Here we are with another beauty post. I have been accumulating so many products, it's becoming an issue and I don't have enough space to store it all. I need to figure something out soon but for now, I'm going to own up to my problem and share it with all of you.

I buy a makeup product at least once every two weeks... sometimes once a week. I just can't help it, I'm drawn to it. Whether it's a face mask, a foundation, lipstick, lip balm, moisturizer... give me it all!

I've been using a lot of new products lately and it was time to do a post like this. I think it's overwhelming to you (and to me) to do a review post on every single new product I use. Putting them altogether every few weeks with mini reviews is more than enough.

If you'd like me to do more beauty reviews, please let me know and I'll incorporate them best I can!

Let's get into the beauty products, shall we?

//Dr. Jart BB Cream Duo: From reviewing my monthly Birchbox products, I was able to rack up a signficant amount of points. I usually like to use my points the moment I get $10 (100 points=$10) but this time I saved up $30. I was looking for something new and I knew with the warmer weather coming I was going to need a new BB cream or two. I decided to try out the Dr. Jart BB Creams since I had heard some great stuff about it and I know Dr. Jart is a great brand.

The BB Creams that came in the set were the premium and the radiance. I've been using the premium one nonstop and I really like it. It adjusts to your skin shade (I think; since there is no shade on the bottle) and it gives a nice amount of coverage. I use it on "no makeup days" or even when I'm too lazy to apply real foundation. I used the radiance one once or twice but since my skin was acting up, it looked a little odd. The radiance one gives a nice natural glow and I'll be using it a lot more once the weather warms up. Verdict-- I love these BB Creams!

//Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade: I've been wanting this product forever. I just wanted to try it out and see if it was worth the hype. Youtube Vloggers rave about this and I've been wanting a new brow product. Anastasia is the queen of the brows and when I was looking for something else to buy with my Birchbox points, I knew this would be at the top of the list. A little goes a long way with this pomade and it takes a light hand to use it. Dip Brow is basically a tinted, potted gel that is waterproof and smudge proof. Once it's in place, there is no moving it. I use the tiniest amount to get a sculpted, defined, and filled in brow. It definitely takes some getting used too and I only use it on special occasions because I'm lazy but I want to start using it more. It really does make all the difference!

//Maybelline Master Conceal: When I saw that Maybelline was releasing new concealers (before Christmas), I was so excited. Concealers are my vice and I could never have enough of them. This one was advertised as a thicker concealer that would help with dark circles. Sign me up! It's been said that it's a dupe for Mac Pro Long Wear concealer but I've never used that so I cannot attest. This concealer is thick but not too thick and blends very, very well. I does a great job at covering my dark circles and I can tell when I'm wearing this as opposed to my other concealers. It does crease a little but I think it may be my eyes because they've been very dry lately. It's a good concealer and I've been reaching for it a lot more than usual!

//Sumita Eyeliner: I got this in a Birchbox a few months ago and after my mom used it, she immediately bought herself (and me) a full sized one. She got plum and I got navy blue since she took my mini navy blue one from the Birchbox. I haven't used this too much because I haven't used eyeliner in months. Seriously, I have been loving my no eyeliner look. I really want to start using this more because it's such a fun color but still dark enough that it doesn't make too much of a statement. I have to say though, this pencil liner does smudge quite a bit so I need to figure out a way to take care of that.

//Milani Tea Rose Powder Blush: Blush is not my thing; I have maybe 3 blushes and this is one of them. Milani is one of my favorite drugstore brands and I knew after seeing some rave reviews, that I needed this blush. It's not too powdery, it's pigmented, and it has the most gorgeous rose overlay design. It's the perfect everyday shade, the perfect mix of pink, nude, and mauve. I have not been using anything else for the past few months. I'm addicted and it's made me fall in love with blush.

//Too Faced Melted Liquefied Lipstick in Chihuahua: I have wanted one of these lipsticks for the longest time. I don't know if it was the packaging, the fact that it was Too Faced, or that it was the new trend... liquid lipsticks. When Too Faced was having their Valentine's Day sale, (I think it was like 20 or 30% off) I jumped at this. The shades weren't very wearable, at least not my style, so I chose Chihuahua, a rosy, mauve like color-- very on trend. The consistency is so cool, very liquid but not sticky. The finish is almost like a mix between glossy, satin, and matte. I've seen people say they last on the lips forever but I don't have that experience; I mean, there is color on the lips a while after application but I think I need to see how it holds up when I'm not eating or drinking. I need to get my hands on some more ASAP.

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What beauty products have you been loving lately?

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