Nothing in life is perfect, even though we set that standard for many things we want. We are always searching for perfection: the perfect latte, the perfect handbag, the perfect man. We always strive for perfection, even if perfection doesn't exist. 

There is one thing in life (besides the perfect man) that all women search high and low for. We all have different opinions and different beliefs when it comes to this topic but in the end, perfection lies where you think it does. 

Everyone wants to find the perfect pair of jeans.

It is our life mission as women to find a pair of jeans that make us look incredible. I blame the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Calvin Klein for this impossible task but nonetheless, it has to be done.

Jeans have always been an issue for me; I come in at 5'2 so length is always a problem; my thighs aren't exactly in proprotion with my's always a mess when I have to buy jeans. I've gone through stages where I would buy jeans from one store and one store only; then those jeans would change or my body would change and I couldn't wear them anymore.

It's a constant struggle and something that I don't appreciate looking for. Jean shopping is terrible.

That is until I rekindled my love with American Eagle jeans. American Eagle Outfitters was the first place I found jeans I couldn't live without. They were the perfect fit for me when I was about 13 years old and I lived in them for years. I moved away from AE jeans and became obsessed with jeans from Delias. Recently, American Eagle must've caught my eye again because in the past year, I've fallen back into love with their jeans.

Over the weekend, AE was having an incredible sale on their jeans, including free shipping so with my American Eagle credit card (whose limit was just increased EEEEEK) I purchased a ton of jeans and jeggings.

The package arrived yesterday and I have never been so happy with a purchase in my entire life. Every single pair of jeans/jeggings looked incredible on me. They were fitted but not too tight, not too short or too long, and made my butt/thighs/legs look better than ever. 

My roommate couldn't believe how I looked in these jeans when I showed her. They made me look unlike myself, I felt as if I was in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

I ordered four pairs of pants; one regular pair of Skinny Jeans and three pairs of jeggings. Each pair was better than the one before.

First, I ordered a (second) pair of black jeggings--super skinny, super stretch. They feel as if they are made of butter and form to your body, it could be as if they were made especially for you. I have one pair that I have worn pretty much every single weekend so when I saw they were on sale, I knew I needed a second pair. I have never loved a pair of jeans/jeggings as much as I love these bad boys.

My next purchase was another pair of jeggings, this time in a regular dark wash denim blue. They are the same super stretch type as the black ones but you can tell the difference in the material. They fit more like a jean but are still super comfortable and soft. 

Next was a regular pair of skinny jeans which I was in desperate need of. Yes jeggings are nice and they look great but there is nothing like a normal pair of skinny jeans that make you look incredible. The ones I bought were Rinse Indigo Skinny Jean. Plain and simple; and they look and feel awesome on!

Lastly is a pair of jeggings that I had last year but wore them so much that they ripped. The AE Knit Jeggings feel like you are wearing pajama pants. I kid you not, you could go to yoga in these jeggings, that's how stretchable and soft they are. I had a regular, denim colored pair last year but chose the crushed berry color for this Fall. I always wanted a pair of colored jeans and I thought that these knit jeggings were the perfect addition to my fall wardrobe. 

All of these jeans are so beautifully made that it should be illegal. I have stumbled upon denim nirvana and I never want to leave.

Who makes your favorite types of jeans? Let me know in the comments!

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