so when I saw they were on sale, I knew I needed a second pair. I have never loved a pair of jeans/jeggings as much as I love these bad boys.

My next purchase was another pair of jeggings, this time in a regular dark wash denim blue. They are the same super stretch type as the black ones but you can tell the difference in the material. They fit more like a jean but are still super comfortable and soft. 

Next was a regular pair of skinny jeans which I was in desperate need of. Yes jeggings are nice and they look great but there is nothing like a normal pair of skinny jeans that make you look incredible. The ones I bought were Rinse Indigo Skinny Jean. Plain and simple; and they look and feel awesome on!

Lastly is a pair of jeggings that I had last year but wore them so much that they ripped. The AE Knit Jeggings feel like you are wearing pajama pants. I kid you not, you could go to yoga in these jeggings, that's how stretchable and soft they are. I had a regular, denim colored pair last year but chose the crushed berry color for this Fall. I always wanted a pair of colored jeans and I thought that these knit jeggings were the perfect addition to my fall wardrobe. 

All of these jeans are so beautifully made that it should be illegal. I have stumbled upon denim nirvana and I never want to leave.

Who makes your favorite types of jeans? Let me know in the comments!

Today's post comes courtesy of Emma from Its Emma Elise

It’s time to upgrade your look for fall! One quick and fashionable way to do so? Take your go-to pair of skinny jeans or your favorite skirt, and pair it with a put-together top and blazer combo.

Play up your girly style! Give spring pinks a fresh update, making them fall-appropriate. Layer a bright magenta top underneath a cozy, light pink jacket. Pair them with a leather miniskirt for a look that’s begging to be caught on camera.

Shown: Silk Long Sleeve Blouse in Pink ($49.90, Uniqlo) ♦ Wool Cardigan With Funnel Collar in Light Pink ($99.90, Zara)

Look chic, while still giving off a chill vibe. Pair an edgy moto jacket with a fun baseball tee.

Shown: Cool Garfield Baseball Tee in White/Navy ($15.80, Forever 21) ♦ Renegade Moto Jacket in Black ($88, Nasty Gal)

Add a touch of preppiness to a classic Americana look, by topping a chambray shirt with a plaid blazer. Add a pair of bold, heavier-framed glasses for a quirky touch.

Shown: Denim Shirt in Light Denim Blue ($24.95, H&M) ♦ Blazer in Check Multi ($88.99, ASOS)

Polka-dots in navy and white are a playful look for fall. Freshen up the look by adding a crisp, cobalt blazer.

Shown: Fitted Boyfriend Shirt in Fox Print ($54.95, Gap) ♦ Jade Colour Block Blazer in Cobalt ($50, boohoo.com

Unleash your inner animal! Your first instinct probably wouldn’t be to pair an animal print sweat with a furry teddy-bear-esque jacket. But this look is more than just super cozy. Its mix of animal-inspired textures is actually very fashion-forward.

Shown: Knitted 3D Leopard Jumper in Multi ($76, Topshop) ♦ Browne Jacket in Sand ($120, RVCA)

Take a fashion cue from Rihanna (or Rita Ora) with this glam, yet edgy, look.Start with a “wild” graphic shirt. Top it with an in-your-face, 90’s jacket to give off a rocker chic vibe.

Do you have some easy outfit ideas for fall? Let us know in the comments below!

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