We're halfway through February and I can't even believe it. I don't want March-August to come, but I do because it means I'm one step closer to Fall! I really don't think anyone understands how much I hate the spring & summer, but whatever, I'll stop talking about it!

This week was tough for me; I battled some bad days at the beginning of the week and it was kind of eye opening to me. I've realized that I really haven't been in a good place and it's time that I accept I'm in a funk. Just because I'm on anxiety medication doesn't mean the world is full of sunshine and butterflies. My life is not that bad and I make it horrible -- I feel like I'm fighting against myself on a daily basis and I need to fix it.

For the past two days I've really been paying attention to this and just choosing to be in a better mood and it seems to be working. I think I also need to realize that by constantly complaining that I'm tired and forcing myself to accept that, that I'm actually just making myself tired.

I think a few weeks ago when I found about the Vitamin D deficiency, I grabbed onto that and ran with it. I used it as a crutch and an excuse for how I was feeling. I think I do that a lot; with my anxiety and my depression as well.

I'm realizing I have some work to do on myself and I think it's a good time to do it. I had a similar epiphany during September of last year and had a really good thing going but then my dad died and it all went to shit, and rightfully so.

I always seem to get super deep on weekly wrap ups but it's the perfect time to just dump my feelings out on all of you. I hope you know you can dump your feelings out on me too, I'm always here to listen!

weekly wrap up-anxiety-depression

Onto happier things... here are my favorite links from this week!

Have a great weekend everyone!
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