Being part of Influenster has brought on so many awesome opportunities, including this one. After taking a survey on Influenster, I qualified to receive another cool VoxBox. This time, it was the Dr. Scholl's Active Series VoxBox which allowed me to receive Dr. Scholl's insoles perfectly crafted for athletes and those who work out often. 

I am not an athlete but I do find myself at the gym quite often and I thought these would be so cool to try out.

I was definitely right.

The Active Series insoles offer triple zone protection at all parts of your feet: the ball of the foot, the arch, and the hell. It helps prevent pain and can even prevent shin splints and runner's knee.

I used them a few times over the past few weeks and I have noticed a difference when I'm working out. I don't feel as much pain in my feet or ankles, the added support truly makes a difference.

If you are a gym rat, you definitely have experienced pain from your feet, especially if you aren't wearing the right sneakers. I think these insoles are the perfect edition to every fit person's work out bag. 

Have you ever tried Dr. Scholl's insoles or any other insoles? Tell me in the comments!

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