I received these products free of charge from the company but all opinions are my own!

Being the beauty junkie that I am, you could imagine my surprise and insane delight when I received an email from CoverGirl asking me if they could send me some of their new, not yet in store products.

UM YES!!!!!!!!!

I mean, CoverGirl is one of the first brands of make-up that I have ever bought and it's such a classic so it was a really proud moment for me.

The package arrived over the weekend (while I was away at school) so I played with them on Sunday.

The package was adorable with cute, blue confetti pieces and I was excited to dig in. The two products I received were a new eyeliner and mascara. The eyeliner is called "Intensify Me Eyeliner by LashBlast" and the mascara is the "Super Sizer Mascara"

I haven't been wearing eyeliner a lot lately but last week, I did and I realized how much I liked how I looked and that I missed wearing it. I was probably equally excited for both products but maybe slightly biased toward the eyeliner. I haven't found an eyeliner that I've LOVED recently so this one is a contender.

The eyeliner is very odd. It is a flat yet rounded, stiff brush that is unlike anything I have ever seen. It's SUPER black. It's one of the blackest eyeliners I have ever come across and it makes the most precise, thick, black line. It's amazing. I think I'm in love.

The mascara however, isn't my favorite. It's not that there's anything wrong with it, it's just not what I prefer. It's a very skinny wand that has short, synthetic bristles. It didn't give me much volume, as those types of brushes usually don't, but it did lengthen my lashes. I have very long lashes to begin with so that's why I usually prefer thicker, fuller brushes to give me lots of volume and separation.

I will, of course, use the mascara because I have it and I don't totally hate it but it's just not what I prefer. Who knows, after a few times of wearing it I may fall in love. I don't discriminate against beauty products!

I am so grateful that CoverGirl chose me to try out these products before anyone else! It's a total honor and I am really excited to use both of these products in my daily make-up routine!

What are your favorite types of eyeliners and mascaras? Tell me in the comments! 

When was the last time I wrote one of these posts? Last month? I think that's correct.

My Thursday nights have been exhausting lately... I'm just too tired (and sometimes I just forget) about this post.

Also, I'm not sure if I've talked about this on the blog but I have a real bad wrist (or wrists, I guess). I've been going to doctors and it's not carpal tunnel but my tendons are inflamed and there may be fluid building up. It's basically from overuse and it hurts like a bitch... so after a long day of being on the computer at work, the last thing I need to come home and do is be on the computer more... just typing this now hurts like a bitch.

Anyways, I gave you enough of a life update this week in a post so I won't ramble.

Here's what I loved this week!

For sure, I'm not a chill girl. 

Did this mom want a girl? I couldn't tell

Boy Meets World was always super real... they went there.

This is REALLY controversial but as a journalism junkie, it's mind blowing

Mad Men came back two weeks ago, and the obsession has never been more real

Beauty bloggers tell all-- very interesting!

The last time Hilary Clinton ran for president, it was a very different world. Like REALLY different

Also, I'm so late to the game but I kept forgetting to mention it, I can't believe Zayn left One Direction. My heart is still hurting.

Have a great weekend everyone and get those wallets ready for Lilly for Target on Sunday!! #YEEEEKKKK

When I heard that Birchbox was releasing Mad Men curated boxes for the big premiere of the next seven episodes, I knew I needed it.

I have developed a deep love for Mad Men when I watched the entire series for the first two weeks after graduation, back in May 2014. I love Don Draper, Betty is a bad bitch, and Joan is incredible. Being such a media junkie, I love the feel of the advertising agency and the 1960s add the perfect touch.

It's just an amazing series; if you haven't it yet, I suggest you do before the series ends in a few weeks.

With that, I knew I wanted to have the Mad Men April Birchbox, and then when I saw what was inside, I knew for sure I needed it. Birchbox featured two Mad Men boxes, one for New York and one for California, since towards the end of the series, some of it takes place in Cali.

I stalked my email for sample choice and clicked Mad Men New York box since that had, in my opinion, the best products.

I literally couldn't wait to open this box and dive into all the products. I think this is the first Birchbox in a while that I was excited for every single product. I've already incorporated every product into my routine and it's so exciting.

//Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel: I got this product in an Ipsy bag a few years ago, before I got more into blogging and Youtube vloggers, and I was in love. Ever since I went through my first tube, I wanted another one but I can't justify the price. I was so excited and then a little disappointed because I don't remember this brow gel being as tacky and crispy as it was this time around. It definitely held my brows in place all day but it felt like hairspray on my eyebrows and I didn't like it. I'll probably keep using it because I have it.

Sample size: 4/5
Full size: $22

//Beauty Protector Protect & Oil: This is a hair oil that protects against UV rays and heat. I've been wanting to try a heat protector forever since I am constantly putting heat on my hair. I haven't tried this yet but I am planning on using it tonight when I wash my hair. I love Beauty Protector as a brand so I know I won't be disappointed.

Sample size: 3/4
Full size: $25.95

//Cargo Swimmables Water Resistant Blush in Los Cabos: I once got a Cargo blush in a Birchbox but it came broken and they couldn't replace it. I was so disappointed but I knew I'd get a chance to try it eventually. I've been on a huge blush kick and I was super excited to try out this brand. I've heard great things about Cargo and this blush and it definitely lives up to the hype. It's such a soft texture, not too powdery, and it's the most beautiful peach color with gold sparkles. I wore it the other night and it just looked beautiful; I think it'll look even better with a tan!

Sample size: 5/5
Full size: $26

//Liz Earle Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion: I think I was most excited for this product and when I saw the size of the sample, I was even more excited. I'm all about eye creams and lotion and I was running out of mine so I needed a new one. This one is very liquidy and I usually use it in the morning; I pour it on a cotton pad and rub it around my eyes and on my eyelid. It claims to de-puff and refresh tired eyes and I honestly think it does work. I'm obsessed!

Sample size: 5/5
Full size: $25

//Whish Shave Cream in Blueberry: I've had a Whish Shaving Cream before and I got a body butter a few months back and I love it. I love the brand and the products and I will never say no to a shaving cream. I haven't used it yet but I know I love it!

Sample size: 3/5
Full size: $20

All in all, I was clearly happy with this Birchbox. I already can't wait for May!

What did you get in your Birchbox this month? Did you choose the curated box? What was your favorite product? Tell me in the comments!

I probably will be doing another post on this next week, if I could get my hands on anything from the collection, but I figured I'd do one now.

I'm surprised I haven't talked about this much at all since the announcement.

Lilly Pulitzer for Target has been so controversial and honestly, all the haters can kiss my ass. Lilly isn't going to lose anything by debuting a collection in Target; it's just giving us Lilly lovers who can't afford $200 dresses and $80 pairs of shorts a chance to love Lilly even more.

I have a few Lilly clothing pieces but more accessories because they are cheaper and more in my price range. I would love to rock Lilly all the time but my bank account doesn't allow me, hence my excitment for all the wonderful prettiness that is this collection.

The look book was released a few weeks ago and I've been stalking it lustfully ever since. I immediately sent a text with pictures to my best Lilly loving sorority sister and we both equally bugged out at everything.

I'd swear I was looking at the Lilly website. I mean, everything from bathing suits to shorts to dresses to purses to a beach hammock! I mean seriously? It doesn't get any better than that.

I am praying that it doesn't sell out too quickly and that I could get my hands on a few things; also, I hope it lasts for a week or so afterwards because I want to be able to order more and more once I get my paycheck (#LOL)

I already created a Target account (do it!) so I could shop easily online the morning of April 19th. I also will be looking in my local Target that day (and every day after).

Here is what is on my wish list for the collection (It's pretty much everything but still, you get the picture)

This is my favorite outfit and probably what I'll be buying first, no matter what

Ugh, I hope Lilly is on my side for this. I need these pieces!

What are you eyeing from this collection? Are you excited or disappointed about Ms. Lilly P being in Target? Tell me in the comments.

I'm going to be honest, this week I just wasn't having blogging. I've mentioned this before but usually I *try* to write all my blogs for the week on Saturday or Sunday (or even Thursday or Friday night) because during the week I'm pretty tired and I like to use my weekends to get shit done.

Hence, I am writing this on Sunday afternoon at 1pm and I am beyond exhausted. I've already changed my editorial calendar about 4 times within the past hour (picture below to prove it) because I having a massive brain fart.

Scatter brained & chocolate & lip balm #Sunday

The past three weeks have been an emotional world wind and it's been taking a physical toll on me. Being anxious and nervous constantly is exhausting, believe it or not, and I have been an emotional wreck... for good reasons.

I have officially accepted a position to be the social media coordinator of a major makeup brand. I'm unsure if I could say what brand here but I'm sure if you follow me on social media, you will find out soon enough. Interviewing for the job and going through the entire emotional process of realizing that my entire world is about to change was scary.

For the past 9 months, I have been working part time at an amazing, incredible company with some of the most creative and smartest people I have ever encountered but I knew that coming up on a year out of school, I needed to establish a more permanent, set in stone routine.

Knowing that you are going to start a full time job where you are responsible for everything, it's intimidating, so emotionally, I've been drained.

It's my last week at my current company and I start my new job on Monday (omg) so I've been trying to get a grasp on everything.

This weekend (remember, it's Sunday as I'm writing this haha) I was so busy. I went out for dinner and drinks with my sorority sister on Friday, Saturday afternoon I hung out with one of my friends, and then Saturday night I went out with all my college friends to a bar in Manhattan. I never do that much in one weekend and with everything going on, it's taken a toll on me.

Hence why I'm rambling and maybe not making total sense (#LOL). It's also why this week's blog posts have been more chill and not too hefty. I have a feeling that while I'm getting adjusted to my new job, my blog posts will be a little lighter but once I get into my routine, everything will go back to normal.

I'll be doing a full blown post grad update in a few weeks to really get into the nitty gritty of how I've been feeling.

For now, take a look at some stuff I've been up too. I've been getting into the habit of taking more pictures of random things during my day haha.

It was raining in Manhattan on the day of my interview and clearly, I didn't have protection. 

I'm 22 years old and still get Easter baskets #zerochill

Selfies on Easter Sunday

Snuggled up watching Opening Day because there was nothing else on

A quote from a book I was reading on my iPhone; loved it so much I had to screenshot!
Book review coming soon

You bet your little butts I have a review on the prettiest palette ever coming soon! #mailday
On the end of a long week, I did not want to wakeup, hence my snapchat

Much needed Mexican food & sangria with my best friend

Red lips on a Saturday night and snapchat emojis, duhhh

Trying to be artsy; did I do good?
Let me know what kind of posts you'd like to see on Royally Pink! I want to up my content so please let me know :)

I'm pretty sure I said the last Manicure Monday would be the last one for a while but obviously I lied. I had a CVS giftcard from Easter (My mom knows I love the drugstore) and I knew exactly what I was going to buy.

This little turquoise number has been on my mind since I purchased "Petal Pushers" and I knew I needed it. It was calling my name.

I was dreaming about fun, spring, blue nails and my goodness, was I correct. "Blossom Dandy" is utterly perfect.

How sick are you of seeing this same photo with a different polish every week?
I'm almost positive this is my favorite nail polish ever and I'm going to wear it to death this spring and summer. It's a great formula, very smooth and opaque and it lasted about 2-3 days before it chipped which in my opinion, is great.

I got so many compliments on my nails while I was wearing this color so everyone else was equally obsessed.

I'm tempted to go out and buy more from the Essie Spring 2015 collection but I know if I don't, I have my two favorites on hand! (no pun intended)

What's on your nails this Manicure Monday?

About a month ago, I was struggling with my good old Macbook. That little old lady was rounding up on almost 6 years old and her age was beginning to show.

There was hardly any storage left, it was running incredibly slow, it couldn't hold a charge for longer than an hour, and I was becoming more frustrated by the day. I was lugging this incredibly heavy and slow computer to work, and it was just complicating everything.

I knew I needed a new computer before my precious, once shiny and new Macbook completely ran out of it's juice and I was left with nothing. I also knew that I could not afford the $1,000 price tag of a new Macbook Air. I needed something quick, fast, and cheap... something that was light weight and would help me get things done.

I started researching computers under $400 ($300 was my limit) and quickly realized I did not want a Windows computer. The new interface didn't appeal to me and I'm such an Apple gal, I knew I couldn't bare to have Windows again.

That's when I came across the Google Chromebooks. They were cheap, light weight, and powered by the power house Google. I read the reviews and they were mixed. I knew I couldn't go by just online reviews so I headed to Best Buy and looked around.

The thing people don't like about Google Chromebooks is that it's basically a tablet with a computer. There isn't any storage-- everything is hooked up to the Google Drive; you can't download outside programs so no iTunes. There's not even a disc drive.

It's the most basic laptop you could ever use.

When I talked to the salespeople at Best Buy, I told them I don't do anything fancy with my computer, and it's true. I don't do video or photo editing, I don't play video games, I don't really use it for music. I really only use my laptop for the Internet.

After hearing that, they said that a Chromebook was perfect for me. I decided to buy the Acer Chromebook because I liked the layout the best, it seemed to be the smallest and lightest, and it was the cheapest. With tax, I paid $216 for this laptop and I've been loving it so far.

It definitely took some getting used too. The pixels are a little off and it's not as high quality as a Mac but that is expected. It's weird to not save anything onto the desktop and to have everything stored in Google Drive but I like it that way-- it doesn't slow anything down.

I also love how it's powered by Google. I'm used to using the Google Apps like Google Docs, etc, and if I need to type something up and save it as a PDF or Word Doc, to send as an email, that option is there for the taking.

Before buying my new computer, I signed up for Dropbox Pro and put everything on my Mac into the Dropbox. I downloaded it on my phone so I'm able to quickly transfer all my photos from my phone to the Dropbox. It's so easy and it made the transition to my Chromebook a lot easier.

The weight of this laptop is insane. It is such a pleasure to carry it and not feel like I was carrying another human being.

Also, it is lightening fast. It is so easy to go from website to website, to have multiple tabs open at once, and to use the Internet. It is insane how fast it is, I was almost moved to tears when I started using it.

Since you have access to the Google Play Store, you can download apps onto the Chromebook. I initially downloaded HootSuite and Dropbox but it comes with other fun stuff like Paint and Pandora. Basically, the apps just open up into the website but it's nice to have them bookmarked on your toolbar for easy access.

I still have my Macbook because I can't download iTunes or back up my phone onto the Chromebook so every so often I'll plug in my iPhone and iPod to back up or add new music. I also wasn't ready to get completely rid of it incase something comes up and I need a "real computer."

Altogether, I have been loving my Acer Chromebook. I went through a total honeymoon stage where I would just randomly say "I love my laptop!", it was definitely weird but it's so much fun to have a new toy to play with.

Will I keep this laptop forever? No probably not. The moment I'm in a place where I could get enough money to buy a Macbook Air, I will, because I have a feeling I will need an actual computer at some point. But for now, this is satisfying every need I could possibly have.

What kind of laptop do you use? Tell me in the comments!

Spring is not my favorite season but after the winter we've had here in New York, I am fully ready to embrace bright colors and light linens.

This past Sunday, Easter Sunday to be exact, I proudly donned a white on white jean ensemble with a bright blue necklace and loved every second of it. I am just so ready to put my riding boots and winter coats in storage... and the weather is slowly getting us there.

I have a nice amount of spring clothes but since I prefer fall and winter, my choices for cold weather outfits are far more hefty. I know I need to brush up on my spring style so I thought I'd round up a few pieces and styles that I have my eye on.

J.Crew Drapey Sleeveless Top J.Crew Ponte Shell  J.Crew Linen Lace Tee AEO Boho Printed Muscle Tee AEO Printed Corset Dress AEO Printed Romper
There is a severe lack of bottoms in this post mostly because I wear jeans or leggings until the weather becomes too hot. Then, it's strictly rompers, dresses, and skirts. I am not a fashion girl so I stick to the basics but I really need to expand my horizons.

Any suggestions on what I should rock this spring/summer? What are your favorite pieces? Tell me below!

Here we are with another beauty post. I have been accumulating so many products, it's becoming an issue and I don't have enough space to store it all. I need to figure something out soon but for now, I'm going to own up to my problem and share it with all of you.

I buy a makeup product at least once every two weeks... sometimes once a week. I just can't help it, I'm drawn to it. Whether it's a face mask, a foundation, lipstick, lip balm, moisturizer... give me it all!

I've been using a lot of new products lately and it was time to do a post like this. I think it's overwhelming to you (and to me) to do a review post on every single new product I use. Putting them altogether every few weeks with mini reviews is more than enough.

If you'd like me to do more beauty reviews, please let me know and I'll incorporate them best I can!

Let's get into the beauty products, shall we?

//Dr. Jart BB Cream Duo: From reviewing my monthly Birchbox products, I was able to rack up a signficant amount of points. I usually like to use my points the moment I get $10 (100 points=$10) but this time I saved up $30. I was looking for something new and I knew with the warmer weather coming I was going to need a new BB cream or two. I decided to try out the Dr. Jart BB Creams since I had heard some great stuff about it and I know Dr. Jart is a great brand.

The BB Creams that came in the set were the premium and the radiance. I've been using the premium one nonstop and I really like it. It adjusts to your skin shade (I think; since there is no shade on the bottle) and it gives a nice amount of coverage. I use it on "no makeup days" or even when I'm too lazy to apply real foundation. I used the radiance one once or twice but since my skin was acting up, it looked a little odd. The radiance one gives a nice natural glow and I'll be using it a lot more once the weather warms up. Verdict-- I love these BB Creams!

//Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade: I've been wanting this product forever. I just wanted to try it out and see if it was worth the hype. Youtube Vloggers rave about this and I've been wanting a new brow product. Anastasia is the queen of the brows and when I was looking for something else to buy with my Birchbox points, I knew this would be at the top of the list. A little goes a long way with this pomade and it takes a light hand to use it. Dip Brow is basically a tinted, potted gel that is waterproof and smudge proof. Once it's in place, there is no moving it. I use the tiniest amount to get a sculpted, defined, and filled in brow. It definitely takes some getting used too and I only use it on special occasions because I'm lazy but I want to start using it more. It really does make all the difference!

//Maybelline Master Conceal: When I saw that Maybelline was releasing new concealers (before Christmas), I was so excited. Concealers are my vice and I could never have enough of them. This one was advertised as a thicker concealer that would help with dark circles. Sign me up! It's been said that it's a dupe for Mac Pro Long Wear concealer but I've never used that so I cannot attest. This concealer is thick but not too thick and blends very, very well. I does a great job at covering my dark circles and I can tell when I'm wearing this as opposed to my other concealers. It does crease a little but I think it may be my eyes because they've been very dry lately. It's a good concealer and I've been reaching for it a lot more than usual!

//Sumita Eyeliner: I got this in a Birchbox a few months ago and after my mom used it, she immediately bought herself (and me) a full sized one. She got plum and I got navy blue since she took my mini navy blue one from the Birchbox. I haven't used this too much because I haven't used eyeliner in months. Seriously, I have been loving my no eyeliner look. I really want to start using this more because it's such a fun color but still dark enough that it doesn't make too much of a statement. I have to say though, this pencil liner does smudge quite a bit so I need to figure out a way to take care of that.

//Milani Tea Rose Powder Blush: Blush is not my thing; I have maybe 3 blushes and this is one of them. Milani is one of my favorite drugstore brands and I knew after seeing some rave reviews, that I needed this blush. It's not too powdery, it's pigmented, and it has the most gorgeous rose overlay design. It's the perfect everyday shade, the perfect mix of pink, nude, and mauve. I have not been using anything else for the past few months. I'm addicted and it's made me fall in love with blush.

//Too Faced Melted Liquefied Lipstick in Chihuahua: I have wanted one of these lipsticks for the longest time. I don't know if it was the packaging, the fact that it was Too Faced, or that it was the new trend... liquid lipsticks. When Too Faced was having their Valentine's Day sale, (I think it was like 20 or 30% off) I jumped at this. The shades weren't very wearable, at least not my style, so I chose Chihuahua, a rosy, mauve like color-- very on trend. The consistency is so cool, very liquid but not sticky. The finish is almost like a mix between glossy, satin, and matte. I've seen people say they last on the lips forever but I don't have that experience; I mean, there is color on the lips a while after application but I think I need to see how it holds up when I'm not eating or drinking. I need to get my hands on some more ASAP.

Shop my picks below!
What beauty products have you been loving lately?

I've mentioned a few times on here that I have severe anxiety issues. I've dealt with anxiety for a few years now but it wasn't until my junior year of college, when I went to see the school counseling center, that I realized that what I was dealing with was anxiety.

It wasn't as bad when I was at school, mostly because I was always very busy. My campus organizations, the sorority, classes, and my social life kept me very busy.

When graduation came a knocking and the real world was right behind it, my anxiety started acting up again. The summer was really rough. I was having anxiety attacks every day, the smallest things sent me into a frenzy, and I couldn't identify my emotions most of the time.

Anxiety is the worst feeling in the world. It feels like you can't breathe, like you can't make a decision, like you can't even smile. My anxiety attacks consist of a lot of crying, hyperventilating and over-thinking. I over-think everything and pretty much always jump to conclusions, no matter the situation. The situation in my head is always worse than the reality.

Sometimes, if I'm not anxious about a situation, I start to become anxious with how un-anxious I am. How insane is that?

I hit a low point in July and it was pretty much rock bottom for me so I knew I needed to do something. That's when I made an appointment with a therapist, but it wasn't until September so I had another month and a half of trying to wade the waters alone.

I convinced myself to get a lot better after my rock bottom. I just started to think more clearly and convince myself that my demons were in my head and that no situation is as bad as it seems. I got my first job and was in a routine, it was just much better.

After I started seeing the therapist, my head became even clearer. Having someplace to go every week and just talk about problems (or just talk in general) was helpful. I got the tools to help coach me through an anxiety attack, recognized why I was so anxious, and learned that I needed to let go of my control issues. (Side note: I'm a major control freak, if that wasn't obvious already).

I realized that my anxiety was controlling my life and it doesn't have too. It was really inhibiting me from doing things I wanted to do and I'd be lying if I said that doesn't still happen because it does.

I can, however, say my anxiety attacks are far less and I have a clearer view of life. Sometimes I still get down, more recently I've been very scatter brained, stressed, and overwhelmed, for no good reason. I've been working on it and something has been helping me.

I'm a little too young and not really a great candidate for prescription medication for my anxiety, but sometimes there are times when I can't handle it... when I can't stop crying and I can't breathe and I just can't calm down and my head won't let my body stop reacting. Sometimes, the physical reactions to anxiety is what would get me; I would know in my head that everything was okay but my body couldn't get the message. It's sickening and I knew there had to be something that could immediately help.

Well, my browsing in the drugstore one day, helped immensely. I saw this little bottle on the bottom shelf near the sleep aids and it caught my eye.

Hyland's Nerve Tonic is a natural stress reliever. It says that it helps to relieve the symptoms of stress, nervousness, mental anxiousness, and irritability. That pretty much is me on a daily basis. I grabbed the bottl, which is $10 for 32 caplets and continued to browse the store.

I quickly Googled reviews of this nerve tonic and everything was 100% positive. I didn't see one single negative review. One of the features of this is that it is non habit forming so I figured it was worth a shot.

Later that day (this was about a month and a half ago), I had a major anxiety attack (all in my head), so I took the Nerve Tonic and OH MY GOD.

I was instantly calm... it was like everything became clear and I was able to think for myself. My anxiety wasn't controlling me anymore.

It really took away the physical symptoms; my heart stopped racing, my crying stopped, and I stopped shaking. I was amazed at how quickly this was able to relieve my anxiety. I knew right then and there that this was going to be a major help.

The directions say that you should take it every three hours but I think that's way too excessive so I take only as needed. If I could feel myself getting worked up, I'll take two caplets and I feel the relief in order to move on with my day.

I know some people are very against medication, especially when it comes to mental health, but I am not one of those people so that's why I'm writing this post. I've been wanting to talk about my anxiety for a while, and once I found something that really, really helped me I knew I needed to share.

I'm always very wary of taking new OTC medication that I have never heard of so I wanted to share my experience, in case any of you suffer from anxiety and need something to take away those physical symptoms.

If I described anything in this post that sounds like you, or something you suffer with, I hope this helped. Read the reviews of the Nerve Tonic yourself and decide if you'd like to try it. It's something that has greatly helped me and I'm very happy I found it.

It hasn't erased my anxiety but it surely has tamed it.

Do you have any advice for me on how to deal with anxiety? Tell me in the comments below!

I have had this post on my editorial calendar for months, probably since I knew I wanted to try LUSH products and saw that there was a store in my local (45 minutes away) mall.

LUSH Cosmetics is a fantastic company that sells handmade bath and body products. Everything from facial cleansers and masks, to bath bombs and bubble bars, and lip scrubs and balms. Anything you can ever want, LUSH probably has.

The special thing about LUSH is that everything is handmade and shipped fresh to their stores. It's so special that you can't order most of the stuff online (like the facial masks), only in the stores. They also are huge on charitable organizations and are HIGHLY against testing on animals. It's always nice to support a company that has morals.

I've been wanting to try these products since I first heard about them on Youtube; then my sister's best friend started raving about them and I knew I had to get my butt to the mall.

Two weeks ago, I took a shopping trip with my mom, sister, and aunt, and I knew I needed to stop by LUSH.

The store is quite an experience. It was very crowded and smelled incredibly floral. There were so many products and stations set up, I didn't know where to look first but I was in heaven.

I wanted to limit myself to one or two items since I have never used any of it before and didn't know how my skin would react (#sensitiveskinprobs).

I knew I wanted a bath bomb so I went for that station and purchased a Rose Queen. It smelled the best, I had heard great things, and if I'm being incredibly corny, I was crowned the Rose Queen (fraternity sweetheart) of my favorite fraternity my senior year... so I had to get it!

There were too many other products for me to decide what I wanted so I headed to the register. While there, I saw LUSH lip scrubs, which I've heard are fabulous. I have been wanting a lip scrub so badly so I splurged and got the Bubblegum flavored. I wish I had gotten a different scent because it smells and tastes like children's Tylenol but it's tolerable.

Anyways, I used the Rose Queen Bath Bomb this past weekend and I'm officially hooked. I never take baths but I've been converted. These products make any bath better. The bath bomb turned my water pink, released pieces of real roses into the bath, and gave off the most incredible scent. It made my skin stupidly soft and made me smell like literal flowers.

Rose Queen bath bomb! 

I want all the LUSH products please!

The lip scrub is also really easy to use. Just rub a little bit onto your lips, wipe off, and bam! instantly soft lips.

I've been on the LUSH website looking for new products to try so I'm prepared when I go back to the store and these are some products I put on my wishlist!

Twilight Bath Bomb Fizzbanger Bath Bomb Amandopondo Bubble Bar Rose Jam Bubbleroon Love Lettuce Face Mask Dreamtime Bath Melt

Have you ever tried any LUSH products? What are your favorites? Give me recommendations in the comments!!