Happy Homecoming!

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This weekend was one of my favorite weekends out of all of college. It was homecoming!! Going to an all girl's Catholic high school in Brooklyn, homecoming was never part of my routine. I never went to a school that had homecoming so when I got to college, I was extremely excited to experience this fun, school spirited event. 

My first two homecomings at college were not all that great because I wasn't part of Phi Sig yet (not to say that non greeks can't have fun at homecoming), I just didn't have a set group of friends to experience it with.

That has all changed and now homecoming is one of the greatest weekends ever. Everyone is so happy and in the greatest mood; all the alumnae come back to celebrate, you spend time with your best friends, and if you're lucky, you'll have amazing stories to tell in the morning.

There is nothing I adore more than waking up on Sunday morning, heading over to the sorority house and eating breakfast with my sisters, picking apart the day's events.

I had a mini emotional breakdown half way through the day because I realized this was my last real homecoming. Yes, I'll come back for years to come to visit campus and my sisters who are left here but it's the last time Iona College will be my "home". It's the last time I'll be able to make the plans, go back to my house, and call the shots. From now on, homecoming is a visiting time, I'll be the one sleeping on my sister's couches and leaving in the morning. 

It was sad, incredibly heartbreaking because it was the first of many lasts I'll be experiencing this year.

It's been a month into school and I have yet to realize that I'm a senior. It has not hit me yet; if "hitting me" is anything like my mini panic attack about the last homecoming, then I'm definitely not ready for it.

Thankfully it was the best weekend ever with my favorite people in the world <3

Pledge Sisters <3

Little and Big <3

Candid shot :)

What did you do this weekend? What's your favorite part
about your school's homecoming? Tell me in the comments!

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