We're seeing athleisure everywhere now and it's not just at the gym. It's a trend now but I've always loved athleisure wear. Give me a pair of yoga pants & a decent t-shirt and I'm all set!

I've never been one to be really into my fitness. I've been excerising pretty regularly since I was in high school but never set my mind to it. I still ate like crap and thought that excerising was enough. Well, for the past month I've been working in a totally different direction.

I don't consider myself fat & I'm pretty happy with how I look, but I know I could and need to do better. I've had a gym membership since July but wasn't using it as much or as seriously as I should.

Well, this has all changed within the past three weeks and I've lost four pounds, so I'm really proud of myself.

That's not what this post is about; weight loss and that journey is something I'm not truly comfortable sharing just yet... right now I'm talking about what to wear to the gym.

I want any excuse to shop and buy new items for a new fad in my life, so when I decided I want to gym it up, I looked for some new threads.

*I usually have worn short sleeve shirts to the gym but I wore a long sleeve shirt during a snowstorm or particularly chilly day and it was LIFE CHANGING. I don't want the summer to come just so I can continue to wear long sleeve shirts to the gym.

*I also almost exclusively wear old sorority shirts to the gym, and even though I have some new gear,  I still wear sorority shirts on laundry day.

Under Armor Long Sleeve Knit Shirt
Nike Sneaker (similar)
Nike Sports Bra
Kate Spade x Beyond Yoga Leggings

I also buy all of my leggings for the gym & everyday wear from American Eagle. They have the best leggings that are really well made & aren't see through. I think we're at a point in fashion when all the companies stopped making cheap, see through leggings because leggings are pants!!

I also have a few sports bras from Victoria Secrets; I got them a few years ago and they're still in great shape. They really hold up well.

Below are a few of my other picks for great fitness wear & accessories that I really want to get my hands on.

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