Being part of the Her Campus Blogger Network has given me so many incredible opporunities. I've met many wonderful bloggers who have taught me so much. 

I also get the chance to receive some awesome free swag courtesy of my favorite Her Campus ladies. An email popped up in my mailbox from the lovely Windsor and Stephanie, co-founders of Her Campus to enter for the chance to get a Her Campus Back to School Survival Kit. I jumped at the chance and was so thrilled to be chosen.

I've been patiently awaiting this package for the past few weeks and when I came home from work on Thursday, I saw the big beautiful box and immediately tore into it.

There was so many awesome goodies in here, it was overwhelming.

A lot of great brands helped Her Campus make this special including Neuro, Luna Bars, Poppin, and Chipotle. 

First I saw this awesome backpack courtesy of Her Campus, I could always use Her Campus swag. Scattered around the box were tons of mini Luna Bars in White Chocolate Macadamia (I never tried this flavor) and I think that was my favorite part. I'm pretty sure they're all gone because I ate them all weekend. 

Luna Bars are the perfect on the go breakfast for busy collegiates and they make the perfect study snack. I need a box of these STAT.

Another great food item I received was two bottles of NeuroSonic. Neuro is a brand of drinks that each have a different purpose. There's NeuroSleep which helps you fall and stay asleep, NeuroTrim which helps you manage your hunger, and many others. In the survival kit there was NeuroSonic which helps you focus and concentrate when studying and also helps with stress.

I haven't tried the drink yet but I'm eager to see if it actually works. If it does, I may have a new go-to study drink.

My all time favorite part of this box? The 10 Poppin notebooks and boxes of pink gel pens. Poppin is a great little company that sells stationary and office supplies amongst other goodies. The notebooks look like mini moleskins (which I love) and the gel pens are the perfect shade of pink and write so well. 

I've been addicted to the Poppin site all weekend and I just want to buy everything! It's way too adorable for my own good. I had so many notebooks and pens, I took some for myself and gave some to my roommates. Look out, maybe I'll do a little giveaway for some!

Another favorite part is the Her Campus clipboard! I've been wanting a clipboard for so long to help out with school and my executive board duties but just never got around to buying one. This clipboard has an adorable Her Campus sticker on the back and I may just have to craft a bit to make it that much more cute.

There were other items floating around in the care package, like a buy one, get one free from Chipotle (which was already used this weekend), an adorable Procrastinating Audrey sticker and a Her Campus car sticker.

This survival kit was filled with so many adorable, pink goodies it put me in the best mood! 

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