Whenever a trend or a new company comes on the scene, the blogosphere is buzzing. The blog and this entire world is how I've discovered a lot of my favorite companies and products, but isn't that the point right now?

Social media, bloggers, and influencers are how we find out about everything now and it's only normal that a lot of companies are dubbed "social media companies" because that's how the word is being spread and how they're gaining customers.

Sorry for the social media rant, I've been on this knowledge kick because of my job and just researching more about the industry.

Anyways... by the title of this post you know that I'm talking about Bow and Drape; a company that lets you customize fun & punny sweatshirts, t-shirts, jackets, makeup bags, and even clothes for your dog.

They got their start a few years ago and have since made a huge splash with their high quality sweatshirts & sparkly appliqu├ęs. They do come with a hefty price tag -- around $65 for a customized sweatshirt but there is nothing more adorable than a sparkly, punny sweatshirt.

If you've never been on the website, I highly recommend heading over there now and playing around with some customization. From taxi cabs to hearts to pizza, and gold or black sparkly letters, the possibilities are truly endless.

I have 4 pieces from Bow and Drape; my first was an oatmeal colored sweatshirt that says Namaste in Bed; I can't tell you how many compliments I've gotten on it when I'm running errands or with my friends.

The thing about Bow and Drape is that their products are not meant to put into the washing machine or dry cleaned; just soak the item in your sink with some gentle detergent and viola -- it's clean! Because of this, it's stayed in great shape and is well worth the money.

For my 2nd sweatshirt I got a charcoal grey that says "I Can't Adult Today"; I like this one better than the Namaste because it's darker and is just slightly more comfortable but that could just be me and how I wear my sweatshirts.

I just bought my 3rd and 4th pieces this year; one from the NY Post Collection (the Sensational Sweatshirt) and a t-shirt that says "What Would Carrie Do?" as a homage to my idol Carrie Bradshaw.

As for sizing, the sweatshirts are true to size, maybe slightly smaller than normal but the t-shirts are VERY SMALL. Size up basically as much as you can -- that's my opinion.

I have so many designs saved in my profile on Bow & Drape  and I just want them all.

Graphic t-shirts are definitely back on trend and I couldn't be happier about it -- Bow and Drape plays right into that. I highly recommend grabbing a sweatshirt or something from them & trying them out! You won't regret it :)

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