Tuesday Inspiration

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I saw this quote on Pinterest over the weekend and was immediately stunned. The past few weeks have been rough for me. I can't put my finger on it but I have been running on E. I couldn't catch my breath and everything kept piling up. I was dealing with school, family, friends, and other issues; everything was jumbled together and lines were being blurred all over the place.

If I wasn't stressed about one thing, it was another. If I didn't have anxiety, I was wondering why and then found something to worry about.

I have a problem with chilling out and letting things go. Some may call me uptight. I take things way too seriously and over think pretty much every scenario and situation in my life. I create scenarios in my head and my mind automatically goes to the worst possible result. 

I hold onto things for too long. It's not that I hold grudges but I will remember feelings and moods that  situation caused me to feel and not be able to shake them in the present.

It's been more difficult for me to deal with my anxiety and my worrisome the past few weeks. Last year and over the summer I had such control and I almost feel like I have lost control since the school year kicked up again.

This quote along with a relaxing, chill weekend of staying inside and not engaging in college activities really calmed me down and I feel ready to tackle the weeks ahead. 

Sometimes you need to remind yourself that you can't do everything, not everything is in your control and you need to just learn what deserves your stress and what doesn't. I need to constantly look at this quote and remind myself that not everything in life deserves my attention and worry.

What is your Tuesday inspiration?
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