When was the last time I wrote one of these posts? Last month? I think that's correct.

My Thursday nights have been exhausting lately... I'm just too tired (and sometimes I just forget) about this post.

Also, I'm not sure if I've talked about this on the blog but I have a real bad wrist (or wrists, I guess). I've been going to doctors and it's not carpal tunnel but my tendons are inflamed and there may be fluid building up. It's basically from overuse and it hurts like a bitch... so after a long day of being on the computer at work, the last thing I need to come home and do is be on the computer more... just typing this now hurts like a bitch.

Anyways, I gave you enough of a life update this week in a post so I won't ramble.

Here's what I loved this week!

For sure, I'm not a chill girl. 

Did this mom want a girl? I couldn't tell

Boy Meets World was always super real... they went there.

This is REALLY controversial but as a journalism junkie, it's mind blowing

Mad Men came back two weeks ago, and the obsession has never been more real

Beauty bloggers tell all-- very interesting!

The last time Hilary Clinton ran for president, it was a very different world. Like REALLY different

Also, I'm so late to the game but I kept forgetting to mention it, I can't believe Zayn left One Direction. My heart is still hurting.

Have a great weekend everyone and get those wallets ready for Lilly for Target on Sunday!! #YEEEEKKKK

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