I've explained countless times on here how I suffer from anxiety. It's something that started my senior year of high school, got worse freshmen year of college and then I finally realized what it was my junior year. Dawning on the fact that "oh, I have anxiety, that's what this feeling is" really helped me deal with it.

I had a concrete answer to what I was feeling and what my body/mind was going through.

The anxiety went away a lot senior year of college because I was having too much fun; things were good for me, and then I graduated and the anxiety took control of me.

I've tried therapy, journaling, yoga -- all those things worked but I knew it was something bigger inside my head. I would feel a switch go off inside my mind and suddenly, there was the anxiety that's been looming over my head. I knew this was deeper; much deeper than being cured with a few downward facing dogs.

In September 2015 I went on medication to help deal with my anxiety and my life changed forever. The air was lighter, things weren't as scary anymore and the world was just a better place. When my dad died, my dosage was increased and things felt much better.

I'm not one of those people who don't believe in medicine (I don't judge you if you are, to each their own!) but I pop advil like they're candy and I've seen what medicine does for people with depression and anxiety; I knew this was something that would help me and it did. My life got better.

Now, I think it's time to change things up. I had a massive anxiety attack at work yesterday and I've been very tired *like I've explained*, and I feel myself slipping into that deep slump again. The slump, the black dog, the funk as I explain it as...it's coming and I really don't want it to take hold of me again.

Until I get back to my doctor and talk about changing up my medicine, I've been trying to do things to help in the meantime. Essential oils, reading a calming book, Nerve Tonic, tea & lots of water... I'm doing them as I write this post and it made a world of difference in my mood. I just feel insanely calm, and I'm thankful for those helpful tips to make my life a little better.

That quote above explains what anxiety is all about, and how it feels to be inside your head at all hours of the day.

I'll definitely be expanding more on this in the future, and I did have something else planned for today, but I was feeling inspired ... and anxious.


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