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Manicure Monday + Focus Groups

Happy Monday! Happy Thanksgiving week! I really need this mini break, and Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of all time so I am super excited. It's also one week till my 23rd birthday -- how exciting! (just a tad bit of sarcasm)

Sorry for disappearing on the blog last week-- I forgot to write a post on Wednesday night and then Thursday night I was super stressed out and exhausted. I also got home from work very late because I was at Teen Vogue at a focus group!

Yes, TEEN VOGUE. In the CondeNast section of 1 World Trade Center. It was so surreal, so amazing, and a dream come true. To be in that building, in that office, I never imagined it in my wildest dreams.

I took a survey and was invited to the offices to talk about fashion and accessories. It was myself and 9 other girls who were in college. We talked, discussed, laughed, ate macaroons and drank sparkling water. We also got a free Movado Bold watch to thank us for participating.

Um... is this my life? I am so thankful for all the fun and cool things I get to do!

Anyways, here is the real purpose of this post... Manicure Monday.

I've been seriously slacking on my fall/winter nail polish collection. I never have the colors I'm in the mood for so I think I'll buy a few more while I still can. I did however buy a new color from the Essie Winter 2015 Collection.

It's not the color I usually go for in the winter because it's a light lavender color and I feel like that is more of a spring color. I was hesitant to buy it but then I thought about it and realized it's a crisp, chill lavender which reminds me of snow and cool, winter air.

Well, I was right.

This particular Essie formula is a dream! It's super opaque, very smooth and easy to apply. I used it with me Essie Gel Setter top coat and I swear, the polish was even shiner and didn't budge for 5 days. Even then, the chipping was very minimal.

Oh, the color is called "Virgin Snow" which I think is the perfect name to describe it because it's such a pure, winter shade. I felt so cozy and sophisticated wearing it. As the weather gets colder, this is definitely going to be my go-to shade!

What is on your nails this Manicure Monday?