I've been really good at not buying makeup recently. I feel like I'm finally passed that point in my life when I need to buy something from Sephora every single day. I've been buying different items (LOL) so my shopping has decreased but has also been placed elsewhere.

Even though I'm not shopping AS MUCH, there are still some things I had to have in the past few months. A lot of beauty releases are coming (like this highlighter palette from ABH) and I know I'll be adding more to my collection soon.

beauty in review-beauty haul-beauty buys

1. Nars Velvet Lip Glide: This was a lip product that I've been looking at since Nars released them. I chose the shade 'Bound' because it's that classic mauve, nude shade and it looks gorgeous on. These can be classified as liquid lipsticks but they are much more comfortable and don't really dry down to a true matte finish, which is really nice and different from the others out there.

2. Nars Lipgloss in Chelsea Girls: I've been experimenting with gloss a lot more and I'm so happy that I pulled the plug on this baby. I've seen Youtubers raving about Nars glosses for years and when Chelsea Girls was re-released recently, even more people were freaking out over it. When I was buying the Nars Velvet Lip Glide, I said "eff it" and bought this too. OMG It's the most beautiful gloss ever. It's not sticky or goopy, it glides easily onto your lips and Chelsea Girls is a perfect nude pink shade for every day. I cannot get enough of this gloss and I want more!

beauty in review-beauty haul-beauty buys
Top to bottom:
Chelsea Girls
NARS Bound
Winky Lux Love Pill
Winky Lux Crazy Pill

3. Laura Mercier Translucent Powder: I was going to buy this and it ended up in my Sephora cart too many times. When I received an email from Influenster that I was in this VoxBox I screamed! I got this powder completely free from Influenster along with the large powder puff and I'm obsessed. There is a reason that this powder is everyone's holy grail. It's super light weight and sets your makeup beautifully without any cake or added coverage.

4. Winky Lux Lipsticks: I was at the WWD Beauty Summit a few weeks ago for work and the founder/CEO of Winky Lux was there. As she spoke, I was so inspired by the story and so amazed by the packaging/different products that I needed to buy one. I already had one in my collection that I had yet to use but I ordered the Betches x Winky Lux collection that came with 2 different lipsticks. They're shaped like pills and I kind of really love that. I've only worn one of these (Crazy Pill from the Betches collection) and it was a little thick and patchy but very long lasting. I'll have to try the lighter colors and see what they feel like.

5. It Cosmetics Confidence in a Compact Serum Foundation: I'm not a huge fan of It Cosmetics because I feel like their products just haven't worked for me. I was however, totally intrigued by their new foundation. It's a solid foundation in what looks like a cushion compact and is infused with a serum, making it good for your skin. It's very hydrating and easily blendable, giving you a medium coverage. It's been my new favorite foundation this month and definitely worth picking up!

I have a few other item dedicated Beauty in Review posts coming up but for now, take a look at my beauty wishlist below!

I wrote a similar post a few years ago and it is still one of my most popular posts yet. I figured it was a little outdated as I've sold a lot of those tote bags or don't use them too much anymore. I know I've updated you all on many of my bag purchases recently but I want to talk more about how they're good for work & school *if you're still in school*.

Having a good tote bag is super important to me because it's your lifeline when you're not at home. They have to be comfortable, big enough to hold everything, and have at least one inside compartment.

When I say comfortable I mean that they have to have a comfortable strap and not be heavy without things in them. A heavy bag only gets heavier so if you feel like a bag is too heavy empty or even with just a few lightweight things, it's not an ideal bag for going back and forth to work or class.

All of these are tote bags *expect for one* and the totes have one thing in common -- they have one large pocket and a smaller pocket on the side. I don't like too many compartments in my bag because I feel like it weighs the bag down and I make my own compartments with smaller bags inside.

I also think that when the bag is one big hole, it makes it easier to fit everything you need, without being too packed.

I've talked about these bags before but I wanted you all to have them in one place, and they all have my stamp of approval for college, high school, and work bags!

tote bags-best tote bags

Let's get into it!

1. Tory Burch Perry Tote: This was a much lusted after item for me and when I bought it, I was so excited I almost cried. This is such an amazing tote bag and so versatile. It can be used as a tote for work/school, a carry on bag, or even a super large everyday bag if you're into that. I got it in black leather and it's super slouchy which allows the bag to form a shape around your items. It's probably one of my top bags in my collection overall!

2. Tory Burch Gemini Link Tote: Tory Burch has fabulous totes and I'm obsessed. This is a newer one in my collection but it's so good. It's more structured than the Perry Tote and keeps it's shape even when it's empty. I like that feature depending on my mood, because it's easier to get things in and out of. The price point on this is also super sweet!

3. Henri Bendel Jetsetter Convertible Backpack: I didn't know I could love a backpack as much as I love this one. Henri Bendel has quickly become a brand after my own heart, and this backpack is their signature bag. Backpacks are definitely "in" right now and this is a great piece to have in your collection. It's bigger than it looks so it fits a lot inside; the straps are super comfortable on your back and this is the one bag that has a few different compartments inside. It has 3 outside pockets and 3 inside ones, which definitely helps keep things organized. The best part? It can transition into a tote bag! I'm currently using this as my work bag and I converted into tote form and I love it! It's so handy  and a great bag.

4. Longchamp: This is the one bag I mentioned in my original post and I still stand by. This was my OG school bag in college and my first few years of work. It doesn't get as much love right now but I still have it and refuse to give it away or sell it. It's so versatile, holds so much, and is just a no brainer. I think this is a bag that everyone needs because it's the perfect size, weight, and simplicity that everyone can get use of.

5. Kate Spade: I currently only have one Kate Spade tote in my rotation and it's this one that is no longer available. Kate Spade has SO MANY TOTE bags that are perfect for work and school. A lot of them are not as big as the ones I previously stated, and I recently sold a bag that I once used for work because I found it was just too small. Below are some picks from Kate Spade that I think would work well for work or school.

What are your favorite tote bags for work or school? I'm always up for suggestions!

Whenever there is a three day weekend at work somehow it always makes the week feel longer. I thought we'd never get to Friday but here we are!

I have a nice weekend planned and I'm really looking forward to some family time. This week was unusually warm for February in New York and we got a little taste of Spring, which drove me crazy but also got me slightly excited. Maybe I'll actually try to enjoy spring & summer this year instead of hating it so much.

Maybe I'll make a bucket list of things to do during the spring/summer and put it here on the blog so I can hold myself accountable.

Yes, that's what I'll do!

I'm happy to report that I haven't felt as tired as I have the past few weeks. I think my Vitamin D medication is finally kicking in, and I think I've just been trying to have a positive attitude after I talked about everything last week.

I'm going to try to really keep it up -- a positive, happy Briana is something that is not easy to come by. That's an entire different post for a different day; for now, let's get back into what I loved this week.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Nighttime and getting ready for bed is one of my favorite times of the day. I am very into relaxing, as if you couldn't already tell, so I'm very into calming down before getting snuggly in my bed.

I've been wanting to do a nighttime routine post since I started my blog almost 5 YEARS AGO but I just never got around to it. It's also different now that I have my own room and have really perfected the ritual/routine.

I believe that it's really important to calm yourself before bed and get into the right mindset before getting ready to sleep. I've had many a nights where I was too anxious to sleep and tried to force myself asleep but ended up waking up every hour because my head wasn't in the right place.

Do whatever you find relaxing an hour or so before getting into bed and just calmly get yourself into the right frame of mind.

Now, I've read enough lifestyle and wellness articles to know that you're not supposed to be on your phone, use phone as an alarm clock, or even watch tv before bed but I go against all those rules. As someone who never has the TV off, I sleep with it on too. It turns off in the middle of the night but if I wake up and can't really sleep, I turn it right back on. The only way I can NOT sleep with the TV on is if someone is in the room with me, otherwise, it's on.

I've been this way since I was a baby -- I can't do anything without my tv on. When I used to have phone interviews when I first graduated college, I needed the TV on and just would put it on mute. If I'm home, my TV is on.

nighttime routine-sleep-sleep routine-royallypink

Back to the nighttime routine....

1. Shower: I always shower at night and it's usually the thing that calms me down most. I take scorching hot showers even though it's really bad for my dry skin but I'm a rebel and refuse to listen. I never shower in the morning because I'm too tired, and there's nothing worse than being cold after a shower in the wee hours of dawn. I also like to wash the grossness of the New York City subway off of me at night.

2. Blog, Article, Etc: After my shower, I'll usually sit down at my desk (or in my bed) to finish some blog work, write an article, or schedule some social media posts. I'll admit, there are many days where this doesn't happen because I am so exhausted and the thought of even opening my computer is a struggle. It is however, usually part of my routine because sometimes when I get into bed too early and know I didn't do any blog work, I feel guilty and end up cracking the laptop open anyway.

nighttime routine-sleep-sleep routine-royallypink

3. Oil Diffuser/Candles: Post shower, I get my room in the mood. I have string lights above my window that I turn on, light a candle, and if I'm feeling extra anxious, I'll turn on my oil diffuser. The mood lighting and scents instantly make me feel super relaxed and truly make all the difference.

4. Skincare: At this point, I'm probably tuned into whatever show is on TV that night; Vanderpump Rules, Beverly Hills Housewives, This Is Us, and of course, TGIT on ABC are usually the main culprits. This is the time that I'll start my skincare routine. I probably washed my face in the shower with my Tarte Frixxtion Stick but if not I use my Tatcha Powder or Clarisonic with a gentle cleanser. I then follow up with my oil, serum, and a heavy moisturizer. I may also throw in a sheet mask or regular mask to uber relax if I'm in the mood.

5. Journal: If I remember, I'll write in my regular journal or gratitude journal. It's really important to me to write down my thoughts and write down how I'm feeling or what kind of day I had. I definitely do not write a regular journal entry every night and I just started with the gratitude journal in the new year because I wanted to be more mindful of good things that happened to me or what I was thankful for that day. It helps with my anxiety and to just give me peace of mind.

nighttime routine-sleep-sleep routine-royallypink

6. Read: I try to read every night but I'm not always successful. I have a stack of books on my nightstand but also have a few books on my iPad that I've been reading. This is also something that distracts my mind and calms me down -- mind you that the TV is on mute while this is going on (it always comes back to the TV).

7. Meditate: I've been SO into meditating before bed. I downloaded the app "Night Melodies" and they have so many different meditations to do to soothe you to sleep and they also have a white noise feature where instead of meditating, you could just listen to any white noise you choose. This happens when my TV is basically on mute, I have my Henri Bendel eye mask on, and I'm ready to go to sleep. When meditating, if I'm not an anxious mess, I'm pretty much asleep within 15 minutes. It's a miracle worker!

nighttime routine-sleep-sleep routine-royallypink

In the midst of all of this I'm in and out of bed to get water or go to the bathroom, and I'm on and off on my phone. My phone life doesn't sleep until I do.

Another thing to mention is that I take my medication from birth control to my anxiety medication; what I've discovered in the past few months is something that has changed my sleeping routine. HUM Nutrition popped up at Sephora a few months ago, before the new year, and I was intrigued. I'm very caught up on herbal and all natural supplements that assist with stress, anxiety, and sleep so when I saw Beauty zzZz, I was intrigued.

It's an all natural supplement that helps promote a restful sleep; it contains melatonin and B6 and is classified as a vegetarian tablet. I do not take this every night because I don't need it every night but on the nights when I'm feeling fussy or know that I had a hard day and may be worked up, I'll take one about 10-15 minutes before I go to sleep.

Now, the difference between this and something like Zzquill is that it kicks in right away and doesn't leave you drowsy in the morning. I've never felt more refreshed in the morning than when I take this. It puts you to sleep quick but you're not groggy at all in the morning. If you have trouble sleeping, I highly recommend trying these; they're only $10 on Sephora.com and well worth it. (I've never tried actual melatonin because I'm afraid it'll leave me groggy in the morning. I could take this on a work night and not be afraid of how I'll feel)

(PS: I am NOT a doctor so I don't know how things will work for you but personally, as someone with anxiety and sleep trouble, this has worked wonders for me!)

After all of this is complete, I turn the lights off, blow the candles out, and relax with some of my favorite TV until I fall asleep.

What is your nighttime routine? Is it similar to mine? Share below in the comments!

Whenever a trend or a new company comes on the scene, the blogosphere is buzzing. The blog and this entire world is how I've discovered a lot of my favorite companies and products, but isn't that the point right now?

Social media, bloggers, and influencers are how we find out about everything now and it's only normal that a lot of companies are dubbed "social media companies" because that's how the word is being spread and how they're gaining customers.

Sorry for the social media rant, I've been on this knowledge kick because of my job and just researching more about the industry.

Anyways... by the title of this post you know that I'm talking about Bow and Drape; a company that lets you customize fun & punny sweatshirts, t-shirts, jackets, makeup bags, and even clothes for your dog.

They got their start a few years ago and have since made a huge splash with their high quality sweatshirts & sparkly appliqu├ęs. They do come with a hefty price tag -- around $65 for a customized sweatshirt but there is nothing more adorable than a sparkly, punny sweatshirt.

If you've never been on the website, I highly recommend heading over there now and playing around with some customization. From taxi cabs to hearts to pizza, and gold or black sparkly letters, the possibilities are truly endless.

I have 4 pieces from Bow and Drape; my first was an oatmeal colored sweatshirt that says Namaste in Bed; I can't tell you how many compliments I've gotten on it when I'm running errands or with my friends.

The thing about Bow and Drape is that their products are not meant to put into the washing machine or dry cleaned; just soak the item in your sink with some gentle detergent and viola -- it's clean! Because of this, it's stayed in great shape and is well worth the money.

For my 2nd sweatshirt I got a charcoal grey that says "I Can't Adult Today"; I like this one better than the Namaste because it's darker and is just slightly more comfortable but that could just be me and how I wear my sweatshirts.

I just bought my 3rd and 4th pieces this year; one from the NY Post Collection (the Sensational Sweatshirt) and a t-shirt that says "What Would Carrie Do?" as a homage to my idol Carrie Bradshaw.

As for sizing, the sweatshirts are true to size, maybe slightly smaller than normal but the t-shirts are VERY SMALL. Size up basically as much as you can -- that's my opinion.

I have so many designs saved in my profile on Bow & Drape  and I just want them all.

Graphic t-shirts are definitely back on trend and I couldn't be happier about it -- Bow and Drape plays right into that. I highly recommend grabbing a sweatshirt or something from them & trying them out! You won't regret it :)

It's time for the 2nd part of my new obsession, the Essie Gel Couture Ballet Nudes collection! If you missed last week, head there now to check out what all the fuss is about. 

I've loved the Gel Couture line since it was released but this new Ballet Nudes collection is speaking to me on another level. After I fell in love with "At the Barre" I ordered another shade called "Perfect Posture". It's described as a periwinkle and that is the perfect description. It does have a slightly more purple hue to it and almost looks identical to Virgin Snow-- another top 5 favorite of Essie colors.

manicure monday-nail polish-royally pink-essie

manicure monday-nail polish-royally pink-essie

manicure monday-nail polish-royally pink-essie

manicure monday-nail polish-royally pink-essie

This formula was very consistent with the previous shade and is nearly identical. I do think these are slightly better formula than the 1st launch of Essie Gel Couture but this entire line is better than regular Essie and is a little more consistent.

There's not much to say other than this applied like a dream and I'm obsessed with the brush. It's very thick and flat, almost like a flat eyeshadow brush and it makes it ridiculously easy to apply and get an even coat.

I used the sample base coat and topcoat as last week, my Julep Base Coat Oxygen Treatment and my Orly Dry Drops. I also used my Josie Maran Bare Naked Polish Remover/Cuticle Treatment to remove the Essie Treatment polish I applied Thursday night. (I'm writing this on Saturday!)

My cuticles have also been a mess so I've been applying my NCLA So Rich Cuticle Oil obsessively.

I really love this color for the transition into spring and I'll for sure be wearing it a lot.

What's on your nails this Monday?
We're halfway through February and I can't even believe it. I don't want March-August to come, but I do because it means I'm one step closer to Fall! I really don't think anyone understands how much I hate the spring & summer, but whatever, I'll stop talking about it!

This week was tough for me; I battled some bad days at the beginning of the week and it was kind of eye opening to me. I've realized that I really haven't been in a good place and it's time that I accept I'm in a funk. Just because I'm on anxiety medication doesn't mean the world is full of sunshine and butterflies. My life is not that bad and I make it horrible -- I feel like I'm fighting against myself on a daily basis and I need to fix it.

For the past two days I've really been paying attention to this and just choosing to be in a better mood and it seems to be working. I think I also need to realize that by constantly complaining that I'm tired and forcing myself to accept that, that I'm actually just making myself tired.

I think a few weeks ago when I found about the Vitamin D deficiency, I grabbed onto that and ran with it. I used it as a crutch and an excuse for how I was feeling. I think I do that a lot; with my anxiety and my depression as well.

I'm realizing I have some work to do on myself and I think it's a good time to do it. I had a similar epiphany during September of last year and had a really good thing going but then my dad died and it all went to shit, and rightfully so.

I always seem to get super deep on weekly wrap ups but it's the perfect time to just dump my feelings out on all of you. I hope you know you can dump your feelings out on me too, I'm always here to listen!

weekly wrap up-anxiety-depression

Onto happier things... here are my favorite links from this week!

Have a great weekend everyone!
Podcasts have been around for a while but they always seemed like something nerdy or not mainstream. Podcasts had this weird image of being done in your parents' basement and 2 people listened.

I think I've taken noticed of within the past year that podcasts have truly blown up and are taking over the world. Everyone has a podcast nowadays and every publication has a few under their belt. It's almost like the new blog because everyone has one.

I even experimented with it and I really liked it, but then I suddenly stopped. I felt like I just jumped in without having a clear cut idea of what I wanted to talk about or what I wanted the podcast to be about... it was bad branding and I know better. Hopefully I'll pick up Basic Bri again in the future, we'll see...

All this being said, I've been obsessing over podcasts lately. I canceled my Audible subscription (for now) because I was listening to so many podcasts on my commute instead of my audiobooks. Some of the podcasts are directly related to my interests, and some are super random but I wanted to tell you about them because they've been such a huge part of my life right now.

podcasts-favorite podcasts

1. Fat Mascara: This is a podcast everyone at work was telling me to listen to forever, and when I finally listened, I understood why. It's by two beauty editors who talk about nothing but beauty and it's everything I've ever wanted. From talking about the latest beauty releases to interviewing the big time beauty names, it's a must listen for all beauty lovers.

2. Podfathers: I've never mentioned this but if you follow me on Twitter, you'll know what I'm talking about... I love Barstool Sports. It's controversial for a girl to love a website that has something called "Smokeshow of the Week" but I don't care. I love following these guys, mostly because they remind me of my guy friends & my friends have been hardcore Stoolies for years. Well, they have truly made a splash in the podcast game and this is a weird one for me to be drawn to; mostly because it's for dads. Now, I am a female and I don't have kids but I still love listening to KFC, Clem, and Chaps talk about their kids and shoot the shit. It's light hearted and hysterical and absurd--sometimes everything you could want on a commute.

3. Straight Up with Stassi: My love of Vanderpump Rules & the villain that is Stassi is a perfect combo for me to love this podcast. It's typical Stassi in her natural habit of being a bitch and talking about a lot of nonsense. It's for the everygirl for sure, and for the classic betch. Just download one episode, I promise you'll be hooked.

4. Glossy: Glossy is a website that follows the business behind fashion & beauty; not the trends but the true business and business trends. It's fascinating to me and I read it every morning so when I found out that they have a podcast, I downloaded every episode. I love listening to business people talk about their lives, businesses, and everything that makes up the industry. It's super interesting and a must listen for anyone who is fascinated by business and careers.

A few honorable mentions: Girlboss Radio, Work Wives, Cosmo Happy Hour, Unstyled, How I Built This.

What are your favorite podcasts?

I've explained countless times on here how I suffer from anxiety. It's something that started my senior year of high school, got worse freshmen year of college and then I finally realized what it was my junior year. Dawning on the fact that "oh, I have anxiety, that's what this feeling is" really helped me deal with it.

I had a concrete answer to what I was feeling and what my body/mind was going through.

The anxiety went away a lot senior year of college because I was having too much fun; things were good for me, and then I graduated and the anxiety took control of me.

I've tried therapy, journaling, yoga -- all those things worked but I knew it was something bigger inside my head. I would feel a switch go off inside my mind and suddenly, there was the anxiety that's been looming over my head. I knew this was deeper; much deeper than being cured with a few downward facing dogs.

In September 2015 I went on medication to help deal with my anxiety and my life changed forever. The air was lighter, things weren't as scary anymore and the world was just a better place. When my dad died, my dosage was increased and things felt much better.

I'm not one of those people who don't believe in medicine (I don't judge you if you are, to each their own!) but I pop advil like they're candy and I've seen what medicine does for people with depression and anxiety; I knew this was something that would help me and it did. My life got better.

Now, I think it's time to change things up. I had a massive anxiety attack at work yesterday and I've been very tired *like I've explained*, and I feel myself slipping into that deep slump again. The slump, the black dog, the funk as I explain it as...it's coming and I really don't want it to take hold of me again.

Until I get back to my doctor and talk about changing up my medicine, I've been trying to do things to help in the meantime. Essential oils, reading a calming book, Nerve Tonic, tea & lots of water... I'm doing them as I write this post and it made a world of difference in my mood. I just feel insanely calm, and I'm thankful for those helpful tips to make my life a little better.

That quote above explains what anxiety is all about, and how it feels to be inside your head at all hours of the day.

I'll definitely be expanding more on this in the future, and I did have something else planned for today, but I was feeling inspired ... and anxious.


Some time last year, Essie released their first gel nail polish. I'm pretty sure I did a post on it but cannot find it anywhere! Just know that I was a big fan; I only had 2 colors in this Gel Couture line but mostly because I didn't feel drawn to any of the other colors in the line.

It took them a while to expand the line but within the last month or so, they did and I was so excited.

The new collection is called "Ballet Nudes" and plays on the soft colors of the art of ballet. I was a ballet dancer when I was younger (yes, I had pointe shoes and everything) so anything ballet related I am a sucker for.

I've been in a true nude mood lately when it comes to nail polish so I went with "At the Barre", a soft nude color and decided to pick up another top coat, both from Ulta.

I hadn't used the gel couture polish in a while because I've been on a new nail polish spree (and also have been wearing bare nails a lot (with the help of the Formula X Sheer Strength polish, but I was reminded at how wonderful it is.

I prepped my nails with my Julep Oxygen Base Coat, went in with the nude polish and topped it off with the Gel Couture top coat. I don't remember the last time I had such a pleasant manicure or the last time a polish went on so smoothly.

The formula is thin but not too runny and is very smooth & opaque. Finish off with the OPI Quick Dry Drops and you have the perfect at home manicure.

Because I'm so obsessed after one use, I decided to head back to Ulta.com & pick up the "Perfect Posture" shade, a light periwinkle blue that is so stunning and perfect for spring.

If you have yet to try Essie Gel Couture, I promise you won't be disappointed. I'm very loyal to Essie but they have their hits and misses; this line is definitely a hit.

PS: Essie also just released some new treatment nail polishes and I picked a few up. I'm obsessed with treatment polishes lately so keep an eye out for those reviews; below are a few other Essie products I've been dying to try!

Weekly Wrap Up: Week 5

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It was a relatively uneventful week filled with only 2 full days of work: Tuesday I went to a conference and yesterday was of course, a work from home snow day!

My weekend is said to be lowkey as well, with seeing my friends tomorrow night.

I've still been struggling with my exhaustion and even as I write this, I'm waking up from a snow day nap, still yawning. I'm still gathering myself to write a post all about sleepiness and how to battle it, and hopefully I'll get this figured out soon.

Fashion Week started yesterday and I hope next week I have a few exciting updates from events I attended -- we'll see what happens!

Here is everything I loved this week:

  • I really want to try this mask from Drunk Elephant 
  • I've been obsessed with Planoly *post coming soon* and their interviews. Check this Warby Parker one out here!
  • If All My Children goes to Netflix I will be the happiest soap opera fan ever
  • Podcasts are my new favorite thing -- here's an article about some of the best for your commute (my own post on this coming soon!)
  • This seems like a really cool way to organize tabs - may have to try it out

Have a great weekend everyone!


Snow Day

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I'm working from home today because we are experiencing a huge blizzard in New York. It's also the start of Fashion Week and I feel for all the ladies experiencing this blizzard first hand.

I don't think I was expecting the storm to be this bad because usually the weather people are ALWAYS wrong when it comes to big snowstorms but I have to give them credit this time, it's really bad outside.
View from my bedroom window

I'm currently watching the Gilmore Girls Revival for the third time and enjoying the lowkey work day. Snow days are my favorite because it's an excuse to stay in comfortable clothes, read a good book, and just enjoy the coziness of the day! Pair that with some social media work, some blogging, and you've got the perfect Briana day!

Below are some of my snow day must haves!

If you're snowed in, enjoy the day!

It seems that Current Obsession is becoming my new favorite series these days and with good reason. I've been discovering so many amazing things that I need to share with you all!

This week it's all about leggings. I'm pretty sure I adopted leggings as pants before it was mainstream. Going against all my mother's wishes, I just had to start wearing leggings all the time. They're so comfortable, so versatile, and the best thing to happen to fashion in a very long time.

With the rise of athleisure, leggings are becoming a true staple in the fashion world. Every brand has a few pairs in their arsenal and I'd bet that all of you reading this right now have at least one pair in your wardrobe.

I abandoned regular jeans a long time ago and switched over the jeggings and nowadays, those aren't even good enough for me. I want my stretchy leggings day and night; at work, at the bar, or at the gym.

Now, don't get me wrong, I have different kinds of leggings for different activities. I have shiny, faux leather leggings for work/night play, my workout leggings for the gym or lounging days in the house, and then my everyday leggings that I wear running errands or to work on a more casual day.

I get all of my leggings from American Eagle because I've found that they fit the best, weren't too tight, weren't see through, and are super comfortable. I've never strayed from them, with the exception of two pairs of Victoria Secrets leggings.

Well, that is until now.

I was on the Kate Spade website browsing my heart away, as I usually do on a daily basis, and I saw that some of the clothing from Kate Spade x Beyond Yoga were on sale. I had an coupon code and decided to take a risk and purchase the high waisted leggings.

I am so thrilled that I did.

kate spade-beyond yoga-activewear

I opted for the classic black leggings (of course) and they have a little bow detail on the back of the ankle that adds something fun & flirty without being too over the top.

These are hands down the most comfortable leggings ever. They're high waisted which makes them slimming and it just feels like everything is kept sucked in. They're super soft material but also don't look frumpy as some comfortable leggings can. They hide everything, and can really pull a look together because of side panel details.

Now, I will say that these were a pretty penny; even though they were on sale and I had a 15% off coupon code, they were still a lot -- more than I've ever paid for a piece of clothing. But, in my mind they were 100% worth it.

I buy handbags, makeup, and accessories on a whim but I do not buy clothes that way. I am frugal when it comes to buying myself a pair of jeans or a shirt; I don't think I've ever spent more than $50 on one item, if that much.

I think that I should start changing my mindset on that because yes, I'll have my handbags & accessories for a while but clothes are what makes the outfit, right?

I saw these leggings as an investment because I could use a pair of good, high quality leggings (not that American Eagle aren't but there is a huge difference) and I'm so happy I took that leap of faith.

I've never purchased any Beyond Yoga or Kate Spade clothing but I think this has just opened a new door for me.

Take a look at some of the other must haves from the collection. Kate Spade just released their new arrivals a few weeks ago and I've been LUSTING after all of this activewear.

Have you ever tried anything from the Beyond Yoga x Kate Spade collection?
I had a post about the best nighttime moisturizers planned today, and was halfway through writing it when I realized I just did a post on it back in January. Blogger brain times 100!

We haven't had an inspiration Tuesday in a while and with good reason -- I've been feelign pretty good mentally & emotionally (THANK GOD) but physically, not so much. I want to discuss this in another post but I found out that I have a Vitamin D deficiency and that could be the reason I've been so exhausted lately.

It's nice to have some sort of answer in regards to my exhaustion, being the Vitamin D; average Vitamin D should be at around 30 & mine is at 9. The doctor prescribed me some hardcore Vitamin D supplements, not even OTC because that's how low it was. It explains something so I'm grateful or that.

It's actually gotten so bad and I'm getting so frustrated with myself because I'm constantly exhausted no matter how much sleep I get. I actually felt like crying this weekend because I could barely keep my eyes open.

I do think that there is something else wrong and will hopefully get it figured out with the doctor sooner rather than later, but I just wanted to share it with you all. So, if you see me go quiet on the blog for a day or two, it's because I literally couldn't focus I was so tired after work.

Anyways... all this exhaustion talk got me thinking & I came upon this little quote.

I'll be talking more about sleep and such on the blog in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned!


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I have trouble with shoes. 

No matter which shoes I wear, I'm in constant pain (expect if I'm in Uggs) and no matter what shoes I wear, they get destroyed.

I have to buy new shoes once every season because the ones from previous year are ruined. It could be because I'm very hard on my feet, or because I am in the subway & walking in the city and the ground is rough and dirty. 

I don't know why my shoes (and good, expensive shoes) get horribly destroyed but more often than not my mom will look at me and say "Did you go mountain hiking? What happened?".

Combine that with the constant pain, and like I said, I have a shoe problem.

I'm not even talking about heels-- forget heels! I wore heel booties to GenBeauty (WHY) and my feet were numb for over a week. I wore another pair of heel booties to a work event that I was at for maybe 3-4 hours and I almost started to cry because I was in so much pain.

My feet do not take well to heels, therefore I cannot wear them & I pretty much refuse to wear them.

That is, until Sole Patches came into my life. I was gifted these by the company through BrandBacker and it came right after the work event debacle so I jumped at the chance. I tried wearing regular insoles I picked up from Duane Reade and they just didn't work, so I thought maybe these would be a good idea.

shoes-sole patches

shoes-sole patches

Sole Patches are just little adhesive pads that attach to your feet or to the inside of your shoe to relieve pain and make shoes a little more comfy. They prevent your feet from sliding forward and can withstand 24 hours of wear.

If you want to be able to wear these more than once, they recommend sticking them to the shoe instead of your feet because once the day is over and you remove from the bottom of your foot, there is no going back.

I have a pack of 6 Sole Patches and they're shaped like a little flower which I think is a great shape because it covers a larger circumference of your foot.

I've used these twice, both with boots. I haven't tried them on heels yet because as you read before, I'm just terrified of them. I tried them with my Jack Rogers booties which have a bit of a heel & a pair of riding boots that have a heel. I placed them on my feet, under my socks and it was a bit uncomfortable at first but you get used to it.

These shoes do hurt me if I'm wearing them long enough but with these patches, I felt like I had that extra layer of support. They worked really well and the next time I wear heels I'll be sure to try them out!

What are your feet solutions?

This Weekly Wrap Up is rather late but hey, better late than never! It's Saturday Night, I just finished some organic gluten free mac & cheese, and I'm watching Harry Potter on Freeform. That's my type of night!

I'm actually not as hermit crab like as you think because last night I had an amazing dinner with my friends at Patriza's in Williamsburg. There are a few all over New York so if you have the chance to go, I highly recommend it! It's family style Italian food in a very wild & exciting atmosphere; the food is delicious and it's just a really great place to go.

I didn't get too many pictures of the food but this pizza was amazing. I posted it on Instagram so go follow me ;)

weekly wrap up-links to love-food

I didn't do a Weekly Wrap Up Post last week because I was in the Poconos with my college friends & just didn't have the chance. It was a super relaxing, fun weekend; we didn't do much other than sit in the house, play games, and laugh our asses off. It was fantastic.

weekly wrap up-links to love-poconos-weekend trip

In other news, I took a trip to TJ Maxx today and spent over $70 on junk I didn't need, but picked up SO MANY MAKEUP GOODIES FOR SO CHEAP! I'm now obsessed and can't wait to try some of these things. (PS AGAIN: Follow me on Instagram because I've been posting so much more and posting more on Instagram Story. Follow along!)

weekly wrap up-links to love-tj maxx beauty

Anyways, I loved a lot of things on the Internet this week so take a look:

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
I've talked a lot about haircare on the blog... I've also talked a lot about my love of Drybar. Those two things combined is a match made in heaven for me.

Drybar cannot release enough products to satisfy my love & want for them, so when I saw that they were releasing a new shampoo a few weeks ago, I jumped at the chance to purchase it. I bought mine from Sephora when it was a VIB Rogue exclusive but it's now available to everyone at a variety of retailers, including Ulta & Nordstrom.

Double Standard Cleansing + Conditioning Foam is advertised as a something for ladies on the go, especially ladies who are athletic & focused on the athleisure lifestyle. That's because it is a deep cleansing shampoo that is also a conditioner, so no other product is needed.

Do I fall into that category? I suppose I can. I don't go to the gym before work, and I don't necessarily ever wash my hair when I'm in a rush but it's by Drybar and I was in the market for a new shampoo so mind as well try!

Double Standard is described as a gel foam formula that will gently cleanse & condition your hair. It claims to remove product buildup, prevent drying, and adding moisture to your hair -- all while staying lightweight and not weighing down your locks.

It contains volcanic ash which helps in absorbing the residue & removes the environmental pollutions that stick to your hair.

All sounds very enticing doesn't it?

It does & it is! This is by far my favorite Drybar product at the moment. I've never experienced a shampoo like this. My mom used it too and we can't get over the results.

Ok, so, I don't use a conditioner with this shampoo since it is 2-in-1. That's very unusual for me because I usually don't trust 2-in-1 products. I feel like they're a gimmick but this is not. It truly is a gel & foam mixed together, which helps cleanse and condition your hair at the same time.

I work part of it into my scalp to remove the impurities and then add a little more at the ends of my hair to condition. Once I get out of the shower and I brush my hair,  I do apply my Prep Rally Detangler/Leave in conditioner, but even before that it's insane how squeaky clean my hair is.

All the build up is gone and my hair has never been cleaner. After I straight my hair it's incredibly smooth & soft. I even felt my mom's hair after she cleansed with Double Standard and it was weird how clean her hair felt. It's almost unnatural because I've never felt my hair be so clean.

After washing & styling my hair with Double Standard
Now, the catch with such a heavy duty cleanser shampoo is that the directions say to use a regular shampoo every 2-4 washes. I did that and my hair seems to be fine.

My hair styles better with this and even stays cleaner a little longer.

For the record, I have very thick, frizzy, coarse, and unruly hair so it didn't make my hair oily or change anything in a negative way.

I know I say this a lot about products, and that's because I am a true product junkie but my hair is something I'm serious about, this is a hair product I will continue to buy and use because it makes my hair feel and look amazing. I may be taking a break from it for a bit because I need to use a medicated shampoo for a while -- I have a severe case of dandruff that is effecting my scalp, but that's besides the point.

If you're looking for something that will really cleanse your hair without stripping it of any essential oils & properties, try this one. Nordstrom has a mini size for $13 that you can buy to try it before splurging on the big size. You also need the tiniest bit of it to cleanse so you won't run through it too fast.

Please pick it up & let me know what you think! I'm always up for a chat about beauty so leave a comment or email me at briana@royallypink.com!

We're seeing athleisure everywhere now and it's not just at the gym. It's a trend now but I've always loved athleisure wear. Give me a pair of yoga pants & a decent t-shirt and I'm all set!

I've never been one to be really into my fitness. I've been excerising pretty regularly since I was in high school but never set my mind to it. I still ate like crap and thought that excerising was enough. Well, for the past month I've been working in a totally different direction.

I don't consider myself fat & I'm pretty happy with how I look, but I know I could and need to do better. I've had a gym membership since July but wasn't using it as much or as seriously as I should.

Well, this has all changed within the past three weeks and I've lost four pounds, so I'm really proud of myself.

That's not what this post is about; weight loss and that journey is something I'm not truly comfortable sharing just yet... right now I'm talking about what to wear to the gym.

I want any excuse to shop and buy new items for a new fad in my life, so when I decided I want to gym it up, I looked for some new threads.

*I usually have worn short sleeve shirts to the gym but I wore a long sleeve shirt during a snowstorm or particularly chilly day and it was LIFE CHANGING. I don't want the summer to come just so I can continue to wear long sleeve shirts to the gym.

*I also almost exclusively wear old sorority shirts to the gym, and even though I have some new gear,  I still wear sorority shirts on laundry day.

Under Armor Long Sleeve Knit Shirt
Nike Sneaker (similar)
Nike Sports Bra
Kate Spade x Beyond Yoga Leggings

I also buy all of my leggings for the gym & everyday wear from American Eagle. They have the best leggings that are really well made & aren't see through. I think we're at a point in fashion when all the companies stopped making cheap, see through leggings because leggings are pants!!

I also have a few sports bras from Victoria Secrets; I got them a few years ago and they're still in great shape. They really hold up well.

Below are a few of my other picks for great fitness wear & accessories that I really want to get my hands on.