Weekly Wrap Up: Week 5

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It was a relatively uneventful week filled with only 2 full days of work: Tuesday I went to a conference and yesterday was of course, a work from home snow day!

My weekend is said to be lowkey as well, with seeing my friends tomorrow night.

I've still been struggling with my exhaustion and even as I write this, I'm waking up from a snow day nap, still yawning. I'm still gathering myself to write a post all about sleepiness and how to battle it, and hopefully I'll get this figured out soon.

Fashion Week started yesterday and I hope next week I have a few exciting updates from events I attended -- we'll see what happens!

Here is everything I loved this week:

  • I really want to try this mask from Drunk Elephant 
  • I've been obsessed with Planoly *post coming soon* and their interviews. Check this Warby Parker one out here!
  • If All My Children goes to Netflix I will be the happiest soap opera fan ever
  • Podcasts are my new favorite thing -- here's an article about some of the best for your commute (my own post on this coming soon!)
  • This seems like a really cool way to organize tabs - may have to try it out

Have a great weekend everyone!

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