I've been really good at not buying makeup recently. I feel like I'm finally past that point in my life when I need to buy something from Sephora every single day. I've been buying different items (LOL) so my shopping has decreased but has also been placed elsewhere.

Even though I'm not shopping AS MUCH, there are still some things I had to have in the past few months. A lot of beauty releases are coming (like this highlighter palette from ABH) and I know I'll be adding more to my collection soon.

beauty in review-beauty haul-beauty buys

1. Nars Velvet Lip Glide: This was a lip product that I've been looking at since Nars released them. I chose the shade 'Bound' because it's that classic mauve, nude shade and it looks gorgeous on. These can be classified as liquid lipsticks but they are much more comfortable and don't really dry down to a true matte finish, which is really nice and different from the others out there.

2. Nars Lipgloss in Chelsea Girls: I've been experimenting with gloss a lot more and I'm so happy that I pulled the plug on this baby. I've seen Youtubers raving about Nars glosses for years and when Chelsea Girls was re-released recently, even more people were freaking out over it. When I was buying the Nars Velvet Lip Glide, I said "eff it" and bought this too. OMG It's the most beautiful gloss ever. It's not sticky or goopy, it glides easily onto your lips and Chelsea Girls is a perfect nude pink shade for every day. I cannot get enough of this gloss and I want more!

beauty in review-beauty haul-beauty buys
Top to bottom:
Chelsea Girls
NARS Bound
Winky Lux Love Pill
Winky Lux Crazy Pill

3. Laura Mercier Translucent Powder: I was going to buy this and it ended up in my Sephora cart too many times. When I received an email from Influenster that I was in this VoxBox I screamed! I got this powder completely free from Influenster along with the large powder puff and I'm obsessed. There is a reason that this powder is everyone's holy grail. It's super lightweight and sets your makeup beautifully without any cake or added coverage.

4. Winky Lux Lipsticks: I was at the WWD Beauty Summit a few weeks ago for work and the founder/CEO of Winky Lux was there. As she spoke, I was so inspired by the story and so amazed by the packaging/different products that I needed to buy one. I already had one in my collection that I had yet to use but I ordered the Betches x Winky Lux collection that came with 2 different lipsticks. They're shaped like pills and I kind of really love that. I've only worn one of these (Crazy Pill from the Betches collection) and it was a little thick and patchy but very long-lasting. I'll have to try the lighter colors and see what they feel like.

5. It Cosmetics Confidence in a Compact Serum Foundation: I'm not a huge fan of It Cosmetics because I feel like their products just haven't worked for me. I was, however, totally intrigued by their new foundation. It's a solid foundation in what looks like a cushion compact and is infused with a serum, making it good for your skin. It's very hydrating and easily blendable, giving you medium coverage. It's been my new favorite foundation this month and definitely worth picking up!

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