This past week was another wonderful experience in my sorority life. We have started new member education with my fabulous eight new members and now as we entered the second week, that could only mean one thing....BIG/LITTLE NIGHT!

Being on the executive board, everything is heightened and made more stressful, more nerve-wracking, and a little more exciting. I don't get to sit back and relax, I'm constantly on edge with everything going on, even if its not my job. 

Big/Little night was no acceptation to that rule. 

It's the one night out of the year where everyone is completely happy and filled with so much love that it's almost sickening.

Getting your big or getting your little makes everything in the sorority so much sweeter. You have a mentor and you are a mentor, there is so much fun and love to be had it's insane. I can't even explain the feeling of opening your eyes and seeing your perfect big or having your little turn around and see her reaction. 

Me becoming a big exactly one year ago

Both when I got my big and my little I was so excited I could've cried. There was so much emotion and it's so difficult to explain to someone who has never gone through it.

Big/Little night is my favorite, even if I'm not becoming a big or getting a little. Watching someone open their eyes is so exciting and so thrilling, I fall in love with my sorority and my sisters all over again.

With Big/Little night comes lots and lots of crafting; there is nothing sorority girls love more than crafting. I love seeing what everyone crafts for their new additions but also, there are gifts for everyone else too! 

Usually people will buy or craft their little and big something or in my chapter, we have secret sisters which is almost like an additional big so there will usually be something for them also.

This semester, I bought my little an adorable new pair of letters to add to her collection. I also crafted for my niece (my co-little's little) and my secret sister.

For my niece, I crafted an adorable canvas made from old Lilly agenda pages (she is just as obsessed as I am!) and I honestly love the way it came out. I used mod podge and some paint for an extra touch and thought it would be a cool idea to use the story of Lilly that is the front page of the agenda for the background of the canvas.

For my secret I kept it simple and just a little plaque with our nicknames on it. I used regular acrylic paint,  a Sharpie paint pen and some gold gems I had lying around.

I'm really happy with how everything came out and it totally put me in the crafting mood. I need to make another trip to Michaels to buy some more supplies!

What do you love to craft? Tell me in the comments!

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