Podcasts have been around for a while but they always seemed like something nerdy or not mainstream. Podcasts had this weird image of being done in your parents' basement and 2 people listened.

I think I've taken noticed of within the past year that podcasts have truly blown up and are taking over the world. Everyone has a podcast nowadays and every publication has a few under their belt. It's almost like the new blog because everyone has one.

I even experimented with it and I really liked it, but then I suddenly stopped. I felt like I just jumped in without having a clear cut idea of what I wanted to talk about or what I wanted the podcast to be about... it was bad branding and I know better. Hopefully I'll pick up Basic Bri again in the future, we'll see...

All this being said, I've been obsessing over podcasts lately. I canceled my Audible subscription (for now) because I was listening to so many podcasts on my commute instead of my audiobooks. Some of the podcasts are directly related to my interests, and some are super random but I wanted to tell you about them because they've been such a huge part of my life right now.

podcasts-favorite podcasts

1. Fat Mascara: This is a podcast everyone at work was telling me to listen to forever, and when I finally listened, I understood why. It's by two beauty editors who talk about nothing but beauty and it's everything I've ever wanted. From talking about the latest beauty releases to interviewing the big time beauty names, it's a must listen for all beauty lovers.

2. Podfathers: I've never mentioned this but if you follow me on Twitter, you'll know what I'm talking about... I love Barstool Sports. It's controversial for a girl to love a website that has something called "Smokeshow of the Week" but I don't care. I love following these guys, mostly because they remind me of my guy friends & my friends have been hardcore Stoolies for years. Well, they have truly made a splash in the podcast game and this is a weird one for me to be drawn to; mostly because it's for dads. Now, I am a female and I don't have kids but I still love listening to KFC, Clem, and Chaps talk about their kids and shoot the shit. It's light hearted and hysterical and absurd--sometimes everything you could want on a commute.

3. Straight Up with Stassi: My love of Vanderpump Rules & the villain that is Stassi is a perfect combo for me to love this podcast. It's typical Stassi in her natural habit of being a bitch and talking about a lot of nonsense. It's for the everygirl for sure, and for the classic betch. Just download one episode, I promise you'll be hooked.

4. Glossy: Glossy is a website that follows the business behind fashion & beauty; not the trends but the true business and business trends. It's fascinating to me and I read it every morning so when I found out that they have a podcast, I downloaded every episode. I love listening to business people talk about their lives, businesses, and everything that makes up the industry. It's super interesting and a must listen for anyone who is fascinated by business and careers.

A few honorable mentions: Girlboss Radio, Work Wives, Cosmo Happy Hour, Unstyled, How I Built This.

What are your favorite podcasts?

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