About a month ago, I was struggling with my good old Macbook. That little old lady was rounding up on almost 6 years old and her age was beginning to show.

There was hardly any storage left, it was running incredibly slow, it couldn't hold a charge for longer than an hour, and I was becoming more frustrated by the day. I was lugging this incredibly heavy and slow computer to work, and it was just complicating everything.

I knew I needed a new computer before my precious, once shiny and new Macbook completely ran out of it's juice and I was left with nothing. I also knew that I could not afford the $1,000 price tag of a new Macbook Air. I needed something quick, fast, and cheap... something that was light weight and would help me get things done.

I started researching computers under $400 ($300 was my limit) and quickly realized I did not want a Windows computer. The new interface didn't appeal to me and I'm such an Apple gal, I knew I couldn't bare to have Windows again.

That's when I came across the Google Chromebooks. They were cheap, light weight, and powered by the power house Google. I read the reviews and they were mixed. I knew I couldn't go by just online reviews so I headed to Best Buy and looked around.

The thing people don't like about Google Chromebooks is that it's basically a tablet with a computer. There isn't any storage-- everything is hooked up to the Google Drive; you can't download outside programs so no iTunes. There's not even a disc drive.

It's the most basic laptop you could ever use.

When I talked to the salespeople at Best Buy, I told them I don't do anything fancy with my computer, and it's true. I don't do video or photo editing, I don't play video games, I don't really use it for music. I really only use my laptop for the Internet.

After hearing that, they said that a Chromebook was perfect for me. I decided to buy the Acer Chromebook because I liked the layout the best, it seemed to be the smallest and lightest, and it was the cheapest. With tax, I paid $216 for this laptop and I've been loving it so far.

It definitely took some getting used too. The pixels are a little off and it's not as high quality as a Mac but that is expected. It's weird to not save anything onto the desktop and to have everything stored in Google Drive but I like it that way-- it doesn't slow anything down.

I also love how it's powered by Google. I'm used to using the Google Apps like Google Docs, etc, and if I need to type something up and save it as a PDF or Word Doc, to send as an email, that option is there for the taking.

Before buying my new computer, I signed up for Dropbox Pro and put everything on my Mac into the Dropbox. I downloaded it on my phone so I'm able to quickly transfer all my photos from my phone to the Dropbox. It's so easy and it made the transition to my Chromebook a lot easier.

The weight of this laptop is insane. It is such a pleasure to carry it and not feel like I was carrying another human being.

Also, it is lightening fast. It is so easy to go from website to website, to have multiple tabs open at once, and to use the Internet. It is insane how fast it is, I was almost moved to tears when I started using it.

Since you have access to the Google Play Store, you can download apps onto the Chromebook. I initially downloaded HootSuite and Dropbox but it comes with other fun stuff like Paint and Pandora. Basically, the apps just open up into the website but it's nice to have them bookmarked on your toolbar for easy access.

I still have my Macbook because I can't download iTunes or back up my phone onto the Chromebook so every so often I'll plug in my iPhone and iPod to back up or add new music. I also wasn't ready to get completely rid of it incase something comes up and I need a "real computer."

Altogether, I have been loving my Acer Chromebook. I went through a total honeymoon stage where I would just randomly say "I love my laptop!", it was definitely weird but it's so much fun to have a new toy to play with.

Will I keep this laptop forever? No probably not. The moment I'm in a place where I could get enough money to buy a Macbook Air, I will, because I have a feeling I will need an actual computer at some point. But for now, this is satisfying every need I could possibly have.

What kind of laptop do you use? Tell me in the comments!

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